As an apex dao lord, no one could force him against his will. He continued: “Gentlemen, I joined Divine Alliance for Divine Alliance, not for The Race or Celestial Court. You all knew this and supported me in becoming the guardian. Nonetheless, feel free to make your own choice. For those who wish to follow me, I will still serve Divine Alliance wholeheartedly. Otherwise, I have no issue returning this position either.”

The group fell into silence; everyone had their own opinion.

“He’s not one of us and can’t be trusted.” Someone among them said.

Swordsea didn’t care to find out who it was either and walked to a different side.

Ye Fantian followed him without saying anything.

“You can enter Celestial Court and rule in the future.” A last-gen monarch advised against her decision.

“I have nothing but gratitude for Divine Alliance and the dao lord. I shall follow him.” Ye Fantian shook her head.

Five-sun and a few dao lords and conquerors also joined him, displaying a clear rift in Divine Alliance.

After all, those from Eight Desolaces didn’t join for Celestial Court or The Race.

“The emperor established Divine Alliance to support Celestial Court. We are following his will.” The last-gen monarch said, bringing up Profound Emperor.

“We support Celestial Court.” The remaining members stuck with Supreme.

“Brother, we need you to take charge of Divine Alliance.” Another old cultivator asked Eternal Conqueror who has yet to make a decision.

Given his status and background, he was indeed qualified to become the new guardian of Divine Alliance.

“I came to pay a debt and it is nearly enough. I am staying to see Sir’s dao, but please find someone else for I am not responsible for Divine Alliance.” Unfortunately, Eternal Conqueror refused.

Their morale dropped drastically since they had just lost two apex cultivators and some others who chose to follow Swordsea Dao Lord.

Alas, there was nothing they could do. Eternal Conqueror was not a member of Divine Alliance and was only here to repay a debt.

Most importantly, he had never gotten along with Celestial Court. It would be irrational for him to risk his life for an undesirable endeavor.

Divine Alliance found itself to be a headless snake. Although it still had powerful members, it needed an apex cultivator to take charge.

“How about me?” Immortal Pagoda Conqueror suggested, revitalizing the bleak atmosphere.

He was heaven’s favorite, blessed with innate gifts - clearly a great candidate for the role.

Although he was clearly on the side of The People and Heaven Alliance, none had been able to order him around. His prestige in the upper continents could only be matched by Supreme’s, if that.

In fact, if he had shown any interest in leading Heaven Alliance, he might have been its leader. However, he preferred to cultivate in his grotto instead of participating in politics.

The members of Divine Alliance didn’t wish to ask him earlier because he was a part of Heaven Alliance. Not having a leader might cause more rifts within their faction.

They might start fighting for the role before having a chance to unite against Li Qiye. Now, the prideful cultivator’s initiative was an amazing development.

This would improve the relationship between Heaven and Divine Alliance as well. The loyalists in Divine Alliance could now officially join Celestial Court.

“The neutrality built by Principle Conqueror is gone now. Years of hard work for nothing.” A spectating conqueror sighed after seeing this.

Divine Alliance was no longer the same after his abdication. It seemed that it would be a second Heaven Alliance - fully obeying the commands of Celestial Court.

“So this is the path chosen.” Principle himself let out a sigh of regret after seeing this.