D i n g!

[You and Your Party have slain the [Abyssal Swarm Queen] x1!]

[You earned 5000000 EXP!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 59 to Level 60!]

[All Your Stats have increased]

[You earned Skill Points and Stat Points]

[Evolution is now available]

[You learned the [Cosmic Energy Comprehension: Lv1] Skill]

[You acquired the [Divinity Slayer: Lv1] Title Skill]

[You learned the [Cosmic Resistance: Lv1] Resistance Skill]

[Cosmic Energy Comprehension: Lv1]

A Skill granted to those that have comprehended a slight part of the power of Cosmic Energy, something that goes beyond Divinity. By forcefully utilizing Cosmic Energy, interacting with it, or seeing it, comprehension rate will increase. Enhances Comprehension Speed by +300% with an additional +30% with each Skill Level. Cosmic Energy Control, Conjuration, and Power is increased by +10% with each Skill Level.

[Divinity Slayer: Lv1]

A Title Skill only given to those who have slain a being who has awakened their innate divine power and has touched a fragment of the power of the gods. Enhances damage dealt against Divinity-imbued entities by +100%, with an additional +20% with each Title Skill Level, additional, a total of -30% of their defenses can be ignored.

Well, well, I reached max level and got two stupendous Skills to boot. That first one really came out of nowhere though, but I can tell it is rather amazing. Maybe I could use this damn stone to slowly learn and comprehend the power of cosmic energy? Perhaps… Maybe.

And Divinity Slayer is quite the classic one… A lot of things got Divinity here so it took a while to be acquired despite the circumstances… Well, whatever. Let's check the Status for now:

[Name]: [Kireina Chaos Lucifer] [Rank]: [B-]

[Race]: [Primordial Chaotic Soul Devouring Vampire Butterfly (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Vampire]

[Subclass]: [Soul Shaper]

[Level]: [48/60] -> [60/60]

[EXP]: [--/--]

[HP]: [36800/36800] -> [41000/41000]

[MP]: [239000/239000] -> [275000/275000]

[Strength]: [26500] -> [30700]

[Agility]: [29400] -> [33600]

[Vitality]: [25600] -> [29800]

[Intelligence]: [44600] -> [51200]

[Dexterity]: [27500] -> [31700]

[Divinity]: [4350] -> [4650]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Primordial Sealed Power: Lv--] [Primordial Elemental Affinity: Lv--] [Divine Caterpillar's Endless Growth: Lv--] [Origin Fragments: 1/10: Lv--] [Item Box: Lv--] [Spear of Khaos Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Spear of Ginnungagap Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Necklace Of Aquamarine Summon (Repaired: 3/3): Lv--] [Dao Summon: Lv5] [Dao Barrier: Lv3] [Dao Aura: Lv3] [Divine Authority Summon: Lv5] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Evil Eyes of Malice: Lv4] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Primordial Chaos Wings: Lv3] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Chaotic Claws of Demise: Lv3] [Abyssal Demon Fragment: Exoskeleton Armor of Chaos: Lv3] [Body Shapeshifting: Lv3] [Maxima Summon Connection: Lv1] [Divine Element Embodiment: Lv1] [Intimidating Chaotic Aura: Lv1] [Cosmic Energy Comprehension: Lv1]

[Body Skills]: [Divine Species: Lv5] [Legendary Beast Body: Lv5] [Mana Drain: Lv7] [Health Drain: Lv6] [Deadly Venom Production: Lv5] [Insectoid Legs Creation: Lv6] [Miasmic Ooze: Lv5] [Overeating: Lv7] [Toxic Scale Powder: Lv3] [Supernatural Sense Perception: Lv4]

