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Chapter 4591: Duck Egg Buyer

“This duck egg buyer is quite strong.” Xiao Xuan couldn’t help but praise after hearing the tale.

“Indeed.” The daoist continued: “The legend stated that in history, the duck egg buyer was the only person capable of destroying the gemmed gauntlet. Dao lords, later on, even the most brilliant ones, probably couldn’t repeat the feat.”

“That’s putting it lightly.” Jian Ming added: “He, all alone, crossed through several great powers to reach the final path of the fist. That alone is difficult enough, the actual destruction must have been insane.”

He paused for a bit and added: “Later on, Puresun Dao Lord had entered alone too, killing millions of fist slaves and three great schools. He also made it to the final path after fighting the chamber.”

“Yes, that is another brilliant feat of battle, most likely impossible to duplicate.” The daoist nodded.

“Future dao lords came here too. For example, Eight-step Dragon Dao Lord led the great demon horde and made it to the fist domain. However, this couldn’t compare to Puresun Dao Lord’s achievement, let alone the duck egg buyer who directly crossed through the great powers.” Jian Ming’s voice brimmed with excitement as if he had witnessed all these tales in person.

The stories about the dao lords always made blood flow faster.

“The duck egg buyer stands out among the dao lords?” Xiao Xuan said: “Does he not have a name?”

Jian Ming smiled wryly: “The potentially first and greatest dao lord is a mystery. No one knows his name, only his numerous legends and exploits in all seven forbidden zones. The existences there were mighty but they couldn’t stop him. If it wasn’t for him, the world would have a much harder time. Becoming a dao lord would have been difficult too.”

Becoming a dao lord required proving and obtaining a dao fruit on top of beating the rest of the world. However, misfortunes also occurred afterward.

For example, Scarlet Moon Dao Lord was a victim of this despite the misfortunes being rare occurrences at this point.

Back during the Chaotic Era, it happened more frequently. Eventually, expeditions were started by the duck egg buyer, Puresun Dao Lord, Sword Queen, Azure Ancestor, Stone Ancestor, Eight-step Dragon Dao Lord…

These top dao lords weakened the seven forbidden zones and misfortunes no longer happened as much as before. They risked their lives to pave a better road for the future.

The duck egg buyer had the most contribution. He significantly weakened the forbidden zones. Otherwise, these subsequent expeditions might have ended with death.

The world knew nothing about the first dao lord. They called him “the duck egg buyer” since he always talked about buying duck egg. It became a catchphrase of sorts.

This was obviously a terrible and unsuitable title for such a great being. Nonetheless, people became used to it.

The words became taboo. No one else was qualified to become a second duck egg buyer. He was one and only.

“There is a dao there.” Xiao Xuan concluded while staring at the fist.

“Yes, people call it an immortal dao of the fist. Whoever gets it will become unbeatable.” Jian Ming’s eyes became brighter: “This is the reason why adventurers risk everything, hoping to get there.”

Li Qiye smiled and stared at him: “Don’t even bother, if you make it to that domain, you’ll turn into a fist slave instantly. Let’s say you are lucky enough to obtain that dao, well, you’ll be the strongest fist slave, nothing more.”

“Right…” Jian Ming smiled wryly: “What’s the point of being unbeatable if I can’t leave Worldbreaker Fist?”

“This intent might be unimaginable inside the domain itself.” The daoist gazed deeper into the region.

The pressure stemming from the sheer power of the fist was naturally unbearable. Nonetheless, the most dreadful thing was the intent itself.

Entering meant being invaded by this intent. This wasn’t an unpleasant feeling in the slightest. Intruders would find themselves being able to understand the dao of the fist even if this wasn’t their main dao. As time passed, they would gain greater mastery.

Of course, there was no refusing anyway. Entering Worldbreaker meant being subjected to this intent. The degree varied depending on the location.

Normally, being able to learn a new dao was a fortuitous event. If they could somehow mold this dao into an actual merit law, they would become even stronger than before.

This wasn’t the case in Worldbreaker. The more fist intent within, the more one would become immersed in this region. It eventually became an irresistible magnetic force.

At the final point, they would become slaves to the fist and enter the dynasty here, unable to leave despite wanting to. The fist of the dao served as the toughest shackles, tethering the slaves to the land.

“So anyone who learns the fist dao here won’t be able to leave?” Xiao Xuan became curious.

“I heard two people broke this rule.” Jian Ming couldn’t help showing off his knowledge: “The first left instantly at the perfect moment. The other took longer and was still able to leave despite becoming a fist slave.”

“Elaborate.” Xiao Xuan seemed interested.

“The first is rumored to be a disciple of Blessed Dao Lord, a supreme talent that was highly praised even by the dao lord. He came to Worldbreaker and created an ultimate punch in just three days. He had a special method that activated at the very last second before the transformation and allowed him to leave Worldbreaker.”

He paused for a moment and said: “In theory, learning and understanding the fist dao will turn one into a slave, let alone creating a supreme technique. Nonetheless, Worldbreaker couldn’t keep him around.”

“So let’s be exact here, only one person has left Worldbreaker after turning into a slave, God Fist.” The daoist added.

“God Fist? The audacity to have this title.” Xiao Xuan commented.

“It’s rather justified.” Jian Ming smiled wryly: “Even dao lords can’t stop him.”