Room by room, Emery observed the talented young magus diligently preparing for the upcoming expeditions. The training ground was bustling with activity, and each room held the promise of honing magus's skills for the challenges they would face.

Emery couldn't contain his excitement when he saw Chumo soaring through the air, displaying newfound abilities. He decided to wait patiently for Chumo to finish his training session, eager to catch up with his old friend.

When Chumo and his group of young magus emerged from the training area, Emery called out to him enthusiastically, "Chumo!"

From behind Chumo's half-covered mask came a smile as he approached Emery and Julian. "Emery, Julian, you're both here already," he greeted them.

Chumo's mature demeanor and voice were a stark contrast to the Chumo Emery had known, but it didn't dampen Emery's happiness. He reached out and grabbed Chumo's shoulder, expressing his relief, "I'm glad you're well."

The Asian friend replied with a little chuckle, as he said, "That's a weird thing to say, considering you're the one who was locked up in Elven's most notorious prison."

As they continued their reunion, Jinkan intervened, informing Emery that Chumo had been at the training ground for a few weeks and could replace her in providing valuable insights about the place. With that, she excused herself to focus on her own training.

Just as they began catching up, another figure approached them. This newcomer greeted Emery with excitement and familiarity, exclaiming, "What have we got here?! The famous savage acolyte himself has arrived!"

Emery turned to face the figure and was delighted to recognize a familiar face. However, before he could say a word, the newcomer introduced himself, exclaiming,

"Don't tell me you've forgotten about me!! It's me, Dyoo!"

Dyoo, the Demon Nunchaku, remained as fierce and spirited as ever. He was part of the same group as Chumo, and Emery's apparent failure to recognize him had clearly irritated him.

Emery's simple unexcited reply further aggravates Dyoo. He couldn't contain his frustration and challenged Emery, saying, "Let's continue our long unfinished duel!!"

Emery responded with a light chuckle, although he couldn't recall any such duel. Dyoo's insistence, however, made him suspect that there might be aspects of his past that he hadn't yet remembered.

Dyoo's determination was unwavering, and he pressed on, taunting Emery with, "Are you afraid!! Fight me!! Dyoo!!"

Amidst this playful confrontation, Julian chimed in with a smile, teasing Emery, "It seems you've broken a lot of hearts, Emery. Just play with him for a while."

Dyoo wasn't one to accept no for an answer. He accessed a panel next to the door, and with a simple command, the previous training ground transformed into an open arena, ready for combat.

Unwilling to back down, Dyoo confidently walked into the arena and beckoned Emery, saying, "Come! Let's fight!"

Emery, maintaining his calm demeanor, followed Dyoo into the arena and agreed, "Alright, Dyoo, just for one round then."

Dyoo was a Magus indeed, but the fierce man was still in his crescent moon phase. Hence, the fight appeared to be unfair. However, remembering Dyoo's antics, Emery decided to engage with him regardless. When Dyoo produced what seemed to be his newly upgraded Nunchakus, Emery chose to retrieve his lightsaber sword, a gift from Magus Urix.

The arena crackled with energy as Dyoo's enhanced powers were unleashed. His [Armor of the Wind] enveloped him, turning his movements into a blur as he launched into his ferocious attack style. It was a sight to behold, the Magus channeling the wind itself to propel himself forward, his nunchakus whirling like a tempest.

Emery, however, remained calm and composed. In one fluid motion, he drew his lightsaber sword, its blade humming to life with a radiant glow. He raised it to meet Dyoo's charge, parrying the Magus's blows with precision and skill.

As Dyoo's [Light Missile] spell rained down upon him, he chose not to dodge but to face it head-on. The beams of light impacted his body, causing him to grimace in pain, but he didn't relent. His tenacity was evident, and he continued his relentless assault.

Dyoo's determination flared, and the mythical creature within him began to manifest, shrouding him in a swirling aura of wind. It boosted his capabilities, making him an even more formidable adversary.

Emery, recognizing the shift in the battle's intensity, made a decision. He sheathed his lightsaber sword and drew his dark [Savage Sword]. With a deep breath, he unleashed his [Immortal Gate], causing his muscles to bulge and his battle power to surge well beyond 400.

