Everyone watched with bated breath including the members of Divine and Heaven Alliance. They could no longer join this battle since this was beyond their level.

Their ace cards included the tower and the hook from Celestial Court. Li Qiye swiftly put an end to their artifacts. How could Supreme and Immortal Pagoda stop Li Qiye?

It didn’t matter what they had hiding up their sleeves. Everything seemed rather futile now; this was the last struggle before death.

Of course, their fearless determination earned them the respect of the spectators, friends and foes alike.

This was especially true for the latter who had experienced the nightmarish defeat just now. Li Qiye left a shadow of despair in their mind. Overcoming this in such a short time was far from easy.

“Have it your way.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“Very well, it concludes today.” Supreme smiled and said.

“Let us fight to the very last breath!” Immortal Pagoda laughed and resumed his imperious demeanor.

“Start.” Li Qiye said, still looking like a mortal. Alas, everyone had to look up at him now as if he was a colossal giant - the ultimate existence of their world. He held the cosmo in his grasp and all living beings should be prostrating before him.

“I shall embarrass myself first.” Immortal Pagoda soared upward after saying this, looking like a true dragon with an imperial aura.

Others couldn’t help but cheer for him. In a sense, his strong display was saving the face of conquerors.

Everyone trembled before Li Qiye earlier, feeling nothing but despair. They couldn’t keep their head up while facing him, looking like stray dogs. This completely ruined the image of conquerors and dragon lords.

However, Immortal Pagoda was still as proud as before, not looking dejected after losing. He was the embodiment of how a conqueror should be.

“Boom!” He showed his twelve palaces again and the anima tree. Their power engulfed and illuminated the battlefield.

His aura still left others breathless. He was weaker than Li Qiye but stronger than virtually anyone else.

His single dao fruit emitted primordial rays that could only be seen at the start of the world. Primordial dao laws mirroring the time of creation also descended.

Space sank downward from the weight of his fruit, seemingly unable to accommodate its existence.

For most cultivators, their anima tree garnered more attention due to its size and power. However, his impressive tree stood second to the unique fruit hanging on the tip of the tree. The primordial affinity of the fruit seemed to be one step above the anima affinity of the tree.

“Rumble!” A maelstrom eventually formed around the primordial fruit, causing the crowd to gasp in astonishment.

This legendary fruit deserved all of its wondrous tales.