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Chapter 4594: Severing

The duo was astonished to hear about the severed hand.

“Who did the severing?” The daoist gasped.

“That’s insane.” Jian Ming shuddered.

Worldbreaker - a fist crushing the sky and transforming the world for eras. Just looking at the massive fist was enough to see how powerful it was. Its master must have no equals; even the invincible dao lords have yet to reach this level.

However, the real monster here was whoever severed the hand. One could imagine the final fate of the loser in the battle; the hand’s master most likely fell in battle.

This was beyond the comprehension of anyone in Eight Desolaces. The peak in their mind consisted of dao lords. Whatever above was unfathomable.

“I can only think of the word immortal here.” Jian Ming felt fear.

“The existence must possess unimaginable power. This world probably won’t accept such power and can’t birth one either.” The mighty Xiao Xuan sighed and took a deep breath.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “But there is truth to that story. Becoming a slave does have something to do with the fist dao. It is still around, unwilling to disperse. It encompasses and converts living beings for the sake of life prolongment.”

“Are you saying that the master of Worldbreaker can return to life?” The daoist became startled.

“No way.” Jian Ming blurted: “Who would be able to stop that monster then? Just one punch would reduce everything to ashes, maybe the world will face another great calamity.”

“This world can’t accommodate this being.” Xiao Xuan thought that this was indeed a frightening possibility: “In order to live again, this being must devour heaven and earth along with all creatures in order to replenish vitality and lifespan.”

Currently, only generations with ample energy can produce a dao lord. If this master were to return to life, how much natural energy would be required?

The duo thought that Xiao Xuan was right. Everything would be treated as meals and devoured.

This made them recall something Li Qiye had said in the past, that if there was an immortal in the world, run as far away as possible. Now, the meaning of this phrase became obvious thanks to Xiao Xuan’s comment.

“It’s a good thing that immortals don’t exist.” The daoist was glad about this matter.

Most lamented the fact that they wouldn’t be able to see an immortal - the apex of cultivation. But now, the existence of one might be calamitous.

“It’s only a hopeless dream.” Li Qiye stared at the hand and said: “Rebirth won’t happen regardless of how much this remnant intent wants it.”

“Good, good.” The duo heaved a sigh of relief.

“We’re almost there.” Xiao Xuan commented as the ship drew closer.

Suddenly, a buzz could be heard from deeper into Worldbreaker. Everyone heard it clearly regardless of the distance.

Space trembled afterward and then came an outburst of blinding rays. Each ray contained endless essence, capable of illuminating the entire world and chasing the darkness away.

While everyone was still taken aback and temporarily blinded, a pleasant whoosh could be heard. Something crossed through the air like a meteor and left behind a magnificent trail.

“What is that?” Spectators didn’t expect this at all.

“It looked like a diamond, no, a gemstone.” A powerful cultivator managed to see some clues.

“What?” Those nearby had no idea what was going on.

“Boom!” In the next second, a golden radiance erupted. The waves of light emanating from the source seemed as if they had a physical form and were made from gold.

A majestic figure could finally be seen - an old man in bright golden armor looking like a supreme god.

“Break!” He roared and punched forward - releasing a golden tsunami that can engulf the world.

“Rumble!” A gigantic fist of energy manifested into reality, piercing through the void and aiming for the great hand.