Like that, Oro quickly decided to begin preparations.

Apparently, Frank helped a lot with such preparations, offering mass production of weapons, armor, and low-quality potions.

They were absolutely nothing amazing to be honest, but it was still rather good quality at the end, way better than average magic weapons and armor.

He said he was able to purchase them from his almighty System Shop at a price of 10000 System Points for 50 Weapons/Armor Pieces.

We had to arm around seven hundred men, which was the actual army of this country's capital, so he still had to spend a ton of System Points.

However, he said he got a lot of them back once he exchanged his share of Mutated Black Wyvern corpses. Apparently he can sell valuable materials in the System Shop easily to get more System Points.

He got a pretty handy power to be honest… I am a bit envious, not even my own System back in Genesis was this amazing at everything.

I guess I could do the same things he does now back then, but right now I can't yet… materialize anything I want.

Back then I could materialize all elements and create stuff pretty easily. Making Divine Weapons out of thin air through the Skills I had attained and used over and over.

Maybe if I am lucky and get that one certain Path Jewel, I might be able to do the same eventually. But for now let's just think about what we can do right now.

I could probably help at making weapons and armor if I get enough materials. I've grinded a lot of them back in the mountains, I filled my Item Box with ores and the like, and I also got enough in the Elven Kingdom.

But I could also use the rusty ones left behind in here, some alchemy and smithing, and forge a ton of stuff… But I would need to spend a considerable amount of time mass producing everything. It is certainly way more handy how Frank just uses System Points and purchases everything into materialization.

I suppose everyone has their own talents, he had said that my Path Jewels are pretty unique and his shop can't replicate them, the same for my Egos… Heheh, also Maxima Summons are the same, and all his Daos are only offense oriented. I am pretty unique; I don't have to envy the little bastard!

"Phew, that took longer than I imagined…" Sighed Frank. "But I think we're done here."

There was an enormous amount of mostly swords, but also bows, arrows, armor, and even bracelets imbued with color jewels, magic bracelets that allowed magicians to conjure magic spells.

"I am in forever debt with you, handsome boy!" Cried Oro. "Thank you so much!"

"Ahahaha, it is nothing. It feels nice to help people." Said Frank, however, he quickly made a greedy smile. "And there was also a Quest for that… the rewards are the same amount of System Points I spent multiplied for two, hehehe…"

"Yep, it is definitely a cheat…" I sighed. "I knew there was something underhanded!"

"Anyways, I'll handle the problems from here. Where do you plan on going right now?" Wondered Oro.

It was still midday so we wanted to get some things done for now. If possible, to hunt all the monsters to prepare for whatever the Genie and Elfina have in store tomorrow or past tomorrow.

We'll go to the Oasis first and deal with that, then go for either the dungeon or the salt dunes. Whatever comes first.

"Oro, can you get someone to lead us to the Oasis and explain us the situation?" I asked him.

"Yes! Hey, bring Darkling." Said Oro.

"Very well."

The crow man we conversed with some time ago, that one guard, showed up on the spot.

"I am a benevolent ruler, so as a punishment, you're their personal attendant and guider, Darkling. You better help them as much as you can!" Oro said angrily, as the crow man nodded nervously.

"Y-Yes your majesty!" Darkling nodded.

Oro then changed his deadly expression to one of happiness, a carefree and cute smile.

"Good~! Then I'll be over here with the soldiers preparing things. If you need anything just call me." Said Oro.

"Alright, see ya then!" I said. "I'll resolve the Oasis issue in a flash."

"How do you plan to resolve the water issue though? Using water magic to form a lake?" Wondered Frank. "I think there's water producing spirit stones in my System Shop…"

"Since when are you so kind out of the blue?" I asked him.

"Eh? I gave you tons of materials before! How come I am not kind?" Sighed Frank.

"Ah, well, no." I said. "Giving it some water's not going to work, it'll dry out eventually anyways. Do you have an endless source of water in your shop?"

"I… no, the one that gives the most water is one that lasts up to a year named Water Fountain Orb." Sighed Frank. "My System's not at it strongest because its capabilities depend in my current strength as well."

"I see, so it has actual weaknesses. And here I was thinking you were invincible." I laughed.

"Hey, I am not invincible or something…" Frank said. "What do you plan to do then that you're acting so cocky for?"

"Oh, Kireina-sama, you're doing the same you did for our tribe, right?" Asked Ariant.

"Yeah, that must be it, right? It was amazing! It really showed she was a Goddess. We all follow her religion now in the village." Said Eriant.

"The method in the village of giants too, probably, right?" Asked Brunhild. "You used this and that, and boom! Water we needed so much appeared forever!"

"Forever?" Asked Frank confusedly. "You can do that?"

"Of course I can, and it costs me literally nothing, hehe." I giggled evilly.

"Here we are, the beaches of the Oasis.. Please don't step more than this, monsters might show up to defend their territory." Darkling said.