However, the metal giants back in Imperial Attendant weren’t this big in size. Thus, they thought about the combined transformation summoned by Li Qiye.

Upon closer inspection, they weren’t the same metal giants. The ones back in Imperial Attendant were clearly built by men. Of course, they had no other information about the method or actual material.

On the other hand, this giant was made from the power of stars, not metals.

“It’s a supreme momentum manifesting into a physical frame.” A powerful dragon lord said.

“I see…” Others nearby responded.

“The question is, what is the source of this momentum?” All-things Dao Lord carefully analyzed the giant.

Others activated their heavenly gaze and couldn’t find any energy channel empowering the giant.

A while ago, they saw two formidable momentums from the tower and the hook. Their source came from a foundation embedded in Heaven and Divine Alliance on top of the precious metals.

However, the giant seemed different, whether it be its source or material composition.

“It’s purposely hidden, not something that can be done in a day or two.” A member of Divine Alliance said.

For example, if they had wanted to hide the source of their hook, they could have done so. However, since building the momentum for the hook required numerous cultivators, there was no point in trying to hide an open secret.

“I didn’t know we had something like this still.” Another said.

Members of Divine and Heaven Alliance were confused about this giant’s existence. They should have caught some information about it prior. Supreme couldn’t have been the only one working on this due to its scale.

“Celestial Court.” All-things and his allies understood what was going on.

“They prepared many things on the upper continents and now, they trust Supreme enough with them.” Principle Conqueror understood.

“Is this how they have absolute control over Heaven Alliance?” A dragon lord shuddered.

Celestial Court had hidden a grand momentum in the upper continent unbeknown to anyone. Only the loyal Supreme had access to it.

Was it a way to prevent problems from Heaven Alliance in case of having traitors? Or was it to keep it an absolute secret from anyone - an ace card to be used during an existential crisis?

The upper echelon from Heaven Alliance didn’t feel great about it. They had been supporting Celestial Court and The Race for so long. How could this be viewed as anything but a lack of trust?

It was one thing to be skeptical of Divine Alliance. After all, they didn’t necessarily support Celestial Court. Alas, Heaven Alliance had proven its loyalty over the eras.

“I think only Supreme and Immortal Pagoda knew about this.” An emperor said: “And only Supreme has control over it.”

“The rumor is true.” All-things gazed at the giant and said: “They have so much confidence in Supreme.”

‘What can we do? He is actually from Celestial Court.’ This notion ran through the minds of Heaven Alliance’s members.

Supreme actually came from Celestial Court while others joined later; his background was as prestigious as can be. Of course, he became the leader of Heaven Alliance due to his own charisma and power.

Nonetheless, some loyalists felt betrayed by this revelation. Celestial Court still viewed them as outsiders despite their contributions. Risking their lives in the past meant nothing.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Supreme leaped into the sky and entered the giant, assuming control.