Chapter 292 – vs. Demon King Motoki ①

I had amassed all my forces except for a certain corps.

“Henceforth, we’re going to subjugate Demon King Motoki! Slaughter him and his forces with all your might, bearing a strong spirit that will allow us to annihilate him by today!”


“All forces――sortie!”

In high spirits, full of vigor and bloodlust, Takaharu’s corps rushed out of the Domain first. Rina, Kotetsu, Hibiki, and Izayoi’s forces climbed on trucks and then departed. The remaining corps followed Takaharu’s by foot.

Now then, how is he going to move?

Motoki is in the middle of his 《Reign》. Right now he should see how huge amounts of red dots having appeared on his smartphone, most likely throwing him in confusion.

During a 《Reign》, a Demon King can’t move about. Hence, if Motoki chooses the careful approach of canceling the 《Reign》 and quickly retreating, things will become quite difficult from now on. However, if he feels even the slightest pang of greed…

I swing myself on a motorbike, and hurry towards Motoki together with the trucks carrying Rina and the others.

At the front line, Takaharu’s beast corps is already clashing with elf forces under Motoki’s command.

“Yeah! Come on! There’s plenty of elves for everyone! You lazy bastards! Keep butcherin’ ’em!”

“――Wh-!? A-Aster Empire, why…!?”

Motoki’s forces are confused after the attack by Takaharu’s corps, which was close to being an ambush, as they can’t catch up with the situation.

“Hah!? We’re avengin’ our friends! It’s R-E-V-E-N-G-E!!”

“W-What are you talking about… We’re allies――”

“Bah! Shut the fuck up!”

The elf, who seemed to be a kin, collapses after being ripped apart by Takaharu’s claws.

Earlier, Sacrifice and his dhampirs simply looked like red dots on Motoki’s smartphone, and thus he’d probably ordered their removal. Subordinates can’t disobey a Demon King’s order. Turning it around, you could say that even subordinates have a certain degree of flexibility in their judgment as long as they don’t receive any orders.

Therefore, Motoki’s subordinates have now fallen into a state of chaos.

“Time for my dashing entry! Let me tell you the weather forecast! It kinda looks like fire arrows might rain today around the Tateyama Fortress? ――《Fire Arrow》!”

“””――《Fire Arrow》!”””

Sarah’s corps releases a shower of fire arrows after having caught up with Takaharu and his forces.

“Shit! We’re late to the show! All of you, show the foolish enemy our power!”

Chloe, Layla, Red, Iron, and Flora’s corps start their attack on Motoki’s forces after having finally caught up with Takaharu.

It looks like things are proceeding well at the frontline. Riding my bike, I’ve also succeeded in drawing closer to Motoki who’s positioned further back.

“Get out of the trucks here for the moment!” I ordered the trailing trucks after dismounting my bike.

One subordinate after the other gets off the trucks’ loading tray.

“Rina, Kotetsu, Izayoi, Hibiki, open a path to Motoki!”

“Roger!” “Affirmative!” “As you command!” “Understood.”

Rina and the others begin their assault on the group of elves standing in our way. Meanwhile I slowly walk through the path cut open by them.

――《Dark Lance》!

While launching spells at the elves which are hard-pressed by my subordinates’ attacks, a notification sound suddenly beeps on my smartphone as I continue to walk.

『The 《Reign》 launched by Demon King Motoki was interrupted』

Hoh…so this is the message you get when a 《Reign》 fails, huh?

“The pig has suspended his 《Reign》. Hurry to his――”

“Shiiiiiiiiiiooooonnnnnnnn!! This! WHAT IS THIS ABOUT!?!?!?!”

I was about to hurry over to Motoki now that he 《Reign》 was interrupted, but it looks like he’s coming to me instead.

“What is this about, you ask!? I’ll return those words right back at you, you asshole!!” I undauntedly shout back at the angry pig.

Ultimately, my current plot is set for this to be a punishment against Motoki for having perpetrated a dishonorable offense. It’d be the act of a third-rate schemer to expressly explain the backsetting to the enemy. Hence, I’ll continue to play my role in this plot to the very end.

“Shion! You bastard! At the very last moment, you’re trying to play the victim!? I had already expected that a filthy bastard like you would aim to profit from my hard work, but…for you to attack me all of a sudden…what’s going on here!?”

“Hah? Are you messing with me, you crappy pig!? It was you piece of shit who slaughtered my cherished bloodkin in cold blood even though I didn’t meddle with your business as promised!”

“――? W-Wh-What are you talking about!? Just what is wrong with you!?”

Motoki has absolutely no clue about the earlier incident with Sacrifice, I guess. Even while pissed off, he’s clearly confused.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know how my bloodkin and five of his subordinates, who I had expressly sent over to congratulate you for your impending success with the 《Reign》, were slaughtered one-sidedly by your men!”

“What are you blathering about!? Stop with the false accusations!”

“False accusations, you say? Do you think I’m stupid, or what? My dear bloodkin introduced himself as my envoy and wasn’t allowed to even counterattack since I had sent him over on a peaceful mission, and yet, your subordinates slaughtered him and his men brutally!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! I have absolutely no idea!”

“Yeah, whatever…die.” I announce Motoki’s death sentence.

“W-Wait! Aren’t you making some kind of mistake!? A-Are you sure…about one-sidedly betraying your ally? Everyone in this world will know of your foolish act!”

“Don’t worry. I have published a video proving how you have betrayed our alliance from your side, and announced that our alliance is officially over now.”

“――Wh-!? I-I haven’t heard anything about that!!”

“As if I’d give a shit about your circumstances. For the time being, I’ll have you atone for the sin of having killed my cherished subordinate.”

“C-C-Calm down…let’s talk it over once more! If we do――”

“Rina, Kotetsu, Izayoi, Hibiki, annihilate the stupid traitors!”

Following my order, Rina and the others resume their attacks.

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