Chapter 283 – Regret

Damn it!

After having returned to the sector nearest to the Kanto Fortress, I stomp on the ground without giving a care about being in public.

It’s a failure… The alliance with that pig is a failure.

The pig having tattled to the humans about the invasion time before it started is obviously the cause for our defeat. I had estimated that the alliance with the pig might have no merit for me at worst. But for it to be filled with such huge demerits has gone well beyond my expectations.


The melody for an incoming call on my smartphone. The caller is ―― the pig. I feel disgusted by just seeing his name show up on my smartphone’s screen.

If I were to take the call right now, I’d very likely hurl a flood of insults at that pig. But, that would only help to clear up my feelings a bit. It wouldn’t result in any tangible benefit.

Think…think…think of a move that could advance things to my advantage under the current circumstances…

I brood while ignoring the pig’s call.

What was the reason for this time’s defeat?

→ The pig announced the timing for the invasion. And you can further add his early retreat.

Why was the announcement of the invasion’s timing the cause for our defeat?

→ The enemy was able to face us while being flawlessly prepared to defend.

Hmm? What? What did I come up with just now?

The advantage of defenders is the location. The advantage of attackers is…time? This time we were the ones attacking. The privilege to decide when to start the attack lies with the attackers. If you go even further, you can claim that the attackers also possess the privilege to choose where to attack.

The pig’s prior announcement destroyed those privileges.

Come to think of it, when Rina challenged me, she lost because of the information leaks by Yay lol. It seems like it’d be the best option to sever any relation to the pig, but…can’t I use him for my own goals?

I simulate various possible futures.


Could this work?

Even after finding a possibility, I repeatedly continue to simulate various alternatives. And then I answer the 13th call of the pig.

“Shion speaking.”

『Ohh, finally I got through』

“I had my hands tied up with the retreat due to unforeseen reinforcements.”

『That sounds like a disaster』, the cause for the disaster answers shamelessly. 『So, when are we going to carry out our joint attack next? Personally I think it’d be best to keep the breaks in-between as short as possible』

“The next day for our joint attack, huh…? Would it be alright for me to ask two questions before that?”

『What do you want to know?』

“First, why did you attack before the appointed time?”

『T-That’s…because my passionate soul drove me! Urged by the feeling of wanting to show our bonds as fast as poss――』

“As a result of that, you have damaged your bonds with me ― or in other words, my trust in you.”

『――Wh-!? I’d gladly accept any blame if I had delayed the time of my attack, but although it only put our side in danger to go ahead first, I believe it was only of advantage for your side! In the first place, we diverted the enemy’s attention by starting early, and the burden of tha――』

“Shut up.”

This pig…I thought he’s an idiot, but he’s quite aware of the side starting early being prone to suffering more damage. In short, he’s not just an idiot.

『――Wh-!? But, I need you to understand what I’m trying to sa――』

“I told you to shut up. Are you deaf? I hate people who break their promises, above anything else.”


“Second, why did you go out of your way to publicly announce the time of our attack?”

『That also was for the sake of showing off our bonds to the enem――』

“I haven’t heard anything about any such plans. From now on you’re forbidden to make any announcements on the Internet!”

『However! Then our――』

“Do understand?”

『…I have understood』

“I’ll put forth a statement about this time’s battle from my side.”

『A statement?』

“This time information disclosure is equivalent to a breach of faith. If such a breach of faith should occur again in the future, our alliance will be canceled at once. That’s the statement I’ll upload to the Internet.”

『But, then my honor…!』

“Your grandstanding a little while ago cost many lives of my precious subordinates and hurt my reputation. How do you intend to take responsibility for this? If you like, we can also cancel the alliance right away.”

『I understand… It’s regrettable, but my position is inferior here. For now I’ll obey…』

For now…? Your mask is coming off, you know?

『In short, it’ll be alright as long as I’m forbidden to “make any announcement on the Internet” in the future, right?』

As I thought, this guy isn’t a simple idiot. And that’s why he fell for my scheme.

“That’s how it is.”

『So, when will be the next attack?』

“Tomorrow at 6 p.m.”

『Oh, tomorrow! Tomorrow for sure we shall show the enemy the true power of our bon――』

“I’m busy getting everything ready for tomorrow. Bye.”

It’d be no more than torture to listen to the pig’s voice any longer, and thus I interrupt the pig, and end the call.

――Takaharu! Come to my room!

I call Tusk, the one in charge of our IT, to send out the statement.

“Please publicize this document online.”

I hand Tusk the draft of the document I’ve written up while he was on the way.

『Concerning our alliance with Demon King Motoki:

Demon King Motoki, one of our allies, has spread information on the Internet using the name of the Aster Empire without our permission. We clearly express our regret over this action. As such, we officially announce that we will immediately call off the alliance with Demon King Motoki should he use the name of the Aster Empire without permission in the future to make announcements on the Internet』

This should make it impossible for the pig to widely announce things to many people by using the Internet. And even if he breaks that promise, I can unreservedly revoke the alliance with him.

The pig’s breach of faith was one of the reasons for this time’s defeat, but the combat forces of the Toyama humans were genuinely powerful, too.

In that case I’ll try to cut through the Toyama Prefecture while using that pig.

I started to proceed with my preparations while heading for a future that finally came into sight.

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