Pure Land was renowned for its untraceable lineage and maintained a neutral stance, unlike the four alliances.

The alliances were only known in the cultivation world; mortals didn’t have knowledge of them. Most never had the privilege to meet regular cultivators, let alone dao lords and conquerors.

Mortals viewed cultivators as mysterious immortals or gods capable of unbelievable feats. Due to a clear barrier, they had no idea they were protected by the various alliances.

Mortals could eventually become cultivators and join the alliances but by that point, they were now separated from their previous world.

The same couldn’t be said about Pure Land. The power of Buddhism protected all within its territories without any prejudice. One didn’t need to be a Buddhist to enjoy the privileges.

Moreover, enlightened monks appeared in each generation. They entered the mortal world and blessed the fateful ones, even the mortals.

They assisted commoners and nobles alike with mental problems or being haunted by dream demons. Cultivators could use their assistance when dealing with heart devils as well.

The marks of these monks could be seen all over Pure Land, unlike the top members of the alliances.

Due to their virtuous deeds, those who stayed in Pure Land for a long period gradually sought out Buddhism.

Its influence ran deep just like its rich history. Today, it had a new visitor - Li Qiye who was accompanied by Jilin Buddhist Emperor.

The two took their time walking and sensing the peace of this region. They heard Buddhist hymns and felt the affinity embedded in the winds. Pagodas shrouded by light could be seen in many places, often the source of the affinity. They washed and purified the inhabitants, granting them peace of mind.

Mighty Buddhas were present as well; some capable of enlightening even emperors. The most famous among them was Meru - a Buddhist who eventually became an emperor as well.

The force was majestic yet gentle and pleasant like spring itself. Travelers could relax during their journey.

Lotus flowers bloomed beneath Jilin Buddhist Emperor’s steps along the way. The grand dao harmonized in her presence.

She vividly recalled the period of the thirteen continents - the era of the emperors and monarchs and the golden age of her clan.

Everything had changed today. Thirteen continents were reduced to six; most emperors and monarchs were no longer present along with their lineages.

Blue seas replaced the mulberry fields. Eras passed by within the blink of an eye but after meeting Li Qiye again and recalling the past, she understood how much had happened during her life.

The two sat down in front of a cliff to enjoy the sea breezes. Even the ocean and its slightly salty air were filled with Buddhist affinity.

“Young Master, for what purpose do people live?” She eventually asked while staring straight at him.

“Do you wish to enter the world?” He answered with a question.

She tilted her head and ruminated for a bit before responding: “Even if I do, where can I go? Only lands of the past.”

“They are boundless.” He said.

“Unfortunately, they aren’t meant for me.” She responded.

“Weary of the world, I see.” He let out a sigh.

“I suppose Buddhism is essentially a leap away from the worldly realm.” She remarked.

“However, one must still not forget the world. Otherwise, how can they spread Buddhism and deliver salvation?” He smiled.

“Right, the two sides complement each other.” She agreed.

“It’s beyond that, Buddhism exists precisely because of the world and its living beings.” He shook his head.

She softly repeated his line.

“Would Buddhas exist without living beings? They are born from belief so without thoughts and devotion, they will be nothing more than inanimate statues.” He said.

“You’re right about Buddhism. It exists because of living beings.” She agreed.

“This is a key difference between Buddhism and Daoism.” He said: “Daoist cultivators train for the arts but monks cultivate to become Buddhas.”

He then stared at her and said: “Perhaps you should return to the mortal world for that is your true destination, whether it be as a Buddist Emperor or a regular person.”

“What makes you say this, Young Master?” She asked; her halo suddenly flashed brightly as if it was reacting to Li Qiye’s comment.