After giving a name to Yggdra, I quickly checked her Status:


[You've named the [Yggdrasil Spirit Ego] has [Yggdra]!]

[Name]: [Yggdra] [Rank]: [D+]

[Race]: [Lesser Yggdrasil Spirit Ego (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Yggdrasil's Spirit]

[Subclass]: [Spirit Gardener]

[Level]: [0/50]

[HP]: [100000/100000]

[MP]: [150000/150000]

[Strength]: [5000]

[Agility]: [2500]

[Vitality]: [25000]

[Intelligence]: [12000]

[Dexterity]: [2500]

[Divinity]: [10000]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Yggdrasil Spirit Ego: Lv--] [Master Connection: Kireina: Lv--] [Yggdrasil Family: Lv--] [Spiritual Life Element: Lv--] [Yggdrasil's Nature Element: Lv--] [Yggdrasil's Sapling: Lv1] [Roots of Life: Lv1] [Spiritual Gardener: Lv1] [Spirit Embodiment: Lv1]

[Body Skills]: [Automatic Self Recovery: Lv1] [Yggdrasil's Spirit Heart Core: Lv1] [Super Hardened Spirit Tree Bark: Lv1] [Photosynthesis: Lv1] [Spirit Sanctuary: Lv1]

[Resistance Skills]: [All Element Resistance: Lv1] [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv1] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv1] [Status Effect Immunity: Lv--]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Wood Manipulation: Lv1] [Nature's Assimilation: Lv1] [Mana Fruit: Lv1] [Healing Leaf: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Healing Aura: Lv1] [Nature's Domain: Lv1] [Heart of the Forest: Lv1] [Wood Spears: Lv1] [Wood Shield: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Yggdrasil's Spirit Ego: Lv1] [The First Yggdrasil's Daughter: Lv1] [Queen of the Oasis: Lv1] [Protector of the Desert: Lv1]

[Available Stat Points]: [0]

[Available Skill Points]: [0]

[Can gain 10 Stat Points and Skill Points with each Level]

[1 Stat Point = 5 Stats (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity)]

[1 Stat Point = 10 Stats (HP, MP)]

[1 Stat Point = 2 Stats (Divinity)]

She had a ton of Skills as well! Like a ton! I think most of the are about buffing, healing, and giving items that heal… and also attacking?! Wait she can use her sharp wood to fight and defend. I guess the little Yggdra came packed with power.

And above all, there's also the bonuses to stats, because she's an Ego, I can actually equip her and get some nice Stat Bonuses as if she were an item… I know it sounds bad, but I can't word it in any other form right now.

When I "equip" an Ego, I often gain a bonus to my stats based on their own, which is roughly 10% to 20% of their stats. There's no limit of how many I can equip, and whenever I equip them, I can also freely access their skills, like I've been doing since I got Black and White, then Aquamarine, Silva, Colora, and Shadrach.

And now… Yggdra! Wait, what if I equip every single Yggdrasil Tree? Then… Wait! What if I keep making them and equipping them endlessly?!

No, that's not going to work, Egos need to be physically touching my real body to be equipped. I can't really find any roundabout. Even if I could create a clone body, only the clone would be equipping it. That's something I can't really abuse.

Because of that, I would need to physical touch the Yggdrasil's tree to "equip" her somehow. Wait, Egos also have the Soul Connection ability. So Maybe I don't even need to touch her at all. But I still need to have her "close to me", like, for example, having her spirt form near me within a 50-meter radius.

However, I cannot bring her to my journey because she's stuck near her true body. So I guess I will be able to get her bonuses right now, but once we depart, so will the bonuses go away… It is sad, yet at the same time understandable. I didn't really made her planning to turn her into an equipment anyways.

I want her to level up though, so she can better protect this place, so for now we'll bring her along the battles against the two other monsters holding Frank's Soul Fragments before the army of Undead arrives in a day.

It's time to make this little girl stronger than anybody here.

"Alright, I've made up my mind, you'll be the guardian of this city, alright, Yggdra? Once you grow stronger, you should be able to protect the entire desert area alongside your little sisters." I told her. "For now, how far you can move from your original body?" I asked her.

"Around… probably all around this area? A kilometer or two…" She said while thinking. "But it costs a lot of mana. More than that, I cannot…"

"I see, that's good enough, the Salt Dunes are just around the corner and so is the Labyrinth, so I guess we can bring you along. You'll also be a great guardian once the undead army arrives…" I said while nodding. "Hm, maybe I should make few more Yggdrasil Trees?"

"I wouldn't recommend that, mama!" Said Yggdra.

"Huh? Why?" I asked.

"I cannot really control it, but my roots will probably absorb them and make them part of my body at the end. I won't grow any stronger from it either, so you'll be wasting your Mana." She sighed. "Sorry…"

"Oh, I see… Is that the Nature Assimilation Skill?" I wondered.

"A combination of that and my natural abilities. You've not noticed it before? Yggdrasil Trees cannot exist next to each other. The stronger ones simply absorbs the weaker ones. We are… innately competitive." She sighed. "It is not something I can control properly."

"I see… No, that's fine." I said. "Good thing I've dispersed your sisters by a large distance between each other. And as we speak, I've sent several Chaotic Beasts manipulated through Phantasmal Puppeteer to plant more of those seeds far away from one another, and now, I'll send more holding Ego Fragments to fuse them with them."


In mere seconds, several Chaotic Beasts in the shape of birds, similar to crows made of chaos, flew into the skies carrying the materials I gave to them. In some hours, everything should be done.

"Woah, you've surprised me once more…" Frank showed up behind me.

"Amazing, you've given a voice to this tree!" Luminous said. "Maybe that vision I saw some time ago is true… your trees will save our world from perishing by the ever-growing Wastelands…"

It seems that Luminous had some sort of divine prophecy, interesting…