"Black, did you get the Egos from the slugs?" I asked Black.

The floating black spear emerged floating at my side, as he quickly summoned out of his body several shard-like floating fragments of Egos. They were like souls, but at the same time they weren't mere souls.

"I did, I got a nice amount of them, what do you even need them for?" He asked. "Wait, are you planning on making more of us? So you DO want to replace us!"

Black suddenly got jealous out of the sudden. I guess he had bear with it since Colora and now with Shadrach, he's having a hard time thinking he's going to not be replaced.

"What? You're the strongest spear I have aside from White why are you getting stupid out of the blue?" I sighed. "One day we'll discover your previous life self and I'll finally understand why you're such an insecure little guy. Now give them here."

I quickly grabbed the Egos, these were special. Because the monsters were imbued with cosmic energy, when Black use predation on their bodies and souls, the converted ego carried such energy.

And they turned into something named [Lesser Cosmic Ego] much like a Miasmic Ego which is what that bastard of the Genie creates, I guess Cosmic Egos are similar, but contain Cosmic Power instead. Although they all ended being lesser, there wasn't a single big one in the mix.

"I-I am not insecure or anything! Stop talking nonsense." Black said reluctantly. It was as clear as day that such a thing wasn't the case, but I let him be.

Using the same methods as before, I also picked up a handful of Ego Fragments of normal Egos we got usually from using Predation (with Black), over normal monsters.

I took a handful of such fragments and pressed them together tightly into a small ego, and then fused them into concentrations of magic crystals of a certain element, which I also imbued into the crystals myself.

Like that, in less than thirty minutes, I created a cube-shaped water production ego and another cube-shaped soil-enricher ego. Just as easy as it sounds! The guards looked at me in shock as I made that.

Even Frank was wondering how I even created "living beings" using mere materials. And he was amazed by their special abilities and their intelligence. I guess the golden boy here can't do everything. Egos are out of his field.

With the Egos done, the oasis quickly started to fill itself as I imbued Mana into the ground. I quickly gave instructions to the amazed guards. At the same time, I began creating seeds using already existing seeds I had made before and also some seeds from plants of this world and planted them around the now richer ground, while spraying water thanks to Aquamarine's help.

In mere seconds, several seedlings popped up from the ground as I imbued the spiritual essence of Yggdrasil into the plants in the surroundings. Of course, this was all thanks to a little Skill I got long ago…

[Yggdrasil Spirit: Lv5]

A Skill only learned by those who are connected with the powerful Tree of Yggdrasil can are capable of channeling its enormous powers. This Skill grants several capabilities.

The user is capable of boosting the growth of plants, manipulate Plant-type Life, Appraisal all sorts of Plants with ease, know and earn insights about Plants the user sees or touches, heal them, boost their growth, and more through the usage of Mana.

Plant-type Monsters can also be created from normal plants, but their power and quality depends in the original ingredients. Plants can be modified as well through the usage of materials and more MP.

With each Skill Level, the effects of this Skill are enhanced by +20%.

It's all I could had ever wanted plant-related in a single Skill, and it also treats me as if I were a Spirit of Yggdrasil myself. I guess this was a Skill I got because before reincarnating here, I had indeed merged with an Yggdrasil Branch before and became one, heh.

And if that wasn't enough, the big part of this party was about to begin, as I quickly spent 120k MP in a single flash, creating a beautiful Lesser Yggdrasil Seed. I had created a dozen by now after acquiring this Skill, planting them around the desert and all, so it wasn't any surprising for my allies though.

But the guards, as they saw how I planted a tree which I quickly imbued with countless quantities of Mana as it grew, and grew, and grew until reaching the skies were left more than amazed, they were flabbergasted.


"A gigantic tree!"

"I have never seen something like this before!"

"Kireina-sama… Lady Kireina's truly a Goddess!"

"Just like our lord says, she's a goddess!!!"

The guards started to kneel and praise my miracles. But it wasn't anything special… Though, as a former goddess, I've been craving some worship, so this really hits the spot.

"Yeah! Worship me! I am your goddess! You shall eternally worship my powers and miracles! Build me an altar and bring offerings such as food and… sweets. Oh, and liquor too."

"W-We'll tell our lord!"

"We'll surely do it, goddess-sama!"

"Yes! We'll do so!"

"Good! Good! It is nice that you guys understand, heheh- Ah…"

I was laughing rather evilly as I quickly noticed everyone looking at me while narrowing their eyes. Not even Luminous went around telling people to worship him, so I guess its fair they get angry.

But I could tell they were surprised of my miracles just as much as these guards! So don't you dare look down on this miraculous goddess!



Suddenly, as I saw the new Lesser Yggdrasil Tree grow bigger, I suddenly felt a strange… interference within my very soul and body.

[The power of Yggdrasil's Spirit resonates within your soul and body!]

[You've created several Yggdrasil Seeds, your connection with the Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil grows greater!]

[The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil has gazed upon your existence and finds you interesting.]