"You're finished! [Abyssal Slash]! [Piercing Shine]!"

Frank frantically unleashed several attacks using his two weapons of preference. Whichever names his weapons had, the two of them unleashed powerful, devastating attacks that sliced through the giant Cosmic Slug's entire body, leaving it into bits! The attacks of his sword were like sharp black strokes, while the spear were like shining beams of light.


The combination of these two attacks used a dozen times against a single, big foe made quite the spectacle! The monster was sliced apart so cleanly I thought he was making sashimi out of this poor slug! And as if that wasn't enough for Frank, he finished the creature off by firing an enormous beam out of his chest!



The enormous monster fell into pieces over the ground, generating yet another gigantic tremor!


"Did that did it?!" Wondered Fiere.

"I have no idea that thing's cosmic. We don't know what it can even bring out." Said Luminous.

"Let's cautiously go check it…" Ariant said, she was very nervous.

"I agree, cautiousness is king in here." Eriant was just as nervous as his sister.


However, the sound of slimy things moving around echoed as the smoke dissipated. Frank looked in surprise from above, the many bits of the slug suddenly became slugs of their own, beginning to fire beams of starlight against all of us at once!


The beams were incredibly strong and fast, dividing that thing into pieces only made it more dangerous as it now had become an army of tiny, overpowered slugs!

"Watch out! [Heavenly Sanctuary]!"

Luminous quickly conjured an enormous barrier in the shape of a cathedral, protecting all of us together as we saw the monstrous slug army unleash its destructive cosmic beams.


The barrier held off quite nicely, while everyone else quickly began engaging against the smaller, car-sized slugs one by one. Originally being as big as 50 meters, I guess it is fairly easier as 1v1 than before, but still dangerous due to the number of attacks they can get done so easily.

"Don't slice them, they can regenerate endlessly like this! Destroy them, try to pulverize them as much as you can! Or destroy their souls, that also works!" I commanded the rest. Of course not many knew how to destroy souls. In fact, only Luminous and Frank.

Everyone started attacking with their own magic blows. Those using fire were having an advantage. Sol unleashed Overpowering Suns in smaller quantities, burning alive a small group of five of them alone, but their resistance and regeneration proved to be a problem. They tanked his deadly flames.




They showered him with beams of starlight, but Sol quickly got over it as he swung his blade furiously, imbuing his Dao of Nova into it and then…


The slugs were burned and melted alive in a mere instant. It felt like he just unleashed a laser that could get through any material.

"I guess that worked…"

Everyone quickly realized they had to use their Daos more against these monsters. After all they were already covering themselves in this energy which was a lot like Dao essence!

"This is quite hard for us…" Ariant sighed.

"Come on, how can we crush these?! They're too squishy!" Eriant complained.

Even while they imbued their developing Daos into the attacks, it was becoming more and more complex for them to be able to kill them.

However, Brunhild who had frozen a few and crushed them quickly came to the rescue.

"Divine Magic: [Frozen Cage]! [Permafrost]!"


A ray of icy magic reached he slugs, five of them were instantly frozen. They tried to break out of their frozen state, but that's where Permafrost, which maintained the frozen state of a foe, acted, sealing them in there for a long while. Enough time for Brunhild to copy another spell of mine.

"[Soul Reaping]!"


She suddenly reaped the souls of the slugs out of their bodies, quickly managing to kill them on the spot! Woah, she's really a genius if she can apply stuff like that so easily.

With that done, Brunhild helped the twins defeat more of the divided slugs, while the twins quickly found a new spell, which allowed them to call the spirits of the desert to dry out the slugs.

The dried they became, the less they could regenerate and the less they could self-divide, allowing the twins to desiccate the slugs to death into mummies… impressive, indeed.

Meanwhile, what was I doing myself?!

Well, I used Chaos Divine Embodiment to transform myself into a giant mass of chaos and started devouring the slugs through my chaotic, abyssal jaws. Crushing them while they tried to self-divide only to be melted away through the Gluttony Path Jewel's Dimensional Stomach Skill.

With that alone, I was able to defeat a bunch. Frank ended making things a bit more dangerous, but at the same time, more easy to get done with.

There wasn't any other big climax after that, and we ended slaying every single little critter left!

Of course, they occasionally dropped some meteors here and there but… we managed to reflect them in time. The thing is, we were too big of a group now, and we were all strong.

Once the initial problem was dealt with, the rest was a walk in the park~


[You have slain [Giant Cosmic Piranha Slug (Rank A+++)] x1!]

[You gained 2500000 EXP]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 65 to Level 67!]

[All your stats have increased!]

[You acquired Stat Points and Skill Points!]

Ahh, this is a refreshing level up. Two levels on the spot.

And that wasn't all, Shadrach was glowing bright red as well by all the stat boosts he was getting from his level ups!

[The rest of your Egos and Summons have acquired a large sum of EXP]

[Bubu] Level has increased to Level 32!]

[Colora] Level has increased to Level 37!]

[Shadrach] Level has increased to Level 20!]

[Shadrach] has reached Max Level]

[Shadrach] can now evolve]

[Black] Level has increased to Level 22!]

[White] Level has increased to Level 22!]

[Aquamarine] Level has increased to Level 22!]

[Silva] Level has increased to Level 26!]

Everyone ended getting shared EXP while not doing much themselves. Even Bubu slacked off, mostly sleeping over my head while I did all the hard work!

Well, whatever, time to evolve Shadrach. I'll let the Summons and Egos have the spotlight in the next monster of the week.