Among those at Tier-3, Akor and Rex stood out the most as they slaughtered their way through the horde of monsters throwing themselves at Jay.

The Plasma Predator went after Akor since it was wary of Rex's abnormal movement speed.

Oblivious to becoming the target, Akor continued to leave sizable holes in every monster he faced using the Trident.

With the Volatile Aqua element coated over the Trident, his melee attacks were unfettered against the stream of monsters.

By the time Akor realised he had a target on his back, huge claws covered his vision, no less than a meter away from piercing through him.

Chills crawled down his spine as death murmured in his ears.

Akor stumbled backwards, but the pain he expected didn't greet him.

The Plasma Predator's claws froze in their tracks when they were just a few inches away from Akor.

The gigantic monster tried to thrust its arm further but shook uncontrollably from being held by an invisible force.

At the thought of being saved by someone, Akor subconsciously glanced at where Jay continued decimating hordes of monsters.

Seeing that it wasn't Jay who saved him, his eyes trailed to where Plasma Predator's gaze menacingly lingered.

On the other end of the gaze stood Olivia, with her golden irises shining ever so brightly as she gave it her best to restrict the gigantic monster's movements.

However, even with the level of her Psychokinesis ability, she could barely continue to hold on as blood trickled down her nose.

Akor regained his senses and right away distanced himself from the abomination of a monster so that Olivia could remove her hold.

He warily prepared for the advances of the Plasma Predator, but it didn't even spare a glance at him.

Instead, its attention was focused on Olivia as its thoughts went haywire.

It could feel the Innate Talent suppression as all abilities were temporarily reduced to half their capabilities.

The only ones capable of such a feat were the Omega Chosen.

When the Plasma Predator merged with the Fiend Overlord's blood drop, the knowledge about all Fiend-related abilities and information on how to spot an Omega Chosen were transmitted.

It blamed its luck for being in the same Trial Region as abnormal as the Silver Alpha Chosen, but it never expected it to be a blessing in disguise.

Eliminating the Omega Chosen will not only grant it a free way ticket out of the accursed Trial World but also receive heavy rewards from the Fiend Overlord.

The distance between escaping the fate of a cannon fodder was within its reach. It crossed half a kilometer with a single leap and landed right next to Olivia.

Plasma Predator stabbed towards Olivia, slicing apart the unsettled dust curtain that rose upon impact from the landing.

She gave it her all and squeezed every last bit of her psychokinesis ability to push back the gigantic monster's claws from piercing through her.

While Olivia struggled to keep the monster at bay, Akor and the Earth's Alpha Chosen rushed to save her.

While the monster was still immobile, they launched their strongest attacks.

But with none exceeding the damage output of a Tier-4 Low-Phase lifeform, they only left inch-deep scars.

Plasma Predator outright ignored them as the Fiendish Regeneration took care of any damage inflicted on it.

Although Olivia successfully managed to restrain its movements, the toll on her exceeded the bearable limit, and the blood dripped through her nose, ears and from the corners of her mouth.

Her white leather armour soon embodied the dark red shade from her blood.

Not only does she have to deal with the monster's pure brute strength, but she also deflects the Pseudo-Plasma Energy beams thrown at her.

It wouldn't have been possible to deflect them if the Innate Talent suppression and the <Thousand Butterfly Blade> weren't factored in.

Soon, Felarial and Rex joined the fray and barraged Plasma Predator with their strongest skill attacks.

Despite dealing a higher damage output than the others, they couldn't deal anything fatal.

Meanwhile, the gigantic monster relentlessly pressured Olivia, and the latter barely held on from passing out.

If she were to let go, she would be skewered to death and no one there could stop that.

No one except for a single individual, someone who began making his way through the horde of frenzied monsters while taking their attacks head-on.

MJ informed Jay of the dire situation Olivia was in and that she would lose her life if he didn't intervene.

Jay alone slaughtered around 6000 monsters, almost twice that of what the thousands of Alpha Chosen managed to kill.

That left around a thousand more monsters. Jay ignored their suicidal assaults and dashed towards the gigantic monster with exhaustion etched in his every breath.

Once Jay was close enough, he used <Isolated Suction> to propel himself towards the gigantic monster.

Although the monster was caught off guard, it still shielded itself with a thick film of Pseudo-Plasma Energy.

However, that was rendered useless as the solidified Origin Energy Longsword passed through the defensive measure as the thick film of Pseudo-Plasma Energy dismantled into oblivion upon contact with Origin Energy.

The materialised Longsword didn't stop there and pierced through the monster's forearm.

The abnormal defence of the Fiend Bloodline amounted to nothing in front of solidified Origin Energy as it left a slit in Plasma Predator's forearm.

Before Origin Energy could materialise once more and stab the gigantic monster, it pulled back and distanced itself away from Jay and Olivia.

The initial fear it had of Jay was replaced with terror. Just the ability to disperse Pseudo-Plasma Energy made the Silver Energy fearsome enough, but what was even more outlandish was the fact that the wounds caused by the Silver Energy didn't recover anymore.

The reliable Fiendish Regeneration was no longer effective on the injuries inflicted by Jay.