Li Qiye left the tree, entering a certain dimension with someone waiting for him.

“Teacher.” The man in yellow kneeled before Li Qiye.

He was none other than Immortal Emperor Ming Du, a despicable traitor in the eyes of The People.

“Your student has brought disgrace to your name, Teacher.” The emperor apologized.

“You did no such thing, your actions were selfless. Few in your position can abandon personal honor and reputation. Get up.” Li Qiye shook his head and lifted the emperor off the ground.

“To be able to see and speak with you again, Teacher, looks like I’m one of the lucky ones.” He smiled happily.

“You nearly threw your life away by joining Heaven Alliance.” Li Qiye said.

“What else can I do when my skills are insufficient? I only wanted to join Celestial Court to get more information about the unknown guest. Somehow, I ended up joining it and ended up in Heaven Alliance amidst the chaos.” Ming Du elaborated.

“At the very least, I managed to save Miss Sima and the others. Otherwise, it would have been for nothing.” He added while glancing at the woman who had a murderous chilling intent.

She was none other than Sima Yujian who had followed Li Qiye to the thirteen continents in the past.

“Young Master.” She bowed her head.

“Look at you, nearly throwing your life away too.” Li Qiye shook his head before taking out an old box: “Here, time for you to have it back.”

This came from Mist Deity and originally belonged to Sima Yujian.

“I left this as a clue.” She gently rubbed the box.

“Because of her disappearance.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Perilous, I’m sure, but I believe that she is still alive.” Yujian said with determination.

“So I heard that you all tried to assassinate someone in Celestial Court. That didn’t work out.” Li Qiye brought up the past.

Sima Yujian appeared forlorn after this was brought up. She said softly: “We received information regarding a foreign visitor not from this world.”

“An investigation was warranted given the circumstances.” He said.

“We asked the empress and she shared the same concern. No one from outside should come here, and Celestial Court of all places.” Yujian nodded: “We speculated that this person must have come specifically for you, so we came up with a plan.”

Li Qiye sighed and said: “Your cultivation isn’t bad but you can’t deal with Celestial Court alone, let alone the visitor.”

“Jianzhen and I only wanted to scout first but the unexpected happened, forcing us to attack. We fought our way out with Jianzhen in the backline. I alone made it out…” Yujian said: “We’re the ones who started the war.”

After the failed assassination, the furious Celestial Court declared judgment on the sinners. This was the start of Immemorial Epoch War and a significant reduction in the number of emperors and monarchs.

“You didn’t start it.” Li Qiye shook his head: “It was settled with the arrival of the visitor. Celestial Court planned this long ago but the overlords had their qualms. The visitor must have given them enough confidence to try, they just didn’t expect the fierce response from everyone else.”

“The empress and the others prepared for years to create a momentum strong enough to fight that unknown visitor. The casualties were immense.” Yujian said with regret.

“They were amazing.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.

“If only I were as capable.” Ming Du said: “I have done nothing in recent years.”

“As I’ve said, few could do what you did, abandoning pride and reputation.” Li Qiye smiled.

Ming Du was anything but a traitor. He joined Celestial Court to figure out all the secrets.

“I tried to find more information but the visitor disappeared after the battle with the empress. I delved into Celestial Court but couldn’t find anyone either. Nonetheless, I heard about the method to control True Bones, that’s why I volunteered to join Heaven Alliance and descended.” Ming Du elaborated.

His main goal was to find the hidden overlords but nothing came to fruition. He assumed that with the visitor’s arrival, some of them might actually show up. Alas, there was no reaction.

He then noticed prisoners from the war being moved to a certain place. Further research revealed the existence of a grand momentum and the usage of True Bones.

His insistence across the eras eventually yielded fruits - saving the prisoners from the momentum arrays.

“You make it sound so easy.” Li Qiye patted his shoulder and said: “The geezers are wily and patient, it’s alright, you have done your best.”

“I’m sorry for letting you down, Teacher.” Ming Du sighed.

“Look, I can’t lock on to their coordinates either since the last epoch. You didn’t spend as much time, I’m the one who should be embarrassed.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“What should we do now, Teacher?” Ming Du asked.

“What can we do? The inevitable will come and no one will be able to escape.” Li Qiye said.

“I understand.” Ming Du knew about Li Qiye’s plan from long ago, just not the exact details.

“Will you be going to Celestial Court now, Young Master? I must return as well to find Jianzhen.” Yujian couldn’t stay calm.

“I will but only when the time is right. There is no rush after waiting all this time already.” He said: “Are you confident that she is still alive?”

“We had a designated location so I must return there.” Yujian said.

“Wait for the right time.” Li Qiye said.

“I understand.” She bowed and could see the bigger picture and the importance of prudence.

“Do as you like now, I have to leave.” Li Qiye said.

They bowed again and departed.