“That is your dao.” Li Qiye said.

“My dao.” She said softly.

She was once a princess of the Jilin, eventually becoming its ruler. Later on, she entered a Buddhist sect; its name back then was not Pure Land.

She eventually became a Buddhist Emperor and lived reclusively in Pure Land. The mortal coil ceased to be a part of her life.

Today, she entered the world again because of Li Qiye. This was absolutely a challenge to her current dao.

“From an imperial clan to Buddhism, now a return to the mortal realm.” He said.

She glanced at the horizon, seemingly capable of seeing the end of the world.

“Fate has separated us, can I still go back?” She asked.

The world had changed entirely. Her clan was no longer there, the same for her friends and family members.

Li Qiye was someone who could keep up with her but he was about to leave.

“The threads of fate weave in and out, it is all in your mind, whether it be Buddhism or anything else.” He said.

“I can still break through, Young Master?” She could tell that he was guiding her.

He gently caressed her cheeks; she closed her eyes and felt his heat. His warmth brought her back to the past when she once cared about the world.

“You can go farther, Buddhism is confusing you right now and causing stagnation.” He elaborated.

“But Buddhism is the reason for my current attainment.” She said.

“Yes, success because of Buddhism, but also failure. You are stuck in the way of the past.” He nodded.

“Is that why I should return to secular life?” She said softly.

“No, it’s not like that. Buddhism still exists as long as you wish it so. Nonetheless, you’ve been a Buddha for too long and it is time for a change.” He said.

“I see…” She answered: “But I’ve traveled across the mortal realm before and delivered salvation.”

This was part of her journey before becoming a Buddhist Emperor.

“You had the mindset of a passerby who will eventually leave.” He smiled.

“Yes, because everything will disperse in the end, the mortal life is ephemeral.” She agreed.

“To a new world. If there is nothing worth remembering in this world, sow the seeds in another and make it worthy.” He said.

“Another world?” She wondered.

“There might not be anything here for you now but you can start anew in one of the new worlds.” He said.

“New worlds?” She became surprised.

“They will appear in due time, nascent worlds grasping for life before the proliferation of living beings. You should be able to find a new path there, no longer limited to the current Buddhist Dao.” He said.

“A nascent world… What about you, Young Master? Will you be there too?” She asked.

“Yes, I must pass through them eventually. It’s just that I have unfinished business right now.” He said.

“When that day comes, I will be going ahead and waiting for you, Young Master.” She bowed her head.

He gently tapped her forehead three times and said: “Until we meet again.”

He started walking away but she called for him: “Young Master.”

He stopped and looked back with a smile.

“You were worrying about me?” She asked.

“I have experienced the same confusion that you are now, the same for the many Buddhist sages in history, the overlords as well. Having attachments is necessary or the dao heart will not be able to persevere.” He said.

“I understand, I will be there in the new worlds.” She took a deep breath and understood the reason.

“I hope everything will stay the same with you.” He smiled and left for a certain area in Pure Land.

The temple seemingly knew of Li Qiye’s arrival since a monk was waiting by the entrance.

His kasaya was old with numerous patches. Nonetheless, this didn’t matter due to the monk’s impressive Buddhist aura. A halo floated behind him with an entire kingdom within.

He possessed a casual demeanor, lacking the dignified air typically associated with enlightened monks.

“We meet again, Sir.” The monk greeted.

Those from the lower continents would be startled to see him here - Mahayana Buddha of Myriad Buddha City.

“I agreed to a visit before, so here I am.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You are a man of your word.” The monk placed his palms together and welcomed Li Qiye to the temple.

Divine chants and sacred radiance could be seen everywhere. Auspicious clouds covered a floating realm of Buddhism.

All living beings here could become Buddhas in due time. The dharma had no limits here.

A particular lotus flower was quietly growing; it seemed to be the center of this realm and Buddhism.

The monk next to Li Qiye suddenly disappeared. After a buzz, the petals of the lotus opened and released wondrous light. Each burst contained boundless potential for Buddhism.

Anyone seeing this phenomenon would want to prostrate before the light, surrendering to the righteous path. This spectacle made it seem as if someone was ascending into Buddhahood.