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Chapter 4598: Marriage Alliance

“Are you serious?” One listener couldn’t believe it.

Golden Gate was a brilliant power but it lacked history and completely relied on its founder - Golden Fist Emperor.

In a sense, it could only be considered a second-rate sect or one step away from the next level. As for True Immortal, this was a behemoth at the apex, virtually peerless.

They always took marriage alliances rather seriously and had stringent requirements. Otherwise, intermarriage between their sect members and outsiders was considered to be personal and not representative.

Entering this alliance meant gaining True Immortal’s support and becoming a true ally. Few in the entire world had this privilege.

“What is in this for True immortal?” Another wondered after receiving this news.

“Which genius from True Immortal is a candidate?” A young one wanted to gossip.

“Don’t tell me it’s True Immortal Young Emperor.” His friend boldly speculated.

“No way.” An expert immediately denied this possibility: “Who do you think the young emperor is? Unbeatable and peerless, his wife might become the prestigious future queen. She can’t be from a sect like Golden Gate. This is a very serious matter.”

“In my opinion, the young emperor will probably marry someone from Three Thousand Dao, or maybe Lion’s Roar. The priestess of Ancestral Divine Temple is a good match.” A last-gen cultivator added.

As people thought about the reasoning behind True Immortal’s choice, another piece of news came out from Sky’s Demise - Three Thousand Dao sent a messenger to ask for an engagement as well.

“Are you serious?!” The crowd became stupefied for a long while.

“Why is Three Thousand Dao doing this?” One expert murmured.

“Something has to be going on in Golden Gate.” Another realized that something was up.

Prior to this, people didn’t quite believe the news regarding True Immortal’s intention. Now, two behemoths have come asking for the same thing.

“What is Golden Gate selling, why do both True Immortal and Three Thousand Dao want this marriage alliance? They have a fairy there or something?” A youth wondered.

Golden Gate became lively in no time at all. Many powerful sects and big shots appeared; some came seeking the same goal.

Putting True Immortal and Three Thousand Dao aside, there were also the Sima, Godwhip School, Grand Citadel…

The entrance was completely packed to the astonishment of neutral spectators. They thought that Golden Gate might have a gorgeous female cultivator.

Older cultivators didn’t think so because the behemoths didn’t care about appearance alone. Golden Gate must have obtained something recently.

No secret lasted forever. Someone finally spread the information regarding Golden Fist Emperor obtaining a peerless item from Worldbreaker.

“That’s why he was getting chased by the dynasty.” Another recalled watching the emperor fighting the other day, realizing that it might have been the start of this development.

“So the behemoths are here for that peerless item, it must be special.” An expert murmured.

“I can’t possibly think of what it is.” One more took a deep breath.

Everyone knew about the behemoths’ resources and wealth. They had countless treasures including paragon artifacts. This didn’t stop them from still desiring this particular item.

“What did the emperor get?” This became the main question but those aware of the answer held their tongue.

All in all, Sky’s Demise became packed with cultivators who had different motives. Li Qiye’s group finally arrived as well.

They saw both bustling areas and ruins. This was due to the withering of time. No sects could last forever. They entered a small town under Xiao Xuan’s direction.

It had some small sects and cultivators, just nothing notable. However, Li Qiye smiled after coming across a small shop and entered the door.

“Gentlemen, please come inside, this is our grand opening so everything is seventy percent off.” A worker enthusiastically greeted them.

It seemed like they were some of the earliest customers.

However, once the workers actually saw the group’s face, they became startled.

“You again?” Jian Ming and the daoist felt the same way.

The workers, shopkeeper, and boss were none other than the Improper Four. The duo didn’t expect to see them again.

“Please come in.” Puresword excitedly invited them inside.

Li Qiye smiled and sat down. The others also did the same and looked around. This was a new shop indeed; everything was completely new.

“What are you all doing here?” Jian Ming asked.