As I laughed evilly, the Slugs began to sweat profoundly. And not because they were nervous, they were melting away. The hot steam around here was still here, and it was beginning to melt them. The little ones began dying in masse, but the big ones could channel starlight barriers around their slippery bodies to protect from elements, so I guess they've got more tricks than I had originally imagined, huh?


[You have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x97!]

[You gained 970000 EXP]

97 gone just from the passive damage from the hot steam. These guys are really weak when it comes to this hot steam business. Maybe opening a hot spring in the middle of the desert wouldn't be that bad of an idea.


The Giant Slugs desperately started to shoot Starlight Lasers at me, but I quickly summoned shields out of Aquamarine's own body by infusing my MP into her and started combining them with Shadrach's [Fiery Parry], the combination created a new power…

The flames combined with the fire and then the ice created mirror-like shields, which reflected a small portion of the Starlight Lasers back to the slugs that were firing them. In that moment, they were quickly hit with multiple tiny lasers, doing little damage, but giving me enough time to close into them and then swing Shadrach with all my fury!

"[Wyvern Soul Fire Aura] + [Wyvern's Blazing Claws] + [Wyvern's Blazing Breath] + [Blazing Blade Slash] + [Draconic Heat] = [Blazing Dragon Meteor]!"

Using the power of combining Skill effects, a new Ability was born, the culmination of all of Shadrach's offensive Skills generated a change within his very structure, his shape changed, from a wyvern to a fiery, blazing dragon, which quickly pierced through the barriers made of Cosmic Energy and sliced apart several Giant Slugs at once with a blazing, explosive draconic fury!




The explosion alone shook the entire cave, as little slugs died by the dozens while the big ones died in large sums as well, EXP quickly flowed through my body and soul.


[You have slain [Desert Piranha Slug (Rank C++)] x66!]

[You gained 660000 EXP]


[You have slain [Giant Desert Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x9!]

[You gained 1125000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 62 to Level 64!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[You acquired Stat Points and Skill Points!]

Oh nice, two levels out of it!


As I leveled up yet again, I saw several Giant Slugs beginning to fuse behind me. I stood still trying to see what they were planning to do, until I noticed one of them was carrying a shiny blue gem, putting it in the middle of their fused mass of a body.


A flash of bright cosmic light emerged from within the mass of combined slugs, as they suddenly underwent an evolution, similarly to the Mountain Beetle Queen that turned into a Swarm Queen!


The entire surroundings continued shaking. The cave started to collapse, as the monstrous slug didn't confronted me directly but dug its way into the surface! Was it trying to run away from me after getting a powerup?! Come on, that's not how it works!

"Hey, where are you going?!"

I quickly stretched my hand, grabbing its tail. However, when I grabbed it and pulled down, several tiny slugs, of a new color, blue, emerged one after the other, shooting starlight lasers at me!


"Ugh! Damn it, that thing can duplicate so easily now?! Get off! [Blazing Dragon Meteor]!"

I swung my blade vertically, impacting the ground below me and unleashing a gigantic shockwave of flames and rubble everywhere, the slugs were quickly taken over by the explosive attack, incinerated on the spot as I quickly jumped off into the surface while piercing through the rubble without issues!


With the sound of the entire collapsing behind me and the many other critters I left burning and dying there, I saw the giant slug just as I received more EXP.


[You have slain [Little Cosmic Piranha Slug (Rank B+)] x14!]

[You gained 1400000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 64 to Level 65!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[You acquired Stat Points and Skill Points!]

I got another Level just as I reached the surface and then the skies, finding my friends battling the giant that has arrived at the scene, and damn, it was big.

[Race]: [Giant Cosmic Piranha Slug (Oasis King)]

[Status]: [Furious]

[Rank]: [A+(++)]

[Level]: [74/80]

[HP]: [122850/122850] (+10000)

[MP]: [115332/115332] (+10000)

[Strength]: [115203] (+10000)

[Agility]: [58602] (+10000)

[Vitality]: [94302] (+10000)

[Intelligence]: [98300] (+10000)

[Dexterity]: [64600] (+10000)

[Divinity]: [5550] (+2500)

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Viscous Body: Lv10] [Earth Element: Lv--] [Darkness Element: Lv--] [Water Element: Lv--] [Poison Element: Lv--] [Water Boost: Lv10] [Cosmic Enhancement: Lv10] [Miasmic Enhancement: Lv10] [Endless Thirst: Lv10] [Cosmic Empowerment: Lv10]

[Body Skills]: [Watery Body: Lv10] [Extrasensory Senses: Lv10] [Sharp Sight: Lv3] [Mucus Production: Lv10] [Slime Secretion: Lv10] [Steel Tearing Sharp Jaws: Lv10] [Rapid Egg Production: Lv10] [Self-Division: Lv10] [Fusion: Lv10] [Cosmic Aura: Lv10]

[Resistance Skills]: [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv10] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv7] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv10] [Thirst Resistance: Lv10] [Hunger Resistance: Lv10] [Water Absorption: Lv10] [All Element Resistance: Lv5] [Fire Resistance: Lv5]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Powerful Bite: Lv10] [Acid Spray: Lv9] [Chemical Spray: Lv8] [Slime Ooze Control: Lv7] [Rapid Draining: Lv7] [Body Slam: Lv8] [Stomp: Lv7] [Draining Tentacles: Lv6] [Cosmic Core: Lv10]

[Magical Skills]: [Water Bullet: Lv10] [Water Spear: Lv7] [Water Shield: Lv9] [Shadow Bullet: Lv6] [Shadow Threads: Lv7] [Mana Sense: Lv10] [Call Ally: Lv10] [Chaotic Bullet: Lv6] [Starlight Beam: Lv10] [Cosmic Star Lasers: Lv10] [Star Meteor: Lv10]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Piranha Slug: Lv10] [Cannibal: Lv10] [Miasmic Servant: Lv10] [Full Grown Adult: Lv10] [Cosmic Stone Vessel: Lv10] [Oasis King: Lv10]

Damn, it got a nice glow up. Didn't he? Over 100k HP and MP?! And your other stats are terribly high as well! I guess I'll have to go a bit all out to beat this endless mass of regeneration and cosmic power.

Good thing I've got my friends in here to lend me a hand.

Now let see how much EXP you give to me, big guy.