[Resistance Skills]: [Strike Damage Resistance: Lv8] [Darkness Resistance: Lv9] [Fire Resistance: Lv7] [Pain Resistance: Lv7] [Light Resistance: Lv6] [Fear Resistance: Lv4] [Poison Resistance: Lv8] [Ice Resistance: Lv5] [Wind Resistance: Lv5] [Chaos Absorption: Lv--] [Blood Resistance: Lv3] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv4] [Death Resistance: Lv3] [Earth Resistance: Lv4] [Acid Resistance: Lv4] [Cosmic Resistance: Lv1]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Mighty Caterpillar Bite: Lv9] [Acrobatic Maneuvers: Lv9] [Roll: Lv9] [Harden: Lv9] [Spike Attack: Lv9] [Explosive Projectile Body: Lv6] [Cooking: Lv4] [Haste: Lv7] [Soul Eater: Lv4] [Commanding: Lv5] [Shadow Spearmanship: Lv4] [Magic Knife Arts: Lv4]

[Magical Skills]: [Confusion Ray: Lv7] [Chaotic Beast Summon: Lv7] [Divine Aura: Lv8] [Divine Domain: Lv6] [Phantasmal Aura: Lv6] [Chaos Beam: Lv9] [Appraisal: Lv7] [Telekinesis: Lv7] [Fireball: Lv7] [Cutting Wind: Lv7] [Ice Spike: Lv8] [Purification: Lv8] [Holy Flames: Lv7] [Abyssal Ice: Lv6] [Chaotic Bullets: Lv5] [Blazing Meteor: Lv5] [Blood Feast: Lv5] [Blood Calamity: Lv3] [Soul Manipulation: Lv3] [Fartalk: Lv3] [Dirt Block: Lv4] [Yggdrasil Spirit: Lv2] [Purifying Blazing Holy Fallen Star: Lv2] [Spatial Blink: Lv2] [Phantasmal Puppeteer: Lv2] [Heaven's Gate Judgement: Lv2]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [The One Cursed by The Root: Lv--] [Sealed Primordial Chaos Supreme Goddess: Lv--] [Another World Summon: Lv--] [Cocoon of Chaos: Lv--] [Demon Lord Slayer: Lv5] [Saint of Purification: Lv6] [Terrifying Menace: Lv5] [Senseless Cannibal: Lv4] [Taboo: Uroboros: Lv3] [Beast Slayer: Lv5] [Mister Chef: Lv3] [Aberration: Lv4] [Vermin Slayer: Lv7] [Devourer of Souls: Lv3] [Abyssal Demon Fragment Wielder: Lv3] [Awakened Calamity: Lv3] [Plant Killer: Lv4] [Feared by the Gods: Lv2] [Dao Child: Lv2] [Undead Slayer: Lv3] [Magic Teacher: Lv2] [Monster Exterminator: Lv1] [Awakened Divine Elemental Deity: Lv1] [Eldritch Authority: Lv1] [Divinity Slayer: Lv1]

[Available Stat Points]: [420]

[Available Skill Points]: [600]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]

[1 Stat Point = 20 Stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity)]

[1 Stat Point = 40 Stats (HP, MP)]

[1 Stat Point = 5 Stats (Divinity)]

Hm, yes, I can tell that everything increased quit nicely. Max Level, huh? The last time I evolved was in the middle of the Human Empire War against the Elves… I did it in the middle of the war itself, so it was pretty glorious and surprised my foe. Using it, I overwhelmed them quite nicely and completely decimated that damn sword. But perhaps it is better to just evolve now where nobody's looking and I feel safer, I suppose.

Though evolving in the middle of battle was my plan against the Swarm Queen, Bubu came to the rescue and it wasn't necessary. Well, I only earned enough EXP to get to the next level thanks to defeating her too. Come to think of it, Bubu evolution was really amazing, he really got a lot of power and new Skills. And with evolution, he also came with new Job Class and Subclass, which means a new Skill Tree to check out for him…

Well, I guess it would be kind of boring to check it right now, as I should focus more on myself. However, if I talk about the others, Colora and all the other Egos reached Max Level already, and are all ready to evolve too… I guess I won't be the only one evolving right now.