After only thinking it for a little while, I was decided. Shadrach seemed to also be content with the evolution option I wanted, as he said he didn't really specialized in other types of flames than the most direct ones anyways.

"A Heavy Blade of Infernal Flames? That sounds a lot like my original self before we died in Genesis! Yes, this must be the path to get that power back, Kireina-sama!" He said happily.

"Alright, alright, I can tell you're excited." I giggled.


[You have selected the [Infernal Wyvern Overlord Heavy Blade (Divine Species)] Evolution Option!]

[Shadrach] has begun to evolve!]


Shadrach was suddenly covered on powerful flames, which covered his entire body. Below the flames, I saw his body growing bigger and wider, all while "shedding" his previous metallic coverture to get an even shinier one. All the crack "scars" he had before were gone too.

And when the short evolution process finished, his appearance was revealed. He looked pretty cool; his blade had widened and his sharpness enchanted. He now sported a dark silver color in his center with a dark orange around and dark red on top of the blade.

The handle, like before was finely decorated as if a manufacturer had done it all, but this was just the natural evolution of a magical sword imbued with the soul of a powerful Wyvern God. There were a few jewels on the handle too, which were for the enchantment of fire magic damage.

[Shadrach] has evolved into [Infernal Wyvern Overlord Heavy Blade (Divine Species)]!]

[All Stats have increased]

[New Skills have been learned]

[Name]: [Shadrach] [Rank]: [D+]

[Race]: [Infernal Wyvern Overlord Heavy Blade (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Infernal Magic Blade]

[Subclass]: [Wyvern King Soul]

[Level]: [0/40]

[HP]: [7725/7725]

[MP]: [14000/14000]

[Strength]: [10900]

[Agility]: [7750]

[Vitality]: [8500]

[Intelligence]: [7600]

[Dexterity]: [8600]

[Divinity]: [1000]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Maxima Summon: Lv--] [Master Connection: Kireina: Lv--] [True Sentient Weapon: Lv--] [Maxima Summon Physique: Lv3] [Blazing Wyvern Soul Embodiment: Lv3] [Draconic Blaze Aura: Lv1]

[Body Skills]: [Magic Sword: Lv3] [Automatic Self Recovery: Lv3] [Hardened Metal Body: Lv3] [Infernal Crystal Core: Lv1]

[Resistance Skills]: [All Element Resistance: Lv4] [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv4] [Status Effect Immunity: Lv--] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv1]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Blazing Blade Slash: Lv4] [Fiery Parry: Lv4] [Draconic Heat: Lv3] [Blazing Dragon Meteor: Lv2] [Infernal Counter: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Wyvern Soul Fire Aura: Lv4] [Wyvern's Blazing Claws: Lv3] [Wyvern's Blazing Breath: Lv3] [Fire Shield: Lv3] [Draconic Infernal Storm: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Wyvern Overlord: Lv3] [Ancient Ruler's Soul: Lv3] [Ruler of the Infernal Flame: Lv1]

[Available Stat Points]: [200]

[Available Skill Points]: [200]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]

[1 Stat Point = 5 Stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity)]

[1 Stat Point = 10 Stats (HP, MP)]

[1 Stat Point = 2 Stats (Divinity)]

Well alright that's quite the boost, his stats increased a bit too much to be honest. But that's good, the faster he develops the better. He got tons of new Skills as well, they're all straightforward and just a lot more techniques to unleash so we can more easily burn through our foes, heh.

Also his Strength already reached 10k at D+ Rank… That's certainly commendable. Is it because he's a heavy sword? Those types of blades had always have amazing attacking power, so I can tell it must be because of such a reason.

"T-This feeling… I feel like I've been reborn anew! What is this?! So refreshing as well!"

The Wyvern Overlord's soul embodiment emerged out of his blade. I guess he was indeed having a great time after evolving. It does always feels nice to evolve, yeah, I can relate to that.

"Isn't it? Good for you." I said with a smile. "Anyways- Oh, you guys are already eating?! Hey Bubu stop! That's your third one! Don't eat more!"


Bubu seemed to have grown addicted to the escargot we made, so I quickly stored all the leftover slugs left behind and any other dropped body party left, they were all precious materials after all.

"Hahh… Where is this thing?"

I saw Frank opening the entire body of one of the slugs, until he finally found something inside, a bunch of the slug's eggs and then… a shiny blue stone.

"Here it is! Ugh, this is disgusting. I need a bath…" Frank sighed, celebrating he got his soul fragment while, at the same time, feeling disgusted.

"We all need one, we're covered on goo…" Ariant sighed.

"Those things started shooting goo everywhere like crazy! I don't know why…" Eriant sighed.

"They did it specially when they grew desperate…" Brunhild said. "Perhaps it is one of their mechanism of defense."

"Nonetheless, we should rest for now. Maybe go take a bath…" Fiere sighed.

"I guess you guys are right… I'll make myself a potion to restore my exhaustion. I need more fragments…" Frank sighed, quickly summoning his cauldron, and then quickly making a potion out of his fragment, a shiny blue potion that shone as if it had stars inside. He drank it whole and quickly started overflowing with a powerful aura of starlight. "Ahh, this hits the spot… Now I need to clean myself… Light Magic: [Cleanse]"


He used a rather normal spell to clean himself, the goo quickly disappeared from his body, but he remained dry and it still felt a bit disgusting.

"Ugh, even then, nothing beats a bath though…" He sighed.

"Ah, I am slightly tired…" Fiere sighed.

"Well, we've got the entire day left so you guys stand up!" I said. "Let me fix the Oasis for now and… Oh! Here."

I opened my Item Box and left a table with a parasol to cover from the sun and then gave everyone some cold iced tea, cake slices, fruits, and some sandwiches I had made previously.

"Have a snack while you wait! Oh right, Aquamarine, come!"

I called Aquamarine, as he quickly washed everyone with his water, until they were all clean. And then, I combined wind magic and fire magic spells to generate a warm wind gust, drying their clothes and bodies.

"That should do it!" I nodded.

Although they all looked like cats that just came out of a bath where they were forced against their will.

Now, I just need to fix the Oasis and make a brand new and better one, spread more nature in this dead jungle, and why not plant a Lesser Yggdrasil Tree while I am at it?

Also… I've had an idea, how about I infuse an Ego into a Lesser Yggdrasil Tree?