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Chapter 4600: Void Imperfection Tea

The four stopped asking despite being curious after hearing this.

“Sir, do you want anything else?” Xiao Yan asked respectfully.

“Boil a pot of tea with gale leek using Void Imperfection’s purifying method and use Windchaser’s technique to fan the flames. The liquid need to be correct but most importantly, the flame mastery. Don’t mess it up.” Li Qiye ordered.

The casual comment shocked the youths because it revealed virtually everything about Xiao Yan. Moreover, it was strict as if she was a maid.

Though they chose to hide their identity, they were naturally important figures. Even the big shots from the great powers didn’t have the authority to order them.

“Your request is unreasonable.” A’han protested: “Xiao Yan doesn’t need to make this tea, we can offer some White-brow Tea instead, is that alright?”

“No, Void Imperfection Windchaser Tea.” Li Qiye demanded.

“We don’t have that available.” A’han shook his head.

“Not available.” Woodman said bluntly. He wasn’t a man of many words.

They were very unhappy with Li Qiye’s attitude. Xiao Yan was their martial sister yet he dared to order her like a maid.

Puresword winked at them, not wanting their group to clash with Li Qiye. Xiao Yan shook her head and told them to ignore it.

She then stared at Li Qiye; her brows slightly furrowed. She had no idea who he was but one thing was certain - he knew her background.

Despite being aware of how prestigious it was, he still ordered her without any qualm. This was truly strange.

“I will prepare it for you then, Young Noble.” She bowed deeply and addressed him with respect.

She went to the backroom while Jian Ming and the daoist became curious. They also wanted to know the origin of these four. Li Qiye clearly knew; he just didn’t wish to tell them.

A while later, she carried a teapot over with steam oozing from it. Who knows if it was due to the boiling tea or this was the nature of the special pot?

One could hear dragon roars coming from the liquid. As she poured it into a cup, images of wind dragons could be seen from the vertical stream.

The steam had a comforting and purifying fragrance. Those nearby found themselves void of any impurity and imperfection. All of their pores became unobstructed.

“Brilliant…” Jian Ming murmured, realizing that this was the finest type of tea even before drinking it.

Xiao Yan offered the cup with both hands to Li Qiye: “Young Noble, please enjoy.”

He accepted the cup for a sip, tasting the transcending purity and smoothness.

“Good, the flame mastery is acceptable but Void Imperfection and Windchaser were not fused perfectly. More training is necessary.” He assessed.

Xiao Yan became startled because he understood her flaws right away after a single sip. Keep in mind that outsiders with weak cultivation wouldn’t notice this.

The three became emotional and exchanged glances. Xiao Yan lowered her head and asked: “Please point out my mistakes, Young Noble.”

“I don’t have anything to teach, your clans’ fortunes are just fine. However, I will point out a path and it is up to you whether to take advantage of it or otherwise.” He said.

“I am all ears.” She focused up.

He took his time enjoying another sip before speaking: “You still have an ancient ancestor in this world, do not miss this chance.” [1]

“An ancient ancestor?” Xiao Yan became surprised.

Due to their rich history, they had plenty of ancient ancestors, some of whom were old beyond imagination. They didn’t know who he was referring to.

“A magnificient ancient ancestor who had gone missing.” He elaborated.

They thought about a particular legend right away - a mighty being who disappeared without a trace.

“I, I can meet the ancient ancestor?” She stammered.

“Nearby, let’s see how lucky you are.” He smiled and glanced at the distance.

“I understand.” She calmed down and bowed.

He accepted the gesture and drank more tea. Of course, his two followers couldn’t contain their excitement and wanted to know who the figure was. They refrained from being noisy because it might annoy Li Qiye. As for Xiao Xuan, she ignored all of this and continued to eat and drink.

At this time, another guest came into the store. A pleasant fragrance like a ripe fruit permeated the air.

It was a girl around twenty years of age. She wore a yellow pleated dress that was immaculately crafted.

She was elegant and beautiful with a hint of playfulness flashing in her eyes. Alas, there seemed to be something on her mind.

She noticed the aroma of the tea and asked: “Owner, may I purchase a pot of this tea?”

Puresword came over and shook his head: “My apology, Miss, there is only one pot. Is there anything else I can get you?”

“Just another dish then, anything will do.” She sat down and said.

“Very well, four snacks from the eastern sea.” Puresword suggested and she nodded in agreement.

She glanced over at Li Qiye’s group, especially him. Unfortunately, he was leisurely drinking and she didn’t notice any clue.

Jian Ming elbowed the daoist and whispered: “She’s from Golden Gate.”

“Indeed.” The daoist replied.

The shameless Jian Ming walked over and cupped his fist: “Miss, you must be the lady from Golden Gate.”

She was surprised to see a stranger boldly approaching. She nodded and said: “I am Tingrong, what is your name, Fellow Daoist?”

“I am from the Jian.” He smiled and said: “I heard that the fist emperor obtained a treasure from Worldbreaker, the entire city is in a furor about it.”

Her expression turned cold after this. She became cautious and said: “I apologize but I haven’t met the ancestor and don’t know what you are talking about, Brother Jian. These are just rumors.”

“What about the marriage proposal?” Xiao Xuan asked: “So many people are at the gate asking, who do you want to marry?”

Tingrong didn’t like the intrusive question but after seeing that Xiao Xuan was only a little girl, she wasn’t offended. After all, children never minded their words.

“I do not know right now.” She shook her head and then stared at the group: “Fellow Daoists, are you here because of the rumors too?”

“That’s not the case.” Jian Ming smiled.

1. Not clear whether singular or plural, treating as singular for now ?