Red-colored insects with compact and long bodies. Six slender legs, big jaws to tear down anything, antennas to detect their surroundings, and an incredible resistance to the deadly sunlight and aridity... Ants.

The monstrous critters that have taken over the Salt Dunes were gigantic, car-sized ants by the hundreds, the moment we arrived, not only did we saw a few of them walking around, but we saw the whole nest. An enormous tower made of salt crystals and mud erected into the skies, as tall as twenty meters of height.

The moment we stepped into the Salt Dunes, the ants immediately detected our presences, rushing to see what we were and what we wanted. I immediately noticed their features were not normal either. These Fiery Red Ants thrived by eating the salt in these dunes, and they produced flames from their jaws.

And to make it worse, they were covered on miasma and cosmic energy, being powered up enough that a small squadron of them could cause tremendous disasters in the city if they were to ever dare go explore that place.

Unlike the slugs who were mostly passive and interested in the water, these monsters need a serious cleansing as fast as we can. If we leave them be, they'll multiply at an even faster speed than the slugs themselves!

[Race]: [Giant Fiery Red Ant Soldier]

[Status]: [Furious]

[Rank]: [B+(++)]

[Level]: [49/60]

[HP]: [32850/32850] (+2500)

[MP]: [15332/15332] (+2500)

[Strength]: [26203] (+2500)

[Agility]: [28602] (+2500)

[Vitality]: [11302] (+2500)

[Intelligence]: [8300] (+2500)

[Dexterity]: [14600] (+2500)

[Divinity]: [550] (+500)

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Hardened Exoskeleton Armor: Lv6] [Earth Element: Lv--] [Darkness Element: Lv--] [Fire Element: Lv--] [Poison Element: Lv--] [Sunlight Boost: Lv7] [Cosmic Enhancement: Lv5] [Miasmic Enhancement: Lv5] [Fiery Wrath: Lv8]

[Body Skills]: [Fiery Body: Lv6] [Extrasensory Senses: Lv6] [Sharp Sight: Lv3] [Mucus Production: Lv6] [Explosive Saliva Secretion: Lv6] [Steel Tearing Sharp Jaws: Lv6] [Rapid Egg Production: Lv2] [Cosmic Aura: Lv4]

[Resistance Skills]: [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv6] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv7] [Sunlight Resistance: Lv10] [Thirst Resistance: Lv6] [Hunger Resistance: Lv6] [Fire Absorption: Lv6] [All Element Resistance: Lv5]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Powerful Bite: Lv6] [Acid Spray: Lv9] [Chemical Spray: Lv8] [Flame Aura Control: Lv7] [Burning Anger: Lv7] [Body Slam: Lv8] [Stomp: Lv7] [Vicious Relentlessness: Lv5]

[Magical Skills]: [Fireball: Lv10] [Blazing Beam: Lv7] [Blazing Shield: Lv5] [Shadow Bullet: Lv6] [Shadow Threads: Lv7] [Mana Sense: Lv6] [Call Ally: Lv6] [Chaotic Bullet: Lv6] [Starlight Beam: Lv6]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Fiery Red Ant Soldiers: Lv9] [Cannibal: Lv6] [Miasmic Servant: Lv6] [Full Grown Adult: Lv6]


Known as "Blazing Demons of the Desert" these giant ants not only are immune to sunlight's damage and absorb their power to become stronger, but they are also monstrous beings that can bring flames with ease, burning anything in their path without any shred of mercy. They work in tandem as enormous groups and form giant nests where there are the most resources. They fancy the delicious energy provided by ores or crystals, Salt, for example, is their most favorite meal.

Known to have brought demise to many cities, these vicious ants are something that cannot be easily handled unless someone is strong enough to singlehandedly defeat B Rank Monsters. Entire groups pointlessly fight them and end up being burned to a crisp without any way to resist.

Boosted by the power of Miasma and Cosmic Energy, their base strength has doubled, a single ant is enough to destroy a whole town, and there are well over a hundred in a nest.

Based in the Description alone, I can tell this monster cannot be left alive. However, their Fire Absorption is annoying. Fiere and Sol mainly use fire to fight, also Shadrach that just evolved won't be nearly as effective, sadly. But I'll put him to good use once we fight the Undead, those burn easily with fire, no matter what sort of protection they try to employ.

"Oi, those ants..." Sol said.

"Ugh, they're those ants..." Fiere sighed.

"You two fight too much with fire, stay behind and support us with your physical attacks, don't use flames, they'll simply get swallowed up. Maybe Daos can work against them, they cannot absorb the power of Daos, but they can still use their absorption to resist the damage to an extent!" I told the two.

"Very well, I'll use the Dao of Nova then..." Said Sol, loading his sword with the power of Plasma itself.

"My Dao of Archery will have to do." Sighed Fiere, generating magic arrows without any elemental affinity to them, which glowed bright gray and white in color instead.

"Meanwhile, for the rest of us... We'll fight head on. Kill them all, don't leave any behind!" I roared. Getting serious for once. These damn ants were not a joke like the slugs, they're too strong to just sit leisurely by.

And of course, this is the perfect time to level up Yggdra as much as I can. A feast of hundreds of ants is just perfect! Ideal, even. And not only that, but I'll put Black, White, Aquamarine, and Colora to good use against such a big army.

I want to test out their new Abilities after they evolved after all, so this and the dungeon we'll go afterwards are my ideal playgrounds. For now, however, we must secure to kill them! Black and White can fight on their own easily at this point, but I'll keep Aquamarine and Colora close by to protect Yggdra who is rather weak to fire.

I'll also be there, of course. Aquamarine will be both merged with me and also into his Divine Beast Embodiment form!


My body was once more covered by Aquamarine's armor, but this time, it was thinner and more lighter as well. This was one of Aquamarine's basic abilities. Through Liquification, he could easily divide himself, much like slimes can! Like this, he divided his body into two, becoming both my armor and my mount, a ferocious and giant tiger made of water and ice, the ant's worst weakness!