“Boom!” Supreme took control of the mysterious momentum’s power and channeled it into his body, making it his own. His new majestic force drowned the nine heavens and ten earths.

This left the crowd speechless because this was one step above the tower and the hook. The latter required power stemming from a formation to reach their peak state.

However, this momentum was powering Supreme instead, shrouding him with an ultimate armor set.

Normally, armors were still external items with limitations. In this case, it became a part of his body; its power could be used with full mastery.

This was beyond the ability of anyone in the upper continent. All of the best cultivators could have worked together and still wouldn’t be able to duplicate this momentum. It allowed the user to gain its full power without any backlash or complications.

“Boom!” Spectators couldn’t find words to describe the empowered Supreme.

Perfection was the only thing on their mind, whether it be his appearance, aura, or dao power. He was already an immaculate entity standing at the apex before this. This fusion boosted his power considerably, allowing him to wield the power of the entire upper continents. He became one with heaven and earth just like a true immortal.

A while back, Eternal Conqueror displayed a timeworn aura. Supreme possessed something even greater at the moment.

“No wonder why Celestial Court didn’t let anyone else know about this, one man alone can wield it.” A spectator said. This giant momentum was entirely different from the tower and the hook.

In fact, Supreme might have enough power right now to attack any location in the immortal content, Celestial Court included. This was the reason why they kept it a secret and only gave it to a trustworthy member.

“Sword, heed my call.” Supreme uttered.

Another sword came from above and all other swords suddenly lost their hum.

“What?!” Swordsea, Sword Queen, and Darkfrost trembled after sensing this.

Their swords became silent even before that sword could be seen clearly. Keep in mind that given their mastery of this dao, their swords were also wondrous artifacts.

They have been gestated by their owner’s sword dao so being suppressed was an entirely new thing for them. Since even these apex swords were affected, no other blade in the entire world could make a sound now.

Sword users could no longer unsheathe their blades. Even if someone was strong enough to force the issue, their sword had lost the will to fight, becoming utterly useless.

This was a testament to the might of the descending sword - something superior to the rest.

Everyone took a closer look at the blade wielded by Supreme - a skeletal sword. Just looking at it froze spectators, leaving them breathless.

They suddenly saw a terrible scene - the blade floating in an ancient epoch while consuming all the bones of that period’s inhabitants.

Billions and billions of creatures including true dragons, phoenixes, gods, and cultivators… They once were the lords of the epoch only to be reaped in the end. Their true bones, blood, and lives were all devoured for the creation of this skeletal sword.

After all the living beings were gone, the land itself was refined and robbed of its essences - all for the sake of creating an epoch-level weapon.