Aside from the slugs I've slain myself, there were also all those my friends were killing, amounting over three hundred as of now!


[You and Your Party have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x309!]

[You gained 3090000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 55 to Level 59!]

[All your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points!]


And just as we were slaughtering hundreds, something larger began to emerge from the depths…


The ground opened wide as everyone looked in surprise, a giant Piranha Slug appeared- no, dozens of giant ones! I guess the ones we've been killing were the babies, these guys are the adult members of the colony.


[Race]: [Giant Piranha Slug]

[Status]: [Furious], [Cosmic Enhancement]

[Rank]: [B+]

[Level]: [74/80]

[HP]: [35850/35850] (+2000)

[MP]: [25332/25332] (+2000)

[Strength]: [25203] (+2000)

[Agility]: [18602] (+2000)

[Vitality]: [54302] (+2000)

[Intelligence]: [28300] (+2000)

[Dexterity]: [14600] (+2000)

[Divinity]: [2500] (+2500)

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Viscous Body: Lv4] [Earth Element: Lv--] [Darkness Element: Lv--] [Water Element: Lv--] [Poison Element: Lv--] [Water Boost: Lv4] [Cosmic Enhancement: Lv4] [Miasmic Enhancement: Lv4] [Endless Thirst: Lv4] [Cosmic Empowerment: Lv4]

[Body Skills]: [Watery Body: Lv4] [Extrasensory Senses: Lv4] [Sharp Sight: Lv3] [Mucus Production: Lv4] [Slime Secretion: Lv4] [Steel Tearing Sharp Jaws: Lv4] [Self-Division: Lv4] [Fusion: Lv4]

[Resistance Skills]: [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv4] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv7] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv4] [Thirst Resistance: Lv4] [Hunger Resistance: Lv4] [Water Absorption: Lv4]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Powerful Bite: Lv4] [Acid Spray: Lv9] [Chemical Spray: Lv8] [Slime Ooze Control: Lv7] [Rapid Draining: Lv7] [Body Slam: Lv8] [Stomp: Lv7] [Draining Tentacles: Lv6]

[Magical Skills]: [Water Bullet: Lv4] [Water Spear: Lv7] [Water Shield: Lv9] [Shadow Bullet: Lv6] [Shadow Threads: Lv7] [Mana Sense: Lv4] [Call Ally: Lv4] [Chaotic Bullet: Lv2] [Starlight Beam: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Piranha Slug: Lv4] [Cannibal: Lv4] [Miasmic Servant: Lv4] [Full Grown Adult: Lv4]


An aberrant Slug Monster that often only lives underground. It sucks dry any liquid water from anything it finds, often acting in big colonies. It catches prey and only drinks their fluids, often leaving graveyards of dried corpses behind. Once they find a sizable source of water, they make a large nest where millions of eggs can be laid in the depths of these waters.

Ferocious and always trying to protect their territories, they take away anything they want with fury and numbers. Proficient in water magic the most and can dry anything they bite with their jaws from their water in mere seconds.

The Adults of these species are known as Giant Piranha Slugs and are several times stronger than the larvae, in exchange for being slugger. However, they possess stronger bodies and magic power, and can work together to defeat powerful foes. They possess the ability to merge larvae into their bodies or together, and also self-divide rapidly.

This specific colony has been enhanced with Miasma and Cosmic Energy from an unknown source…

These guys were way stronger than I anticipated!


And then they quickly began attacking. Enormous Barriers made of Water emerged around them to protect their bodies, and then a few in the back began shooting Chaotic Bullets and Water Spears at us rapidly.


The entire surrounding area of the Oasis was becoming a complete battlefield already, explosions echoed everywhere, causing chaos!

And as if things couldn't get any worse, the Giants began to bring even more little ones from the giant hole they opened from their nest, like an endless wave of them, they converged into giants themselves through the [Fusion] Skill the Giants had!




Darkling panicked, as some of the soldiers in the back were also freaking out.

"W-We have to retreat!"

"We've never seen such big ones before!"

"They're probably B Rank monsters! We don't stand a chance as we are!"

"Lady Kireina, you must retreat!"

"It is too dangerous now!"

They were really freaking out.

"Eh? What are you talking about? This is a walk in the park. [Holy Flames: Lv4] + [Blazing Storm] + [Draconic Heat] = [Holy Blazing Draconic Storm]!"

I combined three Skills into Shadrach as I pointed his blade at the giants, an enormous eruption of holy golden flames emerged, blazing through the Giant Slugs like a furious dragon, and impacting them with great blazing fury!


The Water Barriers they erected were quickly evaporated, as two Giants received the hit directly. Their entire bodies boiled alive as their screams sent shivers down the spine of the guards behind us.


Vapor quickly filled the skies…


[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x2!]

[You gained 250000 EXP]

"Oh these guys surely give more EXP than the little ones! You guys! Take care of the ones at the left and right, I'll charge forwards!" I left everyone else to take down the ones that began crawling to the sides, as I rushed forward.


"Got it!"

"[Wyvern Soul Fire Aura]!"

The Aura in the shape of the Wyvern Overlord emerged from the sword, as it quickly materialized into some sort of phantasm made of infernal flames, roaring furiously.


"Now… [Wyvern's Blazing Claws]!"

I swung my sword horizontally, as the attack was reflected through the [Wyvern Soul Fire Aura]. Shadrach's blazing claws of the size of a car quickly tore through the enemy's defenses, evaporating their Water Barriers and then hitting them directly.



[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x2!]

[You gained 250000 EXP]


Three Giant Slugs ran towards me angrily, as they unleashed their Water Spears by the hundreds!

"[Fire Shield]!"


An enormous shield made of flames surged from within Shadrach's blade, protecting me from the flames and then…

"Now… [Fiery Parry]!"


The water was parried as vapor flew into the skies.

"And… [Wyvern's Blazing Breath]!"

I swung the sword vertically, as the Aura of the Wyvern Overlord enlarged into a single, gigantic head, unleashing a deadly blazing breath beam fueled by my large quantities of Mana and other Skills combined into it!



The Giant Slugs were naturally evaporated from existence.


[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x8!]

[You gained 1000000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 59 to Level 61!]

[All your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points!]

And as I leveled up again, right in front of me an enormous hole leading me to the depths of their nest opened.

"This isn't over yet~!"