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Chapter 4587: Firmament Mortal King

Firmament Mortal King was the only woman out of the five conquerors. The other four came from prestigious sects and had wonderful bloodlines.

Their peers couldn’t compare in the slightest since they were born destined for greatness. Others could try for a lifetime only to fail in catching up.

Firmament Mortal King was an exception because no one knew where she came from. Rumor has it that she came from a clan old enough to be forgotten. Another said that she came from a faraway land.

However, the most popular theory was that she came from nothing - just a descendant of a scholar clan in the mortal world.

During her youth, she came across an ancient scroll. She learned it herself and found the dao, resulting in her current achievement.

This was popular because ever since her dao debut, no one has noticed any clue about her background, whether it be her treasures or merit laws. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that nothing about her could be traced back to a particular lineage.

Moreover, she had faced tribulations and mortal dangers yet no one came to save her. If she had come from a prestigious clan, a dao protector would have shown up before. The other possibility was that her sect was in total decline with no seniors around.

The majority wanted this to be true, especially younger cultivators with no background to speak of. The other four simply had too many advantages that weren't available to the rest.

On the other hand, seeing Firmament Mortal King being successful gave the commoners hope. They took pride in her, thinking that hard work and talent could overcome the nobles. They cheered for her to become the next dao lord.

Jian Ming and the daoist were astounded. They were just talking about her earlier and here she was now.

“Greetings, Young Noble. Greetings, Miss.” She bowed deeply at Li Qiye first and then Xiao Xuan.

“Hello, Fellow Daoists.” She then turned her attention toward the duo.

“Mortal King, you are here to see our Young Noble? Do you know him?” Jian Ming stared at her with curious eyes.

She was obviously not just passing by and seemed to be here specifically for Li Qiye. This seemed more the case than it was with Paramount Scion.

Jian Ming was both courageous and had a thick face, having no qualms in interrogating one of the five conquerors.

Paramount Scion found this strange as well. He really just wanted a free ride, this wasn’t the case for the newcomer.

“Young Noble, you are a true supreme of this world. It is an honor to meet you.” The mortal king bowed her head. Did this count as an answer to Jian Ming?

“Sit.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Thank you, Young Noble.” She sat down in front of him, seemingly aware of his identity.

“May I have a seat as well?” The honest scion smiled wryly and also asked for permission. He wasn’t an idiot and realized that Li Qiye was a big deal.

“You are a good seat. You may have a seat.” Li Qiye seemed to like the guy.

He happily sat down in front of Li Qiye, looking like a student eager to learn.

Jian Ming elbowed the daoist and whispered: “Swindler, do you know her identity?”

“It’s hard.” The latter stroked his chin and said with uncertainty.

“Right.” Jian Ming agreed: “I don’t see any clue to her background at all. Don’t tell me the rumor about her being from a mortal clan is true?”

Jian Ming had traveled to many places in search of interesting information. Alas, he had no clue about her background.

“Look at her achievements thus far. Can a mortal clan produce such a perfect cultivator?” The daoist stared at her and said.

“Maybe nature birthed her?” Jian Ming had a bold thought.

“Do you know how insane that would be? A human birthed by nature is probably the closest thing to an immortal.” The daoist responded.

“Immortal?” Jian Ming gave him the look.

“It’s an exaggeration, of course.” The daoist smiled wryly: “But can you imagine such a being? The potential is boundless. A baby like that will be coveted by all sects.”

“Obviously.” Jian Ming said: “Let’s go back to the mortal king. I heard that she had entered True Immortal and preached at Three Thousand Dao before. Both of those sects were utterly impressed and some invincible existences here wanted her to become their disciple but she refused.”

“Interesting.” The daoist said: “If you came from a humble background, would you say no to a monarch from either sect?”

“What a needless question. I would never leave True Immortal, only a fool would refuse.” Jian Ming answered with haste.

“See, maybe her true background is astonishing, it’s just the world doesn’t know.” The daoist said softly.

“Why don’t you calculate and find out?” Jian Ming laughed.

The daoist snorted in response: “Why don’t you go ask the young noble for the answer? Have you seen him grant a seat so easily before?”

“...” Jian Ming chuckled awkwardly.

They have been following Li Qiye for so long yet he never granted them a seat. They simply did it on their own since he wasn’t strict about formalities. On the other hand, he offered her a seat right away.