Although the single super continent of the Grand Terra World only has three prominent Kingdoms/Empires in the Human Empire, the Elven Country, and the Demon Kingdom, it could be said Goldsand is the fourth of them as its own Empire but compared to these three it is very small and unknown.

However, that doesn't mean that only Elves, Humans, and Demons exists in this world. Other races exist as well, although they're often catalogued as not races, but tribes. The Demons are a combination of many tribes often discriminated by the Humans and Elves who were "exiled into the Wastelands".

The beautiful Ankh Desert counts as such a Wasteland, so naturally, aside from brown skinned humans and desert elves, there's Demons with their various tribes. We saw a lot of lizard people and turtle people. They were not human-like at all, and they were more like lizardmen than humans with scales over their bodies. Naturally, aside from his albino appearance, Luminous fit right in.

The most prominent here were lion, hyena, lizard, and turtle people. They were called "Tribe of the Beasts" of their respective beasts. There was the Lion Tribe, Hyena Tribe, Lizardman Tribe, and the Turtle Tribe. They were very resilient people that lived in the desert, probably because they prefer this place than the Darker Regions where the Demon Kingdom is.

The Ankh Desert, despite its beauty, is considered part of the immense Wasteland of the Continent, so in a way we are already at the Demon Kingdom's territory, maybe. But even then, just as I assumed, Demons are not innately evil or something stupid, they're just normal people trying to just survive another day.

"Wow, so many different people everywhere…!" Brunhild started looking around.

There was no giants, however, so she felt slightly disappointed.

"Ugh, there's no giants though!" She sighed.

"Well the city's too small, I bet that even if they were treated as people, they wouldn't be allowed to enter the city due to their size. One mistaken step and you may end up crushing a lot of houses and people, you know?" I asked.

"R-Right…" Brunhild sighed. "Well, I better stay in this size then, ahahaha!"

As we discussed and laughed around, Luminous appearance, which even while covering himself with leather clothes and a cloak, brought the attention of many. Especially other lizardmen.

"Look, that's an albino?"

"I've never seen someone like him before, what tribe is he from?"

"I don't know but I love his silver scales, he's so handsome!"

"He looks strong and big too, look at how tall he is! What a stud!"

Several lizard women were enchanted by his gallant appearance and tall stature. They were giving him winks all the time, though Luminous felt taken aback and didn't really understood well what was happening.

"Kireina what is exactly going on?" He wondered.

"Hahaha, you're as clueless as you're old." I laughed.

"Eh?! What was that for?!" Luminous sighed in indignation.

However, he wasn't the one getting attention. I was quite the specimen as well. A beautiful girl with pale white skin, sharp red eyes with purple hue, long purple hair with red tips, butterfly wings of purple and red color with eye markings, and long black horns growing from my forehead, alongside a red jewel in the forehead itself.

I was only wearing some leather clothes and armor I made using my own exoskeleton it was some rough clothes and nothing I made using skills or magic power, so it was just to cover myself up, but even then my figure was notorious and so my beauty.

Heh, well, if you like me so much you can keep staring all you want!

"W-What a beauty…"

"I've never seen a demon with butterfly wings before!"

"Aah, I am in love at first sight…"

"From which tribe is she?"

As we reached the entrance of the city, we were suddenly swarmed by interested people. In the desert people was very open to what they thought. I guess this was what you call culture clash.

"You're so beautiful! I can make you part of my harem! Please become my concubine!"

"I will give you anything you want, you're a princess of the golden sands!"

"All my riches to you, please marry me!"


Men apparently just jumped into a woman if they found her beautiful and would openly ask to marry her if they're grown men with already existing concubines, apparently. Harems were normal it seemed.

"Sorry, but no thanks." I waved my hand as I ignored their proposals.

However, one of the men suddenly got pissed off.

"Oi you bitch, don't think you're hot shit!" It was an angered human, stretching his hand towards my long hair and trying to pull it down.


However, a bolt of black lightning reached his hand, burning it.

It was merely the reaction of my Divine Aura against a threat.


The man rolled over the sand, the others watched in horror.

"S-She's a witch?!"

"What was that power?"

"Magic… black magic!"

"I hope what happened to him can work as an example to all you." I winked back at all of them. "Men, don't go around forcing girls to become your concubines, okay?"

Like that we left them.

Luminous still had problems of his own.

"You're so handsome!"

"So tall…"

"Your scales are so strong looking."

"Hey, do you have a wife?"

"How many concubines do you have?"

"I can cook and clean for you!"

"L-Ladies, please let me pass…" Luminous felt overwhelmed.

Many single lizard women began latching on him without letting him be. Ultimately he managed to drag himself out of the mess and got to us. We had to pay a small fee to get inside the city and then, at long last, we began to explore and enjoy the place.

People waking everywhere, the air of a market city, the smell of delicious and exotic food at the distance, the whole vibe of this place was my style, my place.

"Alright, so first things first, let's go to a restaurant and eat to our heart's contents! After that, we'll find an Inn, good beds, and sleep there!" I said. "After that, we explore for the Fragments of Frank's soul and find Elfina, which seems to be slowly getting here for some reason, whatever happens, happens!"

And like that, this small adventure in the Goldsand Capital started.