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Chapter 4599: Bitter Tea Grounds

“Life has been tough so we started this small business in order to keep up with expenses and buy some household goods.” Puresword answered with a smile.

Jian Ming naturally didn’t buy this story. These four were clearly from prestigious clans.

“Must be some really expensive household goods.” Jian Ming said sarcastically.

“Well, we wouldn’t mind buying a really good pot to make a stew with.” Puresword didn’t mind the tone.

“Your thick skin has no bounds.” Jian Ming concluded.

“Sirs, are you in the mood to drink or eat anything?” Puresword asked: “We have some fine merchandise right now, puncture vines from the northern sea, dragon eye from the cold west, hmm, sky-summit sesame…”

“You have everything?” Jian Ming tried to cause trouble.

“Let me know what you’re looking for, maybe we can procure it.” Puresword didn’t mind.

Jian Ming rubbed his chin and then said: “I’m thinking about a seven-star abyss stone marrow in combination with an eight-treasure celestial snail, served cold with darkmoon ice.”

“That stone marrow is rather rare but coincidentally, we do have some in store.” Puresword thought about it and shouted: “A’han, do we have any eight-treasure celestial snail meat left?”

“Not a lot, just enough for one meal.” A’han who was inside shouted back.

Jian Ming was utterly impressed. He glanced at Puresword and then the other members: “You all are really just operating a shop here? Seems like you’re taking it seriously.”

The ingredients he mentioned earlier were rare delicacies meant for big shots, not regular cultivators. Nonetheless, the shop was ready to accommodate him, meaning that Puresword’s group had an impressive stock.

“Life’s tough so we have to go all out.” Puresword smiled.

“Tough my ass, if you are having a tough time, then the rest of the world is really struggling.” Jian Ming retorted. The word “tough” shouldn’t come out of his mouth when he had these expensive ingredients.

“The wealth of ancient clans is unimaginable to most.” Li Qiye said: “Even their breakfast are all delicacies.”

The daoist and Jian Ming exchanged glances. It seemed that the ancient clans were truly rich. If Puresword were to open a store, he would naturally have the “common” ingredients available.

“Goddamn it, I hate rich people.” Jian Ming complained before muttering under his breath: “I’m going to be just as rich…”

Puresword smiled and asked Li Qiye: “Sir, how about you?”

Xiao Xuan interrupted before Li Qiye could answer. She sniffed and said: “What a familiar smell, are you grinding tea?”

“Miss, you are right. We are making some bitter tea, a delicacy from our hometown.” Xiao Yan was surprised to hear this.

“I want a cup.” Xiao Xuan asked: “Bitter ground tea, oceanic spice soaked in spirit grain water with abyss zoysia pungens sauteed three times.”

“This is definitely our dish.” The Improper Four became surprised.

This wasn’t a simple dish. It contained ancient secrets and was a part of their clans’ history. Only members of their clans knew how to make it, not outsiders.

In this case, she knew the process so well. She herself didn’t know why she knew this dish.

“Meeting neighbors in a distant land.” Li Qiye said. [1]

“We will prepare it for you right away.” Puresword’s group exchanged glances before he spoke.

After a long while, a stone bowl of hot bitter ground tea was presented. This wasn’t just regular tea.

The stone bowl was exquisite, having been made from an ancient magnetite metal, possessing both cold and hot surfaces. Waves and splashes could be heard emanating from the tea.

The liquid had the color of a jasper. As it moved, it resembled a maelstrom that could drive the rotation of the stars. It contained essences of the ocean and ample life force.

A bitter taste lingered at the tip of the tongue even before sipping it. It contained the various emotions of the mortal world.

Three more bowls were brought to the table, one for each of the guests. Jian Ming hurriedly drank while Li Qiye took his time.

Jian Ming couldn’t stop drinking. Once he finished, he smacked his lips and savored the taste: “What a strange taste, I feel the human experience streaming down with one sip.”

“Well said.” Puresword’s eyes lit up: “That’s a great way to describe this.”

“Haha, I just said what was on my mind.” Jian Ming enjoyed being praised.

Though he had a big and foul mouth, one couldn’t deny his rich knowledge and abilities.

“Mmm…” The daoist took his time appreciating the tea before saying: “Seems to be related to the charming spirit, a drink meant for certain ceremonies, perhaps.”

“Your knowledge is incredible.” Puresword was surprised: “Not exactly the case but you’re very close.”

“It’s because our clan had ancient ceremonies with something similar. Maybe your clans are even older than mine, not a part of this epoch.”

Puresword didn’t say anything. He and his peers didn’t want to reveal their background.

“I’ve drank this during my youth.” Xiao Xuan finished her bowl and looked rather satisfied.

This shocked Puresword and the others since only their clans had access to this drink. They have been watching her the entire time ever since she talked about this drink.

This meant that she might be a member of their clans. However, they had no idea who she was. After all, they knew all members who were out and about because normally, they remained in their clan.

“May I know your name, Miss?” Puresword bowed.

“I do not know. Young Noble, what is my last name?” Xiao Xuan shook her head.

“You’ll remember later.” Li Qiye smiled at her and then told Puresword: “No need to ask, you will know when the time is right.”

1. Idiom, someone from the same hometown or old friend ?