Divine Alliance was once unified again with this new leadership, becoming a part of Celestial Court. The dissenters have left alongside Swordsea Dao Lord, leaving the loyalists behind.

Although they lost a number of powerful cultivators, the transformation was thorough and arguably necessary. It grew closer to Heaven Alliance, allowing them to have a common goal and strategy.

“Divine Alliance shall not yield either.” The members came to the same conclusion, prompting Li Qiye to chuckle.

Swordsea chuckled as well, no longer interested in the current alliance.

“I am not on any side but still wish to see your power, Sir. May I have this privilege?” He laughed and asked Li Qiye.

He was not afraid despite Li Qiye’s repeated victories over apex cultivators. Everyone could tell that he was above this level.

“You’re stealing the words out of my mouth.” Eternal Conqueror added.

“Why not? One by one or all together?” Li Qiye smiled, suggesting something that only he could do.

Of course, no one had a problem with his domineering attitude at this point. This was how it should be.

“Putting our stance aside, who wouldn’t wish to fight against you and learn, Sir?” Supreme said.

“One-on-one, I have a technique I wish to try.” The imperious Immortal Pagoda said: “I believe that it is at the limit of the dao, Sir.”

These two put aside the feud for now and wanted to learn more about the mysteries of the grand dao.

They spoke from the viewpoint of a conqueror and a dragon lord, not the messenger of Celestial Court and leader of Divine Alliance.

They became juniors eager to learn in the presence of an esteemed master. Only a few actually had the intention of challenging him for the sake of the dao.

“I see, I will oblige then since it might well be your last wish.” Li Qiye smiled.

The ominous words left listeners in fear. Nonetheless, the actual challengers had no intention of retreating.

“Learning the dao in the morning and dying in the evening, I am content with that.” Immortal Pagoda laughed and declared.

His words echoed in everyone’s mind, causing them to realize the gravity of the situation and reminding them of a certain something.

Many conquerors and dao lords have forgotten this phrase and the mindset when seeking the dao.

After reaching this level, they considered themselves to be unstoppable and stopped actively learning from someone else. Cultivation became a personal endeavor since who was qualified to teach them the dao?

Alas, they recalled the early days when they were awfully happy to listen to dao lectures, hoping to gain a sliver of the dao each day. This was their initial aspiration during their journey. Unfortunately, the longer they traveled, the more they forgot about this feeling.

“Well, can’t argue with that.” Swordsea couldn’t help but laugh: “I will be content as well. Let me go first.”

“No order, just strike as we wish, how about that?” Supreme who has always been aloof and calm regained a youthful passion that could be seen by anyone.

“Do as you please.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I start then, I’ll show you the sword that I’ve sought my entire life!” Swordsea couldn’t wait any longer.

“Very well.” Li Qiye said.

Spectators watched with bated breath because this incoming technique was certainly Swordsea’s strongest. His sword dao came from one of the Nine Paths of Finality - a heavenly scripture. As an apex cultivator, he should be able to deliver its potential.

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword but this didn’t quite matter because he was one with it in the first place.

It didn’t actually matter whether it was an ultimate artifact or a regular iron blade since Swordsea was the blade itself. He turned into a sword dao; attacking required his thought alone - not a physical weapon.