In front of us, the Giant Slugs left behind unified together with the Cosmic Stone, amassing themselves and evolving into a giant monstrous, blue-colored slug, with many star-like patterns inside of its body, it looked almost cosmic as if it had an endless cosmos inside of its slippery and gelatinous body…

[Race]: [Giant Cosmic Piranha Slug (Oasis King)]

[Status]: [Furious]

[Rank]: [A+(++)]

[Level]: [74/80]

[HP]: [122850/122850] (+10000)

[MP]: [115332/115332] (+10000)

[Strength]: [115203] (+10000)

[Agility]: [58602] (+10000)

[Vitality]: [94302] (+10000)

[Intelligence]: [98300] (+10000)

[Dexterity]: [64600] (+10000)

[Divinity]: [5550] (+2500)

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Viscous Body: Lv10] [Earth Element: Lv--] [Darkness Element: Lv--] [Water Element: Lv--] [Poison Element: Lv--] [Water Boost: Lv10] [Cosmic Enhancement: Lv10] [Miasmic Enhancement: Lv10] [Endless Thirst: Lv10] [Cosmic Empowerment: Lv10]

[Body Skills]: [Watery Body: Lv10] [Extrasensory Senses: Lv10] [Sharp Sight: Lv3] [Mucus Production: Lv10] [Slime Secretion: Lv10] [Steel Tearing Sharp Jaws: Lv10] [Rapid Egg Production: Lv10] [Self-Division: Lv10] [Fusion: Lv10] [Cosmic Aura: Lv10]

[Resistance Skills]: [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv10] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv7] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv10] [Thirst Resistance: Lv10] [Hunger Resistance: Lv10] [Water Absorption: Lv10] [All Element Resistance: Lv5] [Fire Resistance: Lv5]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Powerful Bite: Lv10] [Acid Spray: Lv9] [Chemical Spray: Lv8] [Slime Ooze Control: Lv7] [Rapid Draining: Lv7] [Body Slam: Lv8] [Stomp: Lv7] [Draining Tentacles: Lv6] [Cosmic Core: Lv10]

[Magical Skills]: [Water Bullet: Lv10] [Water Spear: Lv7] [Water Shield: Lv9] [Shadow Bullet: Lv6] [Shadow Threads: Lv7] [Mana Sense: Lv10] [Call Ally: Lv10] [Chaotic Bullet: Lv6] [Starlight Beam: Lv10] [Cosmic Star Lasers: Lv10] [Star Meteor: Lv10]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Piranha Slug: Lv10] [Cannibal: Lv10] [Miasmic Servant: Lv10] [Full Grown Adult: Lv10] [Cosmic Stone Vessel: Lv10] [Oasis King: Lv10]

Yeah, this guy was strong. I could see it within his massive amount of stats. He had an incredible buff to his stats of +10k to everything. But I can tell he's probably not as strong as the Swarm Queen. However, the Title of "Oasis King" was indeed quite ominous.


However, unlike the Swarm Queen, it lacked intellect and it was still just groaning around the same way it did when its mother brought him to this world… coming to think of it, where's their mommy at? I couldn't detect any big girl in there.

I suppose they simply didn't had a specific queen like other monsters. And simply had the giants leading the pack. However, they had the cosmic stone with themselves. Frank said the stone can control monsters, so it probably did just that.

And when it felt threatened, the stone quickly ordered the monsters to combine their bodies and form something big. The Cosmic Stone unified their existences and forced an evolution into them… or so it's what the Appraisal said.

"Kireina did you provoked this?" Asked Luminous from the side, flying using his wings in his humanization form to not cause chaos by turning into a dragon near the city.

"Errr… Well, maaaaybe." I shrugged. "Come on, it is weaker than the Swarm Queen, we can kill it!"

"That's the problem, it doesn't even want to fight, it's escaping!" Sol said, as I suddenly noticed the giant slug began moving across the dead jungle surrounding the Oasis, moving at a surprisingly fast speed and then… beginning to dig underground!

T R U U U U M M M…!

"That thing's digging underground!" Fiere cried.

"Alright, let us handle this!" Eriant said.

"Y-YEAH!" Ariant disliked the slugs but was willing to help.

The twins quickly conjured their special desert spirit magic, as they touched the ground below them, shaking everything and then…!

"Desert Spirit Magic: [Sandstorm]!"

Countless tiny sparks of golden light gathered together in a mere second. Darkling and the guards watched from afar with eyes wide open as the twins summoned a gigantic, spiraling, and upward-moving tower of sand!

F L U O O O S H!!!!


The giant Slug was flung into the skies as it was unable to dig underground!

In utter fury, the slug suddenly gathered Mana and Cosmic energy within its body, summoning enormous magic circles with this power and then bringing down gigantic, crystalized masses of cosmic energy down!


The three Star Meteors fell without any delay, reaching the ground in mere seconds.

However, all of us quickly decided to stop them before they could get down.

If they impacted the ground, they would surely act like nukes, the shockwave alone could destroy the entire city!

"Primordial Light Magic: [Holy Sword Excalibur]!"

Lucifer summoned a giant sword made of light and swung it vertically, slicing through one of the meteors and making it explode in midair!

B O O O O O O M M M!!!

"Sun Magic: [Overpowering Sun]!"

Sol in the other case conjured his original power, Overpowering Sun, bringing down a gigantic ball of plasma into the meteor and disintegrating it in mere seconds!

B O O O O O O O M M M M!!!

And lastly, me!

I imbued my body with the power of the Divine Authority of Gluttony and then…


I swallowed the entire meteor.

This time, I won't blow up by swallowing something powerful that could explode inside of my body.

Why? Because the moment I swallowed it, I utilized Aquamarine's ice magic to freeze it inside of my stomach and then, crush the meteor into bits, swallowing it all.


"Gulp… Phew, now that's some nice cosmic energy."


Once more, the same way as before, I felt a slight amount of Cosmic Energy flow across my body and soul! I've been loving this feeling for a while now, but Frank capitalizing all the stones forced me to forget about it.

But can't I just swallow attacks? Maybe I should ask Frank to just shoot cosmic lasers at me so I can eat them and gain the cosmic energy!


The monstrous slug fell down into the ground, generating a loud tremor!


And just before Frank emerged right above it, bringing down his large Black Blade and his shiny Golden Spear down to the beast's body!

"You're finished!"