“Very well, shall we get started?” Li Qiye asked with a smile.

“Sir, we await your guidance.” Immortal Pagoda Conqueror said before gathering his power.

He had the might of the four broken realms behind him, channeling their forces through the four pagodas.

They empowered his primordial fruit, turning him into a gigantic lord wielding four different forces. Each of his breaths could release this power, easily destroying a continent or killing a top cultivator.

Although he was already stronger than virtually anyone prior to this, his power surged to an unsurpassable level.

“The heaven’s favorite.” Any spectator would have this notion in their mind. Now, his prophecy of being the greatest was being fulfilled.

This was different from Supreme’s form as well. The latter was given to him by Celestial Court while Immortal Pagoda most likely prepared the pagodas in the four realms himself.

“Come.” Li Qiye smiled and waited for the enemies to attack first.

“Perish!” Immortal Pagoda relied on his famed artifact once more. It exuded a blinding radiance and descended with the four of the broken realms, crushing everything along the way.

At this point, even All-things or Sword Queen wouldn’t be able to stop it. A direct confrontation would result in them being blown to smithereens.

The upper continents and their living beings were subjected to unbearable pressure. They should be feeling dread because the pagoda could reduce all of them to blood.

If Li Qiye couldn’t stop the attack, this would break through the battlefield and leak into the actual world. Countless would perish as a result and the landscape of the continents would be changed permanently.

“Take this!” Supreme swung True Bones as well.

The hum of the sword pierced through time itself and could be heard from the past to the future.

“Boom!” It split the world open while slashing at Li Qiye. If it could make it through him, it would certainly divide the upper continents into two new halves. The death count would be incalculable.

“Boom!” Souls left the body after witnessing the power of the two attacks.

Even the strongest cultivators who had dominated the nine firmaments were at a loss for words. This displayed a new concept of power, more than enough to eradicate anyone.

Everyone understood that Supreme and Immortal Pagoda Conqueror were the true lords of the upper continents since they had access to these ace cards.

They simply kept it hidden for a multitude of reasons. Alas, Li Qiye has forced them to show their hands, pushing them to the edge of despair.

Li Qiye smiled and became resplendent with an immortal light. Each of his movements was accompanied by the grand dao and all the laws of this world.

Although he still didn’t activate his aura and cultivation, everything within the six continents bent to his will.

His fusion with the world calmed everyone down instantly; the apocalyptic dread from the two attacks suddenly vanished.

As long as he stood at the forefront, the forces of destruction wouldn’t be able to get past his mastery of the grand dao and all other affinities.

Other self-proclaimed lords in the six continents were mere pretenders, unable to reach the apex.

The supreme forces of the two attacks suddenly exploded the moment he raised his hands. They caused devastating damage to the battlefield but didn’t hurt him at all.

He stopped the skeletal swords with two fingers, reserving his palm for the immortal pagoda. This scene left spectators breathless.