“Boom!” Haven Bulwark also shook violently; its built momentum became unstable.

“Crack!” Large cracks finally appeared around the impact point.

“Watch it!” All-things shouted and warned his men. It seemed that their lifelong effort was to be for naught.

“Boom!” The tower finally smashed down and left a massive hole in the wall.

The power of the artifacts rushed through the opening and reduced several top cultivators to blood.

With their formation and momentum in disarray, the empowerment on the wall crumbled into nothingness.

“Retreat!” All-things could see that this situation was beyond remedy.

“The People lost.” Spectators from afar finally felt the suppression coming from the tower. The same applied to ordinary cultivators and mortals.

“Divine and Heaven Alliance will reign uncontested?” They started thinking about future ramifications.

The appearance of Celestial Hook had broken the delicate balance in the upper continents. Henceforth, Dao and Imperial Alliance could only be on the defensive or retreat.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t retreat quickly because the hook had sealed their escape paths.

All-things, Sword Queen, Darkfrost, and Calamity roared and utilized their strongest merit laws, wanting to break a dimensional path to escape. Alas, the tower came over and suppressed them as well.

Li Zhitian and Principle Conqueror took a deep breath, realizing that this was over. The tower and hook only needed time to eventually destroy these apex cultivators, grinding their dao fruits and true fate down to nothingness.

Meanwhile, the members of Divine and Heaven had total control over the situation. Nonetheless, Supreme and his allies remained cautious and gazed outside the battlefield at the other powers.

If Azure Peak and Pure Land were to take action, they might be distracted enough for All-things to break free.

The neutral parties exchanged glances, calculating their next move and who were potential allies.

Thus, although The People had clearly lost, this seemed to be a waiting period for the next battle.

“Brothers, there is no salvaging this situation. It is not too late to surrender.” Supreme spoke confidently and without arrogance, wanting to persuade his enemies to give up.

“Only to follow Celestial Court?” Calamity Dao Lord laughed.

“That is negotiable.” Supreme said calmly, devising a plan to end this risky stalemate.

“There’s nothing to negotiate, I'd rather die than yield to Celestial Court!” Calamity raised his voice.

“Brother, do reconsider, no one can change the outcome today.” Supreme spoke earnestly, seemingly ready to forgive his enemies.

“You sound rather confident.” All-things found this strange.

Sure, they have uttered lost this battle. However, this wasn’t the first war between The People and The Race.

With the exception of Immemorial Epoch when The People were the underdogs from the start, the subsequent wars were rather even with both sides seizing victory in various battles.

Therefore, victory and defeat were only temporary. The side suffering a devastating defeat didn’t take long to rise again. However, Supreme’s demeanor was different this time.

“The culmination of an eternal plan to establish domination in one strike.” Supreme said: “The truth is that there is no saving The People. Come work with us, we shall build a new world.”

“As your hounds, I’m sure.” Calamity said sarcastically.

“Brother, Celestial Court is destined to rule the world for all of eternity. Join us and be a part of something great. You will be able to protect the remnant of The People as well, a magnificent achievement.” Supreme said.

“That is a bold declaration regarding Celestial Court.” Darkfrost said.

Cultivators at their level never boast and choose their words carefully. This was especially true for Supreme who was in a leadership position. Thus, his confidence in Celestial Court seemed immensely high at the moment.

Keep in mind that although Celestial Court was strong, The People were far from being weak. There were still Immortal Dao City and Imperial Field in the immortal continent.

With their help, The People in the upper continents would be able to launch an impressive assault to change the tides.