As the rotation of the spatial maelstrom intensified, it started pulling everything inside. The primordial fruit latched onto several things and pulled them out.

“Rumble!” Loud detonations hurt the ear drums. Space and time crumbled as a result.

After one final bang, four portals appeared behind Immortal Pagoda Conqueror. Unlike regular portals with small openings, they connected the four worlds to the battlefield.

The first was a decrepit red sky engulfed by nefarious forces. Another had nothing but molten liquid surging chaotically along devastating flames. The third was inscrutable with runes and mysteries. The fourth was an empty expanse of the void.

“The broken realms!” Everyone immediately recognized them - Evil Reborn, Redflood, Ultimate, and Perish.

“Rumble!” Loud explosions emanated from them as if certain things were awakening.

They turned out to be pagodas instead of colossal monsters. A total of four appeared; one in each realm.

Mark of the primordial fruit manifested onto the surface, activating the pagodas. Violent forces erupted in the four worlds as the pagodas turned into maelstroms as well, absorbing the powers around them.

“Is he trying to control the four broken realms?” Spectators became startled and shuddered.

Of course, they could also see that this was a premeditated plan, not something concocted out of thin air.

The four pagodas inside the realms were made from priceless metals. Ordinary conquerors and dao lords couldn’t muster this many resources. Moreover, he imbued the mark of his primordial fruit on them as well.

His fruit served as the very foundation for the pagodas to borrow the power of these broken realms, seemingly impossible to duplicate.

“This is above what Illumination Conqueror did.” Someone commented.

Illumination borrowed the power of the illusory realms, albeit only a small portion. Most crucially, he didn’t do it alone, needing to rely on a sacrificial ceremony performed by his men. Therefore, Immortal Pagoda Conqueror was clearly one step higher in this regard.

“Can any other conqueror or dao lord do something like this?” Another couldn’t help but praise.

Depending on his mastery of this method, he could be virtually unbeatable among his peers. Several apex cultivators would need to band together against him. Thus, putting Li Qiye aside, would he be the strongest cultivator right now in the upper continents?

“So he was holding back.” One spectator commented. It was clear as day that Immortal Pagoda was still keeping this a secret until the last moment.

“Immortal from above.” Supreme murmured.

“Boom!” The sky shattered, leaving behind a massive hole with power oozing down like an ocean.

The ocean of light immediately engulfed everyone, capable of reducing the battlefield to pieces. A majestic figure descended from the hole, looking like it was made from the purest stars. Its power was proportional to its gigantic frame.

“What is this thing?” Everyone could tell that this wasn’t a living being.

“Is it a metal giant?” They thought about the giants back in Imperial Attendant City.