Silence took over the battlefield after the defeat of four apex cultivators. Eternal departed; Swordsea had no intention of continuing the fight.

The Race suffered a devastating blow, perhaps losing half of its firepower. If four couldn’t beat Li Qiye, how could two ever hope to do so?

“Sir, I have nothing but admiration for your power.” Supreme bowed and said.

“The dao is endless, certainly worthy of our pursuit.” Immortal Pagoda showed no loss of morale after losing.

Nothing seemed capable of breaking their spirit. As long as they were around, they would serve as pillars for The Race.

“The two of you must have entered Celestial Court and saw those geezers.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The two exchanged glances and took a deep breath. This was the highest of secrets, how did he know?

Leaking certain secrets relating to Celestial Court was punishable by death. Some twelve-fruit members weren’t privy to them either.

No wonder why Supreme and Immortal Pagoda held such pivotal positions in the upper continents. This was especially true for Supreme.

Putting strength aside, only those who have contributed and gained the trust of Celestial Court could gain insight into certain secrets.

“There must be mighty monsters in Celestial Court.” A neutral dao lord said. In the past, his group had attempted to learn more information to no avail.

“We were well-liked, that’s all.” Supreme said.

“I’m actually interested to see what they have given you, to have such confidence.” Li Qiye smiled: “If you two leave now, I will spare you. Otherwise, only death awaits.”

His declaration suffocated the listeners since no one doubted him right now. This could be Supreme and Immortal Pagoda’s last day in this world.

They themselves knew that Li Qiye was not merely boasting. Nonetheless, Supreme maintained his initial stance: “I will not abandon my duty. My apologies, Sir.”

“Very well, I will give you the chance to show me your true ace cards given by Celestial Court. This is not the time to hold back.” Li Qiye said.

“Sir, if you are willing, we can have a formal discussion…” Immortal Pagoda was many things - prideful, arrogant, imperious…

However, he was no idiot and understood that fighting Li Qiye was rather unwise.

“You two are not qualified to negotiate with me, I am being awfully merciful and patient right now.” Li Qiye shook his head. It was either his way or death.

This was already his being polite and patient as well. Supreme and Immortal Pagoda were unreachable for many others but unqualified when speaking to Li Qiye.

The current situation instilled despair into the members of Heaven and Divine Alliance. How could they ever hope to beat Li Qiye?

“Sir, killing us changes nothing in the grand scheme of things.” Supreme took a deep breath and said.

“Indeed, it changes nothing but there is a start to everything. Since the two of you wish to toil for Celestial Court, I will start with you two and it won’t be longer until I finish off Celestial Court as well. At that point, The Race and The People will only exist in the past.” Li Qiye said nonchalantly.

Li Qiye had mentioned this goal before but now, it seemed to be concrete and coming along soon.

Could he actually destroy Celestial Court? The duck egg buyer and many others have failed.

“Seems like we must fight.” Supreme said solemnly.

“This won’t be much of a fight. The destruction of Celestial Court shall start with your death.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I know we are overestimating ourselves but let us witness your invincibility again, Sir.” Immortal Pagoda laughed.

“Show me what Celestial Court had invested for the two of you.” Li Qiye remarked.