Suddenly, as I saw the new Lesser Yggdrasil Tree grow bigger, I suddenly felt a strange… interference within my very soul and body.

The system windows began popping up one after the other, and for a few splits of a second, I felt as if I was being gazed by a powerful entity beyond the cosmos.

Its primordial and spiritual force was incredible.

This entity was… definitely more powerful than a single Universe, it might encompass many.

It felt as if it was trying to whisper to me…


[The power of Yggdrasil's Spirit resonates within your soul and body!]

[You've created several Yggdrasil Seeds, your connection with the Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil grows greater!]

[The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil has gazed upon your existence and finds you interesting.]

[The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil says that her child within your original universe will be scolded later for intimidating you some time ago.]

[The Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil says that as long as you keep spreading her seeds, she will compensate you for your efforts.]

[You learned the [Agricultural Arts: Lv1] Skill!]

[You acquired the [Yggdrasil's Gardener: Lv1] Title Skill!]

Wait, what?!

Entities of this caliber can even speak to me in such a way?!

Wait… Primordial Spirit Tree of Yggdrasil?

Is this like, the actual… first one ever?

If she said that it means that the Universal Tree… within my Universe, is her child?

I see, it is merely just another seed.

Could this tree's seeds be universes as a whole? Or maybe even dimensions?

Ah… so many questions unanswered.

However, I can still see what I got from now.

Apparently, deities or higher beings can gaze upon me and interact with me through the Soul Book.

Before her there was my mother, Chaos, but because she lacks power, I guess she couldn't do as much.

However, the original Yggdrasil here even gifted me two Skills!

But aside from that, this message means that spreading these seeds had done something good for her, and she's pleased.

I remember that one experience where the Universal Tree showed up and was angered at me for becoming an Yggdrasil Tree myself… or something, I can't quite recall everything.

Then the primordial Yggdrasil, the first one, I assume, can do as much as that…. Ah, I also remember there were some fishy characters back in genesis collecting these trees.

Spiritual beings from the Spiritual Plane if I recall correctly. Well, whenever I am finally back to that place, I'll have to investigate that once I deal with Hel and her army of the Death.

I've grown so strong here that, if I can bring this strength back to Genesis and merge it with the previous strength, which I divided and lend to my wives, I could easily crush her and flatten her like a pancake.

Well, I'll see about it when that happens, thinking about the future will only make me more anxious. I might as well check these new Skills while I am at it.

[Agricultural Arts: Lv1]

A Skill that only the most experienced of Farmers can learn after spending dozens of years into the job. After planting countless of plants and growing the most beautiful and magical of species of plants, it is when such techniques awaken within the minds and hearts of Farmers.

This Skill grants the ability to utilize such powerful techniques, while improving upon the quality and mastery over the growth, evolution, and creation of plants (and related things). Alongside that, it grants the ability to detect Plant-type Materials, their quality, and proper usages in Medicine and Alchemy.

Additionally, while performing Gardening or Farming, all Techniques effects are enhanced by +20%, created Plants or grown Plants Quality is raised by +25%, and [Super Success] chances are increased by +5% with each Skill Level, where Plants might grow into powerful Magic or Spirit Plants instead.

Available Arts:

Level 1: [Soil Enhancement] [Plant Growth Acceleration]

[Yggdrasil's Gardener: Lv1]

A Special Title only given to those that have Planted and grown several Yggdrasil Seeds, a hero amongst heroes that has pleased the Spirits of Yggdrasil and has developed one themselves. Honorable beings such as you gain the favor of the Primordial Yggdrasil Tree and her children across the Cosmos.

Additionally, increases the quality of grown plants by +50% with an additional +20% with each Skill Level. It is now possible to communicate with powerful plants and Yggdrasil Trees, and even have increased chances of such trees to develop Spirits of their own.

Woah okay this is pretty amazing! The two of them go amazingly well with the [Yggdrasil's Spirit] Skill. Especially the Agriculture Arts, which will help me enchant soil quality and even accelerate the growth of plants.

And not only that, a permanent passive enhancement to their quality and more? These boosts are already better than any other divine technique I could had thought of back then. It feels like these skills are like little path jewels by how strong their effects are sometimes.

With this I can make more plants and enhance their growth, which I can alter utilize for alchemy and crafting… and if this is really true then this can also affect Colora's special Divine Color Plants so they're even higher quality than normal.

The Title is rather interesting… aside from the basic boosts, there's a chance for spirits to appear from within created Yggdrasil trees? I wonder if this chance can increase if I add an Ego Fragment though… Well, I might as well give it a try while everyone else enjoys their meals after taking a nice bath. I also want to join them in that before going off into the next monster hunting little adventure.

I quickly grabbed a handful of [Small Ego Fragments] and then two [Cosmic Ego Fragments] out of the seven I had, and quickly merged them together with my bare hands, pressing them against one another tightly.

"[Ego Creation]!"

And as the Ego was being made, I promptly pressed it into the Lesser Yggdrasil Tree's bark, fusing it with the tree.



[A New Type of Ego has been created!]