Early on during the new epoch, Celestial Court accused many of being sinners and enforced their rule over the world.

They rarely suffered setbacks, one of which being Maddened Flame leaving behind a burning crater in their region.

Later on, the duck egg buyer and his allies only made it to the gate. Next, the coalition of female heroes also couldn’t take them down.

Thus, Li Qiye’s declaration was rather bold given the historical precedents. Purewood Emperor couldn’t do so, neither did the unstoppable empress.

Most importantly, his tone was so casual as if this was no big deal. His opponents couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Flattening Celestial Court?” Immortal Pagoda’s eyes flashed intimidatingly. This was enough to make others tremble but not Li Qiye.

“Is this supposed to be difficult?” Li Qiye responded.

Of course, he was merely stating facts but others interpreted this differently.

Immortal Pagoda didn’t respond; his brows furrowed in frustration. He had utterly lost to Li Qiye before; even his grotto was burnt down.

“Sir, I cannot stop you from wanting to destroy Celestial Court. The only thing I can do is perform my duty loyally.” Supreme took a deep breath and said. He admitted his incapability yet did not yield.

“You would still try?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Your power is unfathomable by the likes of us. Alas, I have a duty that I cannot abandon. I am but an ant before you but there are times when ants will bare their fangs.” Supreme said.

“Hahaha, an interesting fella.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “What will you do? All attack together while relying on those things?”

Having said that, he glanced at the tower and hook still imprisoning All-things and his allies.

Those from Heaven and Divine Alliance felt that there was a mountain weighing down on their chest. They all knew that a single apex cultivator had no chance of fighting Li Qiye.

They could only rely on two things - their number advantage and the two artifacts created by Celestial Court. Of course, the probability of success seemed unfavorable.

Supreme felt as if he was staring at the high heaven. The mere pressure alone was daunting.

“We can only do our best if you wish to fight, Sir.” Supreme said firmly, still maintaining his composure.

“And I will give you the chance. But first, let us see how many are willing to die for Celestial Court.” He said with a smirk.

Supreme looked back at his allies and said: “Celestial Court will be the light in the future. Ladies and gentlemen, are you willing to fight with me and welcome the new era?”

They became startled; some exchanged glances.

“Heaven Alliance stands with Celestial Court. We do not back down from any challenge.” Immortal Emperor Xu Kong spoke resolutely and represented Heaven Alliance.

“We will not back down.” The other members wished to join Supreme.

Heaven Alliance’s unity was commendable. From the weak to the strong, they were willing to support Supreme. Something about him had won them over.

“How about you all?” Supreme asked Divine Alliance - a much more complicated situation.

It consisted of many members originating from the three races. The older generation also strongly supported Celestial Court. However, some joined for different reasons.

This was no longer a fight between The Race and The People but rather, whether they wished to plead loyalty to Celestial Court.

Some of them wanted to fight for The Race to the death but fighting for Celestial Court? This was an entirely different matter.

They stared at their leader - Swordsea Dao Lord - and waited for his vote.

“I would fight for Divine Alliance but am not interested in risking my life for Celestial Court.” Swordsea made up his mind.

His stance was of utmost importance and could sway the opinion of his fellow allies.

“The Race only stands strong due to the existence of Celestial Court.” An old emperor from the last generation of Divine Alliance said.

“I have no relation to The Race either.” Swordsea wasn’t afraid of offending anyone.