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Chapter 4596: Gemstone

“What did he get? It seemed that he risked his life just to get it.” The daoist became curious.

“Something incredible, I’m sure.” Jian Ming calmed down and responded: “He has seen plenty of treasures before. Even a dao lord weapon isn’t worth him being so reckless. Remember, he knows how frightening Worldbreaker is more than anyone.”

The daoist agreed. The emperor came from Golden City - a place with matchless resources. As a previous member of Golden and a sect master, he must have seen wondrous artifacts previously.

He also knew the danger in opposing the fist dynasty yet he chose to risk it all. This was a testament to the item’s value.

“What is it to be worth the gamble?” Jian Ming stroked his chin and said.

“A gemstone.” Li Qiye saved their time and revealed.

“A gemstone? What type?” Jian Ming repeated.

The daoist had a faster realization and raised his voice: “That gemstone in the legend? Remember, the duck egg buyer destroyed a gauntlet with embedded gemstones, is this what we’re talking about?”

“?!” Jian Ming was shocked as he shouted: “The immortal gemstones from the divine gauntlet?!”

“So the legend regarding the duck egg buyer is true…” He murmured: “He really did remove the gemstone and destroy the gauntlet back then.”

“There are five gemstones, not just one.” Li Qiye corrected.

“Yes…” The daoist shuddered after hearing this.

Jian Ming stared at the fist and said: “That gemstone is priceless, just how powerful will it be too…?”

The fist intent still remained after countless eras. That hand was nothing but terrifying. Therefore, its gauntlet and its embedded gemstones must be proportionally impressive. It was tough for the young ones to conceptualize its worth and power.

“No treasures in the world can compare to a complete gemstone, not dao lord weapon, patrimony weapon, or even paragon artifacts made by dao lords. In short, nothing created in this world is comparable.” Li Qiye said.

“It’s that strong? Wouldn’t it be unbeatable against anything…” Jian Ming murmured.

“Seems that way.” The daoist took a deep breath.

If Li Qiye was right, then even the rare paragon artifacts created by the dao lords stood no chance against the gemstone. Remember, it was only one of five gemstones and this wasn’t including the gauntlet itself.

“Well, I was only talking about weapons created here. There are exceptions.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Exceptions?” The daoist took his time ruminating about these special weapons.

“Why didn’t the duck egg buyer take the gauntlet away, or at least the gemstones?” Jian Ming thought about something else.

“He is the only one who knows. Maybe he doesn’t think highly of the gemstones or that they were lost after the gauntlet was taken down…” The daoist said.

“Shit, how can that be? If he doesn’t think highly of the gemstones, what else can move him?” Jian Ming complained.

“Once again, exceptions. The duck egg buyer might just not care about anything.” Li Qiye said.

The two exchanged glances and thought about it. This cultivator never left behind anything or any trace, at least as far as the world knew. This being was shrouded in fog. No merit law and treasure were known to have originated from him.

Suddenly, Xiao Xuan interrupted their conversation: “I feel something from the past.”

“From the past?” This woke Jian Ming and the daoist up from their daze.

“It’s a familiar feeling, an aura that is lingering here.” She said.

“Give it a shot. Use your mantra to observe, if it’s there, there will be a reaction.” Li Qiye suggested.

Xiao Xuan took a deep breath. She focused up and formed a mudra with both hands. Dao laws instantly appeared around her.

Though she has yet to cultivate a merit law, her mudra was formed perfectly. The flow of the mantra was also natural.

“Buzz.” More dao laws emerged as she channeled her mantra.

Jian Ming and the daoist were shocked while staring at the ancient and mysterious laws. They seemed to be from an immemorial period.

They seemed impossible to create via cultivation alone. Her bloodline seemed to be the main driver.

“Clank!” They came together to form something resembling a heavenly plate. The plate started rotating and more laws attached themselves to the surface, creating a mirror of sorts.

It took in the entire world but most importantly, Worldbreaker Fist. In the reflection of the mirror, the mountain ranges were nowhere to be seen, replaced by large chasms instead.

“Over there!” She then pointed at a particular corner of the plate.