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“Golden Fist Emperor!” Jian Ming shouted after seeing the armored old man.

“Hasn’t he been missing for a thousand years now?” The daoist took a deep breath.

“Who is it?” Xiao Xuan asked.

“An amazing big shot.” Jian Ming said with a smile: “Quite powerful, not weaker than any of the six heavenly monarchs. I believe he is Golden Divine Fist’s descendant.”

“Decent strength.” Xiao Xuan glanced at him and said. This was high praise coming from such a powerful being.

“He’s from Golden City too. He once tried to become Golden Divine Fist’s disciple but was refused.” The daoist murmured.

Golden Fist Emperor was indeed from Golden City. However, whether he was Golden Divine Fist’s descendant was up for debate initially. [1]

As a powerful genius, he came to Worldbreaker to see out his ancestor, wanting to join him and learn the supreme fist dao. Alas, Golden Divine Fist refused.

No one understood the reason why but there were theories. One explanation stated that the ancestor didn’t think highly of his talent. This didn’t seem plausible because he was renowned for his abilities, an exceptional cultivator compared to his peers.

Another said that he didn’t wish for his descendant to become a fist slave. Therefore, he refused to teach the emperor anything relating to the fist dao. This was a logical explanation since no ancestor would want to watch a descendant being imprisoned forever. Remember, Golden Fist Emperor was young and had a bright future ahead of him.

A third possibility included Golden Divine Fist believing that the merit laws of Golden City were superior. There was no need to teach his descendant his own dao, wanting the emperor to focus on the ancestral arts instead. This also made sense since Golden City was an everlasting behemoth. Its merit laws were more than enough for its members.

Regardless of the reason, Golden Fist Emperor didn’t leave after the refusal. Of course, he didn’t stay in Worldbreaker but rather, a broken city known as Sky’s Demise in the outskirt.

He focused on learning the legendary fist dao, wanting to absorb the fist energy and sense the intent from afar. Eventually, he made some progress. Who knows if his ancestor had helped him out after seeing his dedication or did he simply rely on his supreme talent and comprehension?

His fist style became strong enough to be similar to his ancestor’s own. This was the origin of his title - Golden Fist Emperor.

With fame came enough clout to start his own sect in Sky’s Demise. He never returned to Golden afterward.

All in all, the emperor successfully learned a great fist dao and continued to study Worldbreaker while being outside.

“Boom!” In the next moment, another punch contended against his attack.

A blast wave swept through the region and astounded the crowd. Both attacks were strong enough to wipe out a sect. The result was the emperor being sent flying into the air.

“Who sent him flying just now?!” A spectator shouted.

People believed that he was just as strong as any of the six monarchs from Three Thousand Dao. It seemed that he had lost after this first exchange.

Sure enough, he relied on the momentum and disappeared into the mountain range. He was fast enough that people only saw a flash akin to the shine of a diamond.

“He made it out.” Everyone saw his successful escape.

“Who beat him with a single move?” Jian Ming took a deep breath.

“Don’t forget, the dynasty has countless unbeatable fist slaves.” The daoist replied.

“True.” Jian Ming said: “The dynasty has survived countless expeditions from dao lords, a miracle indeed.”

“As long as the immortal fist dao is there, there will be enough slaves to protect the dynasty. It’s so devilish.” The daoist added.

“Who can destroy that fist dao? I’m afraid numerous dao lords have tried already.” Jian Ming shrugged.

In fact, there were periods when the dynasty was completely wiped out but eventually, a new dynasty would form, populated by new slaves.

“At least they can’t leave Worldbreaker. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be Three Thousand Dao’s turn to dominate the world.” The daoist sentimentally said.

No one would deny this statement because there existed some incredible fist slaves in Worldbreaker. They were living reclusively since they couldn’t leave anyway. Otherwise, just Dao Sanqian alone wouldn’t be able to stop them from taking over.

“That punch just now was outstanding. Maybe I should give it a shot.” Xiao Xuan became eager to try.

“My Lady, please tell me you’re joking. Don’t tell me you want to fight the dynasty…” Jian Ming became startled.

“You think I can’t?” She glared at him.

He got goosebumps from fear and coughed wryly: “That’s not what I meant, My Lady is surely unbeatable, there’s no need for you to stoop yourself down to these slaves’ level.”

“Right, right, the slaves aren’t worth your time.” The daoist added right away.

They were afraid of her taking on an extremely tough opponent. It seemed rather suicidal.

“Hmph.” Xiao Xuan was very unhappy with these responses.

“All of you didn’t notice the key point.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What do you mean, Young Noble?” Jian Ming immediately asked.

“Did you see the flash earlier?” Li Qiye said.

“The flash?” Jian Ming thought about the blinding flash and then said: “Ah, the emperor wasn’t there to fight. He obtained something just now?”

1. There’s no way I won’t get these names mixed up ?