Chapter 259 – Future Strategies ①

“――We’ll go for one sector at a time!” Kanon proudly announces her amended strategy.


“Oh, I got you to say 『Hooh』! This allows me to predict that I’m correct!”

“This is no fixed question, so there’s no correct answer… So, what’s the reasoning behind it?”

“There exist two reasons why I recommend taking the sectors one by one!” With her nostrils expanded, Kanon raises two fingers. “First, it’s going to limit the damage on our side! We’ll have all leaders work on defending themselves together! Because of that, it limits the probability of all leaders getting killed to a minimum!”

“If it lowered the probability of the leaders getting defeated, it’d be perfect, indeed.”

“Hauuu…The second one! It’ll definitely whittle down the enemy’s combat force by reliably killing the irreplaceable kin ― the enemy’s leaders!”

“That’s all?”

“Moreover! Since the sectors of our Aster Empire have 20 floors, our sectors won’t be stolen away even if we take the enemy’s sectors one by one! U-Umm…that’s all.”

I simulate the strategy proposed by Kanon in my head.

“Not bad. So, what will happen if we return to your initial strategy, self-alleged, accredited strategist?”

“Self-alleged, accredited strategist…isn’t my title getting sillier by the――”

――Roll up your skirt!


Not understanding what it means to reflect, Kanon rolls up her skirt while blushing.

“So, what will happen if we return to your initial strategy, self-alleged, accredited strategist?” I repeat the earlier question.

“Umm…didn’t I refute…my previous strategy…by myself…? But…assuming that there’s no one as smart as you or me among the enemy…”

“The lives of Rina and the others hinge on that assumption, you know?”


In response to my objection, a sheen of sweat forms on Kanon’s forehead and she becomes hesitant to go on.

I look at the map spread out in front of me once more, pondering.



Sea ○○○ Toyama Prefecture



  ●●●○ Gifu Prefecture


Fukui Prefecture

※ ○ = Aster Empire (a part) — ● = Demon King Kaoru

The powers capable of invading my Domain are ① Humans of Toyama, ② Humans of Gifu, ③ Demon Kings of Gifu, and ④ Demon King Kaoru.

The powers capable of invading Kaoru are ① Humans of Fukui, ② Demon Kings of Fukui, ③ Humans of Gifu, ④ Demon Kings of Gifu, and ⑤ Aster Empire.

The part of my Domain facing the Gifu Prefecture is limited to only some of those in Hakusan City. Their combat prowess is unknown, but the current threat level is low. Ever since I’ve intercepted them with our full strength, the humans of Toyama have remained obedient, too. Depending on the view point, you could also see Kaoru’s Domain as a breakwater protecting the Aster Empire.

Therefore, it makes Kaoru a pressing enemy, but…

“If Kaoru were to invade, we sure could roundup his forces in one swoop with my previous strategy.” Kanon mumbles to herself as I’m absorbed in my own thoughts.

“Do you think he’s going to invade us?”

“Hmm…if Kaoru has an intellect at the level of Takaharu, it’d be possible, but…”

“Even if we assume that to be the case, he hasn’t tried to expand his Domain to such an extent, right?”

“True…so it’d be best to whittle down his combat forces little-by-little? But, in that case, it might kick off an endless loop…” 1


Kanon’s words trigger my thinking. Whittle down his combat forces little-by-little…endless loop…




“Are there currently any hostile forces who could become a threat other than Kaoru?”

“Currently would exclude the 『Thirteen Evil Stars』 and similar…limiting it to the powers around us, correct?”


“There’s still some concern left when it comes to the part of the sectors in Hakusan City which face the Gifu Prefecture, but…isn’t the threat level of anyone other than Kaoru rather low?”


Fiddling with my smartphone, I launch the memo app where I’ve noted down my short-term, mid-term, and long-term objectives.

Short-term objectives:

– Annihilation of the Kanezawa Liberation Army -> Done

Mid-term objectives:

– Unification of Ishikawa Prefecture

– Enhancement of Aster Empire’s Domestic Administration

Long-term objectives:

– Building a nation powerful enough to prevent others from meddling

What was the reason for me to enhance the domestic administration after the unification of Ishikawa Prefecture…?

Because of convenience? Is it okay to go with such an ambiguous reason? I should consider the usefulness…

What are the elements needed to achieve the long-term goal of building a mighty nation?

――Absolute power.

What’s power? The power of the Aster Empire?

One is the number of sectors, or in other words, the total CP. Another is physical strength, also the strength of individuals.

Thus, two options to raise my power exist. First, expand the Domain. Second ― leveling.

The objective of defeating Kaoru is to expand my Domain. But, depending on how you consider it, wouldn’t it be more efficient to accumulate experience, aka level, in the current situation?

The only power I need to be cautious of is Kaoru. If we repeatedly invade Kaoru’s sectors, which are basically experience points on a silver platter, it’ll be possible to gain quite a bit of it.

Individual strength is the deciding factor in a battle between Demon Kings. Therefore it’d be a viable option to lift my individual strength before expanding towards another prefecture.

Strangely, I feel like Kanon’s previous mumbling about whittling down his combat forces little-by-little, and endless loops might be the ideal solution.

“Kanon! We’ll implement your strategy!”

“Eh? My strategy, you say? W-Which one…?”

While casting a sidelong glance at the confused fairy next to me, I’ve finally figured out the path I ought to take.

