I burned and slain countless Slugs, leveling frenetically.

And just as I destroyed eight of the big ones…


[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x8!]

[You gained 1000000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 59 to Level 61!]

[All your Stats have increased!]

[You gained Stat Points and Skill Points!]

And as I leveled up again, right in front of me an enormous hole leading me to the depths of their nest opened. I can imagine already that there's tons more of bait there with bags of EXP patiently waiting for me.

"This isn't over yet~!"

Frank and everyone else quickly reached my side.

"Kireina, are you going down already?!"

"Of course! What's wrong? This is a race! The one that gets there first gets all the EXP!"

I laughed, quickly jumping in.

My other Ego weapons were kept at my side, but because they wanted the "new" guy to shine today, they allowed me to just use Shadrach more than anybody today.

I know they evolved and all, but I want to test how far can Shadrach's Skills and Powers lead me to. I can tell he's super strong with all the stuff I did before, and that's just the basic stats he came with!

Of course, he has leveled up a lot as well, but I better go screw over more slugs before checking him on more detail.


The moment I jumped over the hole before anybody else, a large group of giant Slugs greeted me, alongside countless of tiny ones surging straight out of their eggs! I think the big ones can just control them like that, huh?


The big slugs unleashed water guns against me, trying to flood me into the cave and then pick me up while I was drowning to death. Well, that's not going to work with me.

I pointed the Wyvern Blade against the Slugs as an enormous wave of water was about to engulf me whole.

"Another time! [Wyvern's Blazing Breath]!"


The Wyvern Overlord's soul emerged out of my blade monstrously, as he opened his jaws and unleashed a terrifying blazing breath against the monsters in front of me.


The flames reached the water, quickly evaporating all of it and filling the room with hot steam, which I used to my advantage, rushing in, and seeing the slugs struggle to breathe in hot steam, I guess they were boiling themselves alive now.

Must have been a bad choice for you to jail yourselves inside such a tight hole!

"Let me relieve you all of your suffering! [Blazing Blade Slash]!"

I charged Mana into the blade and then swung my sword several times, horizontally, vertically, and to the upper left and upper right, forming several cross attacks blazing with flames!


The slugs quickly began to be burned and sliced alive one by one. The very water they created was the perfect smokescreen for me to slay them by the dozens!


[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x8!]

[You gained 1000000 EXP]

"[Blazing Blade Slash]!"



Even more slugs were burned alive.


[You have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x79!]

[You gained 790000 EXP]


Several big ones rushed in front of me and then began to swarm me whole, trying to drink away my internal liquids. These tricky bastards are indeed quite the tricky bastards.

"He, it's not working, dumbasses…"

No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't get a single drop of my blood or any liquid from within my body. But at the same time, I drained away their own liquids using my whole body through shapeshifting.


The little ones began crying in agony, as the others finally learned that sucking my blood was no good. Although a few of them had to die for that.


[You have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x17!]

[You gained 170000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 61 to Level 62!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[You acquired Stat Points and Skill Points!]

The little slugs kept their distance from me, as they suddenly began firing countless dark and acid bullets against me, attempting to blow me into bits by piercing through my body.

Certainly, if I were an average girl I would had been destroyed, but my stats were too high for me to be anything but average!

"[Fiery Parry]!"


I absorbed all the hits they sent through Shadrach's body and then used Fiery Parry to send it all back to them into blasts of flames, impacting all the little and damned slugs and frying them alive one after the other!



[You have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x53!]

[You gained 530000 EXP]

"Heheh, who's next?" I looked around me, suddenly finding more and more Giant Slugs emerging from the surroundings. They gathered together, afraid of me, but not without options.


They suddenly channeled the Cosmic Energy they had harnessed from the one giving it to them, and then they conjured a powerful beam of starlight together, firing it straight at me!


I parried it with Shadrach, but he suddenly began gaining several cracks!

"UUOOOHH! T-This is a bit too much for me, Master Kireina!" He began groaning in pain.

"Oops, my bad. Then… Aquamarine, Armor Embodiment! Use your defensive spells and combine them!" I summoned Aquamarine, as he quickly emerged around my body like a blue-colored slime, although it was just water.



The enormous Starlight Beam devasted my surroundings, but when the slugs thought their victory was assured… I was there, standing. And rather menacingly at that.

Covering my small body there was Aquamarine in his Armor Embodiment form. There were in fact several types of armor he could make, from a dress-like armor to a light armor, and even a sexy bikini armor.

Of course, I went for a heavy armor this time, covering me from neck to toe.

It seems Aquamarine finally attained enough stats to resist this Starlight Beam, heheh…