Now, with newfound strength and confidence, Emery effortlessly blocked and parried Dyoo's attacks, his movements precise and calculated. Dyoo's attacks, once fierce and relentless, were met with formidable resistance, and Emery now had the upper hand in their friendly sparring match.

Dyoo's annoyance was palpable, his face revealing his frustration at the glaring power disparity. Just as his frustration peaked, another figure entered the fray, a Magus with wind-based abilities, launching a powerful ranged attack.


Emery confidently intercepted the potent attack with a grin. "You want to try me too?"

Emery's lightsaber sword crackled with energy as it intercepted the potent attack with precision and ease. "You want to try me too?"

The newcomer was none other than Chumo. His expression was resolute as he focused his attention on Dyoo, his voice filled with unwavering conviction. "You can't defeat him, Dyoo. Let me help."

Chumo didn't wait for Dyoo's response; he acted swiftly, drawing forth specialized high-tier bows. The wind around him swirled and condensed into a series of sharp, translucent dark green arrows that shimmered with the promise of power.


Still Emery' easily blocks the attack saying "You need something stronger to challenge me!"

With Chumo joining the fight, it had now become two against one. Dyoo relied on his close-range combat skills, weaving between Emery's deft strikes and Chumo's relentless barrage of wind arrows. The synergy between them was evident, as the laws of wind intertwined seamlessly, creating a synchronized dance of elements.

Despite their coordinated efforts, Dyoo and Chumo still couldn't match the raw power that Emery possessed. His muscles bulged with supernatural strength as he unleashed his full might, and his [Immortal Gate] technique allowed him to block and parry their attacks with ease.

As the arena grew crowded with onlookers, more Magus were drawn to the spectacle. The battle between these three talented Magus had become a mesmerizing display of elemental prowess, captivating the attention of all who witnessed it.

Two Magius YunXiao and Feiling, were thoroughly amused by the unfolding spectacle. Julina, noticing their interest, welcomed them with a wry smile. "Please, you are welcome to join. Let's make this even more interesting."

YunXiao summoned the power of his water dragon strike, casting a mesmerizing spiral of azure energy that took on the shape of a coiled dragon. With a powerful flick of his wrist, the water dragon spiraled toward Emery, its form shimmering and fluid. Feiling, on the other hand, ignited her flaming dragon sword, causing fiery tendrils to dance around the blade as she swung it with precision and grace. Flames erupted from her sword, creating an intense heat that radiated toward Emery.

Even with four Magus against one, they were unable to break through Emery's formidable defense. Emery wielded his lightsaber sword with remarkable finesse, blocking YunXiao's water dragon strikes with deft precision and evading Feiling's flaming sword with graceful movements. He countered their attacks with a series of dazzling light spells, casting forth beams of radiant energy that pierced through the air.

As the battle raged on, more familiar figures arrived on the scene. Mera, the plant Magus, and Abrafo, the Earth formation expert, added their combined support spells to the mix. Mera summoned forth an array of plant-based constructs, forming intricate limbs made of vines and leaves that attempted to ensnare Emery. Abrafo, with his expertise in Earth formations, manipulated the very ground beneath Emery's feet, creating rocky barriers and obstructions.

Their efforts finally began to wear down Emery's defenses, forcing him to unleash his [Twilight Transformation]. In his wolf form, Emery's battle power surged past 500, making him capable of breaking through any plant or earth-based bindings. His silver fur glistened in the dim light of the arena as he moved with incredible speed and strength. His glowing blue eyes locked onto his adversaries, and with a powerful leap, he shattered Mera's plant constructs and broke through Abrafo's earthen barriers

The battle had grown so intense that it attracted more onlookers, drawn by the spectacle unfolding before them. Julian was even ready to join the fray, but his intentions came to an abrupt halt as he noticed the arrival of a renowned Magus: Zetto of the Titan bloodline. Excitement filled the air as Zetto, recognizing Emery's power, unleashed a formidable half-moon thunder strike. Thunderous energy crackled around him as he summoned the power of the heavens, sending a massive bolt of lightning hurtling toward Emery.

The explosion of power was enough to push everyone back, the shockwave rippling through the arena. Emery, however, stood resolute and unharmed, astonishing all those present.

It became evident that more than one round would be needed to show any significant result in their battle. Just as the battle seemed poised to continue, Emery's excitement waned as he laid eyes on a woman who had just entered the room.