The woman was beautiful with gentle features and porcelain skin. Her eyes remained open in her frozen state, looking like jewels. Her figure was just as immaculate - slender yet curvy in the right places. A golden ribbon was tied around her waist and accentuated her alluring curves.

Unfortunately, most would avert their gaze due to her intense murderous aura. It took the form of flames around her, causing others to back away.

She seemed to be the king of all assassins but alas, she was still captured and being used as a battery like the rest.

Li Qiye’s eyes flashed menacingly after seeing her.

Everyone else was shocked as well to see the cultivators hidden behind the source of the supreme momentum. Some of these prisoners were ancient beings that once dominated their eras.

Supreme was certainly not the person who came up with this. He was yet to be born during their era; the only answer was Celestial Court. Even members of Heaven Alliance shuddered after seeing this revelation.

Perhaps one day, they would be sacrificed as well if Celestial Court deemed it necessary.

“No wonder why this had to be kept a secret.” A monarch said with a solemn tone.

Outside of strategic reasons, they had no choice but to keep this a secret. Otherwise, they risk the animosity of both The Race and The People. Some might start leaving Heaven Alliance as a result.

“No one would find out without Immortal Emperor Ming Du’s interference.” A dao lord said.

This was no coincidence; the source would still have been hidden behind the gigantic shell if it wasn’t for Ming Du’s attack. He waited for this exact moment to show the world what Celestial Court had been hiding.

“Boom!” Profound Emperor channeled enough power in the four broken realms, clearly having more mastery in this process than Immortal Pagoda Conqueror.

“Clank!” Meanwhile, the supreme momentum still powered True Bones, preparing for another assault.

However, something massive flew out of Ultiamte - the same entity that had escaped from Lesser Firmament.

This time around, a primordial radiance ignited and chased away the fog shrouding the entity. This revealed a middle-aged man. A dark wound on his chest started closing as well.

“Three souls as one!” He roared thunderously.


Inside Lesser Firmament, the man wearing Moon Embrace lost control of his body and started flying toward the horizon.

As for Firmament Godchild who had gotten far away, he was still lifted off the ground. He shouted: “Damn it all, I just want to be free, why is this happening to me? I don’t want to shoulder the heaven anymore! Not like this!”

Unfortunately, his complaints fell on deaf ears. He was still dragged in the direction of Ultimate.


It only took a second for the two to arrive and combine together with the recently recovered man. The three souls became one again.

“Boom!” An eruption of light temporarily blinded everyone.

Once it dispersed, everyone could see the man clearly - someone capable of shouldering the high heaven.

The gods and emperors paid tribute to his greatness; The myriad dao paled in comparison. One step of his could cause the celestials to rain from the sky. He could overturn the ages with a mere gesture - a truly unbeatable being.

Profound Emperor’s expression soured after seeing him.

“Wo-World Emperor, World Emperor of the Qian!” Many ancient emperors and monarchs couldn’t believe their own eyes.

“That’s World Emperor?” Others had heard of his legends before.

He stood at the apex during Time Immemorial and even the previous epoch. Rumor has it that he was the lord of all three races, even going as far as reigning over Celestial Court.

The Qian certainly dominated with their nine emperors. However, he was still the most important factor. Even the arrogant Crimson Emperor couldn’t defeat him in combat.

He was the first to stand against Celestial Court’s judgment against The People, leading his clan against tyranny.

Unfortunately, Sword Emperor betrayed him and in just one night, his clan disappeared from the world.

His tragic fate made countless people sigh with regret over the years. Today, it looked like he had escaped with severe injuries. Some of his clan members were still alive, albeit being used as living batteries for Celestial Court.

With his injuries healed and his souls as one, he awed the world with his presence once more. Nostalgia swept through the old cultivators near the battlefield.

“Can Profound Emperor stop him?” They could tell that a battle between these two was inevitable - both top-tier members of the three races.