"Oh, this spicy meal is so good!" Ariant stuffed her cheeks eating a large bread filled with something similar to spicy curry. They called them Behed Rolls, but they were like Curry Bread. We got a ton of these for the trip to the Palace, which took us roughly an hour as we took it easy.

"Ah, the food's here is amazing! So much variety of plates…" Frank sighed. "This really soothed my heart and soul. I feel instantly healed…"

"Hm, this cheese they got here is amazing as well! This one with blue spots… Blue cheese, they said it has some sort of fungus growing over it. I never thought cheese with fungus would be this delicious, especially melted with bread." Said Luminous.

Like a certain lizard from a certain goblin slaying series, he was beginning to develop a rather big fanatism for cheese.

"Hm, I can't stop drinking this wine though…" I giggled while being slightly drunk.

"Aren't we going to the Palace?! Why are you getting drunk now?" Fiere reprimanded me.

"Ahahah… You're trying to fill Elfina's place, don't you?" I sighed.

"Did I do it well?" Sighed Fiere.

"Kind of…" I said. "But not THAT well."

"Ugh… I miss her." Fiere began to sob once more.

This time, while stuffing herself with a spicy sauce-covered Desert Wolf Meat Skewer.

"Anyways, we're here." Luminous said while crossing his arms.

His enormous and tall presence quickly brought the attention of the guards of the palace, which was closed by big walls. There was a small fortress there, and a ton of guards, six in total just to guard the gates.

"S-Such a big Lizardman…"

"Oi who's this guy?"

"His scales are white and silver! I've never seen an Albino Lizardman before…"

"With such light reflecting scales, it must be hard to be in the open desert…"

"Oi, what do you want?"

"What is your business with our Lord?"

While four guards talked with each other, the two that looked most responsible quickly addressed us.

"Do you have some business here? Answer me."

A crow beast man rushed towards us wearing leather armor mostly, he looked sharp and had no fear of our presences.

I slowly took off my hood, revealing my beautiful fairy form.

Of course, I had yet to fully ripen as I looked like I was in my 15's, but I was already quite stunning.

"Yes, I know the Lord very well. We are very, very good friends~" I winked back at the crow-faced fellow. "Tell him my name's Kireina… I am an enchantress, and he always requires my services with both magic and other things. If you know what I mean."

"A-An enchantress named Kireina…" The crow felt intimidated by my beauty. "V-Very well…"

He quickly flew off into the skies and reached the top of the palace, where the Lord was.

Suddenly, a head popped out of it, his eyes wide open.

He then told the crow to come back here.


"H-He said that we must treat you like royalty! I-I am very sorry for our rudeness!"

All the guards hurriedly kneeled before us as they let us pass. In mere seconds, we were standing inside the Palace, and right there, the Lord of the Goldsand Capital greeted us.

"Master Kireina! You're back! What happiness is seeing you here! After you enlightened my mind with your beauty and your words I've had peaceful nights without a hint of guilt! I think my people has grown happier as well!" He said happily, rushing towards me.

He was a beautiful man, tall, slender, with beautiful chocolate skin and charming emerald eyes, alongside long, blonde hair. He had slightly smaller ears than elves, but longer than humans, a half-desert elf. Of course, he wore Arabic clothes covering a few areas, but he was mostly bare chested, showing his beautiful, toned body and his golden tattoos. He reminded me a bit of the Supreme God of Stars.

"Who is this gorgeous man?!" Brunhild was enchanted right away.

"W-What? I thought our lord was a fatty man…" Said Ariant, blushing as well.

"H-He's certainly… handsome." Fiere nodded, she was just as embarrassed.

"Girls, you're making it a bit too obvious." Frank laughed.

"Hm… I also heard he was a fat man, what happened here?" Sol wondered.

"That was his twin brother, he already took over here. His twin brother was the corrupt one, but I also had to touch this one a bit more… Mostly to improve his self-esteem, he was always bullied by the fat guy." I sighed. "Hello, how are you doing Oro?"

"As good as ever, milady!" He said happily. "Oh my! You brought friends?! And such a colorful band of people! You seem to be rather inclusive! So many races gathered here…" He said while shedding a tear. "Dears, do you want to drink some tea and have some sweets? I've got a wide variety of them!"

"Sweets you said?!" Ariant asked.

"Sure!" Eriant said.

The twins quickly jumped into the bandwagon so we had not much option than to accept his invitation. I wanted to ask him about everything going on in here, specially about monsters, and in the way tell him about Elfina coming closer.

"Sweets! There were barely any in the streets, they're very rare…" Said Brunhild. "Can we have some?"

"For sure honey!" Said Oro with a charming smile. "Come! Come! Girls! Boys! Prepare everything please!" His servants, muscular men and beautiful women nodded, quickly beginning to prepare everything for tea and sweets.

In no time, we ended sitting around a big table in the backyard of the Palace surrounded by a beautiful garden and a fountain- well, it was dried out though.

As we were served tea, I quickly decided to adress something that was getting in my nerves lately…

"Oro can you stop acting like everything's okay for god's sake? I replaced your brother with you because I knew you were an honest kid, now open up and tell us." I sighed.

"Ahh~" Sighed Oro. "W-Well… I guess I have no other option."