Chapter 260 – Future Strategies ②

“――Whittling down his combat forces little-by-little and an endless loop.”

“Huh? In such a case, breaking down the current situation…”

“What would that be?”

“Defeating Demon King Kaoru and unifying the Ishikawa Prefecture.” Kanon answers my question.

“I see. Kanon, what is my goal?”

“Eh? You mean the goal of the Aster Empire?”

“No, not that. I mean my goal.”

The foundation of the Aster Empire is so to speak a part of achieving my own goal.

“Your goal…? The unification of Ishikawa Prefecture? The unification of Japan? ――!? Oh, the unification of the whole world!” Kanon replies with a bright smile as if suddenly having realized it.

“No. Just when did I say that I want to unify the world?”

“Hmm… ――!? Conquest of the world then!?”

“It’s not a question of how you phrase it.”

“Ugh…your objective…your objective…” Kanon starts to worry, being at her wits’ end.

“My goal is survival.”

“Survival…it is?”

“Correct. And if I had to add something, it’d be surviving gracefully, I’d say.”


“The currently completely-changed world is totally messed up. A single mistake can easily lead to death.”

“True… If you hadn’t accepted me back then…”

“The result of my aptitude test placed me under Chaos. Everyone other than my own subordinates is hostile.”

“If you put it like that, Chaos ― the Demon Kings are pitiable, aren’t they?”

“Therefore I struggle in a desire to keep on living.”

“Somehow, the way you phrased it just now sounds like Sabur――”

――Roll up your skirt.

“Kyaaa!? T-That just now was a verbal gaffe! I’m sooorry.” Noticing her own blunder while rolling up her skirt, Kanon apologizes.

“Kanon, how would you feel if I said that you resemble Saburou?”

“I’d want to kill myself.”

“Right? That’s the meaning of what you told me just now.”

“I’m terribly sorry…”

“As long as you understand.” I generously accept Kanon’s apology.

“Getting back on topic. What would be the point in the resolution of the current situation you mentioned ― the unification of Ishikawa Prefecture?”

“Eh? T-That’s…if you purge all enemies within the prefecture, it’d feel nice, or rather…”

“If this was a game, it would possibly include a bonus for regional conquest or such. Or it might be a flag for some kind of event. But, how about it if it’s the real world?”


“In other words, unifying the Ishikawa Prefecture would solely be for my own ego.”

“That’s quite the blunt way of phrasing it…”

“Thus, the unification of the Ishikawa Prefecture has a relatively low priority.”

“B-But…w-what are you going to do next then? Advance on the Toyama Prefecture?”

“Did you listen to what I told you? I answered that at the very beginning, didn’t I? We’ll whittle down Kaoru’s combat forces little-by-little in an endless loop. This will be our strategy from now on.” I repeat my initial strategy to Kanon.

“In that case, nothing is going to change! In the meantime, the forces of the other Demon Kings and humans will only keep growing stronger! Didn’t you say just the same a while back, Shion-san!?”

“Nothing is going to change? Is that really the case?”

“I mean, you said you’re going to endlessly repeat the same! Endlessly repeating the same means that nothing will change no matter how much time passes…or not!?”

“The situation might not change, but…there’s something else that’ll change.”

“What would that be?”

“Experience. I told you that we’ll whittle down Kaoru’s combat forces little-by-little, didn’t I? Whittling down enemy forces means killing them.”

“Umm…in other words…your strategy this time is to earn experience points?”

“Besides gaining experience points, it’s become necessary to proceed with the strengthening of our internal affairs since the number of our residents has grown dramatically.”

“I got it…Strategist Kanon has fully understood your upcoming strategy now.” At last, after having comprehended the idea behind my strategy, Kanon smiles at me.

Half a year after the annihilation of the Kanezawa Liberation Army.

As a result of having slowly whittled down Kaoru’s combat forces, we have taken over all his sectors that existed in Hakusan City, except for those facing the Fukui Prefecture.

The enemy forces adjoining the Aster Empire are Kaoru, the Demon Kings of Toyama, the humans of Toyama, and the humans of Gifu. The humans of Gifu have their hands full with countering Demon King Hayate ― one of the Thirteen Evil Stars ― who’s devastating the center of the Aichi Prefecture, and thus they show no signs of attacking us.

A part of the sectors facing the Toyama Prefecture in the eastern part of the Aster Empire has been set up as 『Farms』, resulting in the humans of Toyama and cocky Demon King forces invading them every day.

The sectors facing Kaoru in the south of the Aster Empire area are under constant attack by Kaoru while we’re are constantly attacking his adjoining sectors. The battles are raging every day. For a while Kaoru left zero defenders in his sectors after realizing our aim, but since we used that chance to usurp the sectors, he’s now defending his sectors properly.

I have entrusted Mrs. Tamura and Mr. Hasebe with the domestic affairs, and Yataro with the defense. The combination of 【Domain Creation】 and 『Science』 is terrifying. Whenever I occasionally visit the residential quarters of my residents to take a look, I end up flabbergasted by their development, wondering whether these are truly part of my Domain.

As for my leaders, all of them have leveled up while gathering experience points as intended. The Growth Series I have distributed has been evolving at a decent pace, too.

In addition, there have been many other changes and developments in the last half year, but…the biggest gain probably was Kanon reaching Knowledge A.

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