"First of all why is the Oasis so dry out of the sudden? I am fairly sure that the first time I came here it was filled with water!" I said angrily. "I didn't even touched it or left a water-producing ego because I thought you guys were fine…"

"Well, certainly! Everything was fine around a week and a half ago, half a month ago to be specific…" Sighed Oro. "However, out of the blue, our crops began to disappear. Water sources started to dry, and people began to see large… things crawling around, but then quickly disappearing afterwards."

"Things?" I asked.

"I can't really… describe them because they had never seen them before, but hey sucked all the water for themselves, and the Oasis is emptying at a rapid pace because of it as well. It is a real pain…" Sighed Oro.

"So monsters must be behind this… I see. Are they dangerous or ferocious?" I wondered.

"Yeah, if you got closer to their underground nests near the Oasis, they appear and attack ferociously, they suck the water out of people, and many have ended very wounded. Some even dead by their attacks…" Sighed Oro. "I have already employed a powerful High-Level group of Mercenaries, but they had only been slaying the little ones that show up. It is rumored there's a big one making them."

"I see… well, whatever those things sucking the water are, we'll get rid of them so we can solve this water crisis. Before that I'll grow an Yggdrasil Tree though… After that's done, I'll fix the crops and then make an even bigger, endless Oasis of water." I said while nodding. "Also, do you have any info about more monsters?"

"Uooh! Kireina-sama, you're such a lifesaver!" Cried Oro. "And more monsters? Yeah, the nearby Dungeon is rumored to have grown stronger. Miasma or something else seeped inside… There's a big monster inside, they say, with a mysterious power. Some Hunters that earn their lives by going there had died already against that thing. Those that came back alive said they found a strange monster that could control a weird and never seen magic."

Frank looked back at me.

It was pretty suspicious.

Frank said that the fragments were four.

One in the dungeon, another near the Oasis, and two more surrounding the capital.

So that suspicious monster that drinks the Oasis probably is becoming so strong thanks to this Cosmic Stone Fragment, the same for the Monster in the nearby Dungeon.

The other two are unknown apparently, but Oro also got info about mysterious creatures.

"To the southwest of the city there's a small spot where the sand is white, and where a lot of salt grows. We call them salt dunes. There's a lot of unique monsters in there, and it is qualified as a Haunt, a dungeon-like open area where monsters appear in large quantities." Oro said.

"I see…" I said while nodding.

"It is said there's a monster using weird magic that took over that area as well! Are you looking for stronger monsters?" Wondered Oro.

"Something like that. I guess with that we've got three down, where's the fourth though, I wonder?" I sighed.

"There are certainly four very close to here, and stagnant. The fourth was the farthest away and is closing down here slowly. Wait, Could Elfina… or any of her monsters…?" Asked Frank.

"If the Blue Genie knew about the Swarm Queen having a Cosmic Stone Fragment, then it is not within the realm of impossibilities for him to use them in such a way. Perhaps he owns some of them as well, for all we know…" Luminous said while rubbing his chin. "It is a rather troublesome that there are so many of these stones scattered in the desert. We don't know if he hasn't gotten his hands into one already, or many… The Demon King might be included as well."

"Yeah, things have become… rather serious." Frank sighed. "I am sorry about this…"

"Oh? What is this handsome man talking about?" Oro wondered.

"Ah… Don't mind it. But for now it would be nice if you prepared for war, Oro." I sighed.

"W-War?! Why?" He asked. "We barely have any funds… Our food supplies are down as well as our weapons and armor supplies…"

"Eh? You should have a lot of money though…" I sighed.

"Yeah but my brother spent it all into frivolities before you appeared, our treasury has gone down dramatically." Sighed Oro.

"Then I guess we'll have to just get you some weapons, armor, and capital." Said Frank with a nod.

"W-Would you do so much for me, handsome boy?!" Cried Oro while feeling moved.

"Well yeah, Low Tier Magic Weapons and Armor is cheap in the System Shop, I can buy them in big packs for a few thousand System Points. I gain them by slaying monsters so it's pretty easy." Frank said, quickly buying a large pile of weapons.

They were not even normal ones, as they were magic weapons of high ranks and even armor of amazing ranks! What the heck?! He can just do that I guess…

"They're not the best but would suffice for an army." Said Frank.

"Oh my!" Oro was enchanted. "I owe you my life, handsome boy!"

"My name's Frank…" Frank sighed.

"But dear Kireina-sama, what is what we must prepare for?" Asked Oro.

"Monsters… In specific, a Horde- no, a Legion of Undead." I said with a serious frown.

"A-A horde of Undead…?!" Oro panicked. "H-How? Why?!"

"Well… Long story short, we just know about it. Oro, get prepared. They might get to the city in a day or two. At most, you have 24 hours to prepare everything." I told him.

"Geeeeh?! So little time!" Oro quickly stood up from his seat. "I need to prepare everything. I shall trust you, Kireina-sama! Please, handsome boy, come with me so you can bring the things you're giving us to the soldiers area."