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Chapter 4588: Dao Questions

Firmament Mortal King sat with a perfect posture and respectfully asked: “I humbly ask for guidance on the dao.”

Paramount Scion’s expression became serious and attentive.

Jian Ming and the daoist exchanged glances of astonishment. They came over and sat properly as well.

The mortal king had preached at two behemoths before. Remember, they had plenty of geniuses and ancestors. This included Skybreak Monarch and many others, not to mention Dao Sanqian.

In other words, an outsider preaching there would only be making a fool out of themselves for displaying their slight skills before true masters.

However, the mortal king was qualified to do so and actually impressed both sects. According to the rumors, even ancestors praised her repeatedly, let alone regular disciples who were utterly immersed.

From this, one gained an insight into her immaculate dao mastery and comprehension. Therefore, her questions should be profound.

“Permission granted.” Li Qiye stared at her and said.

The king cupped her fist and asked: “I ask humbly, where does the dao lead?”

“Where the heart points.” Li Qiye responded: “And where does your heart lead?”

“The apex, where I seek the truths.” The king answered.

“You are blessed with excellent comprehension. Someone can search for a lifetime only to gain less than a single thought of yours.” Li Qiye nodded.

“Am I qualified to seek the truths?” She asked humbly.

“That is no easy task. Reaching anima and finding the truths require standing at the apex. This is an absolute prerequisite. To do so before standing at the apex is the same as learning about the moon through its reflection in a river.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I understand.” She said while digesting the information.

The scion interjected next: “For millions of years now, what do the dao lords pursuit?”

This topic was interesting to all the young ones. Everyone knew how strong dao lords were after obtaining the dao fruits.

What did they want after reaching the apex? Absolute authority or the supreme grand dao? Everything seemed within reach for them.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I can’t give you an answer to this question since each dao lord has a different pursuit. Searching for the dao isn’t the only answer and the dao allows for individuals to further express themselves. If all cultivators are similar with only one goal in mind, then what is the point of cultivation? Everyone will just be walking corpses with no individuality.”

The group listened attentively and pondered the implications. This was indeed the case.

There were weak and strong cultivators. Some reached the strongest sects while others lingered in the mortal world…

If everyone cultivated the same merit law or had the same pursuit, then there was nothing distinguishing them. The very best merit law would become common and boring by the virtue of being readily available. Moreover, its products would also be boring and identical.

“I want to ask about everlasting life then.” The scion changed the topic.

“How cute. When others would ask for more power, you ask about everlasting life instead. Are you pursuing it or are merely curious?” Li Qiye smiled.

“I am only a fledgling, so far from being qualified to ask about everlasting life. I am merely curious because invincible masters also want to know. Is everlasting life the final shore of the grand dao?”

The majority of cultivators only sought strength or wealth. Only the top ancient ancestors would think about everlasting life. Authority and the pleasures of life no longer mattered as much. Would reaching the end of the grand dao grant them everlasting life?

“There is no end to the grand dao.” Li Qiye said: “What will you wish for after obtaining everlasting life?”

This casual question couldn’t be answered by the scion right away. He stood there in a daze, thinking about what he should do or want afterward…

The young ones haven’t thought about this before since they lacked the power to even approach this topic.

“What matters more, the truths or everlasting life?” Firmament Mortal King regained her wits and asked.

“That’s for you to answer since the grand dao does not play favorites. Both can exist at the same time, neither is more important. The short-lived yet beautiful flower blooming once versus a stone inscription lasting for eternity, which is more important in your mind?”

“The flower or the inscription…” Paramount Scion murmured.

“The path of everlasting can be an endless labyrinth. The moment of understanding the truths might only last for the blink of an eye.” Li Qiye said with a serious expression.

He paused for a bit before continuing: “The only way to answer this question is obtaining both.”

“So everlasting life is actually possible in your opinion?” The scion asked again.

“It appears you have conversed with too many old geezers.” Li Qiye said.

The scion smiled wryly and told the truth: “I have often listened to the ancestors in the sect talk about the path toward everlasting life.”

Paramount Gate was mighty and had numerous powerful ancestors. The scion was talented and honest, resulting in being loved by these old men. They regularly taught him cultivation.

Since he hanged around these old men on the verge of death, he became accustomed to listening to their talks and fantasies about everlasting life. It became a familiar topic despite his age.

“What is the point to everlasting life?” Li Qiye asked.

“Why? To live for an eternity, to exist as long as the world itself.” The youth was hesitant at first since the answer was rather obvious.

“If that is your definition, then it’s rather easy.” Li Qiye nodded: “Remember, a turtle has a very long lifespan by hiding in its shell. As long as you are willing to live in a pathetic manner, there are methods to continuously extend the years.”

“I see…” The scion agreed with this. For example, temporal blood stones and hibernation. Natural resources and essences also worked.

“Then what about true everlasting life?” The mortal king asked.

“Don’t ask me, ask a true immortal instead.” Li Qiye flatly responded.

This answer startled the young listeners.