Aquamarine had grown amazingly strong after I upgraded him through alchemy and forging and then let him evolve...

[Name]: [Aquamarine] [Rank]: [A]

[Race]: [Legendary Divine Magical Beast Necklace of Ocean Frost]

[Job Class]: [Legendary Divine Beast Accessory]

[Subclass]: [Ocean Frost Archwizard]

[Level]: [0/70]

[HP]: [120000/120000]

[MP]: [95000/95000]

[Strength]: [48000]

[Agility]: [40000]

[Vitality]: [36000]

[Intelligence]: [37000]

[Dexterity]: [38000]

[Divinity]: [8500]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [True Sentient Ego Accessory (Repaired 3/3): Lv--] [Embodiment of Water: Lv--] [Embodiment of Frost: Lv--] [Weaponize: Lv--] [Armor Embodiment: Lv--] [Summoned Accessory: Lv--] [Beast Embodiment: Lv--]

[Body Skills]: [Automatic Self Repair: Lv9] [Liquification: Lv8] [Mana Sense: Lv7] [Legendary Beast Body: Lv6] [Frost Embodiment: Lv1]

[Resistance Skills]: [Status Effect Immunity: Lv--] [Curse Resistance: Lv7] [Physical Damage Resistance: Lv8] [Magic Damage Resistance: Lv7] [Fire Resistance: Lv10] [Lightning Resistance: Lv7]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Swift Stab: Lv9] [Water Armor: Lv8] [Claw Attack: Lv7] [Frost Shell: Lv1] [Oceanic Claws: Lv1] [Freezing Fangs: Lv1]

[Magical Skills]: [Water Bullet: Lv9] [Water Barrier: Lv8] [Icicle Spear: Lv8] [Ocean Vortex: Lv7] [Frost Prison: Lv7] [Frost Claymore: Lv6] [Reflective Ice Mirror Shield: Lv6] [Ocean Domain: Lv1] [Frost Beast Summon: Lv1] [Ocean Monster Summon: Lv1]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [Demon Slayer: Lv4] [Ocean Spirit's Holy Child: Lv8] [Divine Beast: Lv7] [Beast King Of Oceans and Frost: Lv1]

Not only he gained a gross amount of stats for an item whose original appearance is necklace, but he also leveled many skills and acquired even better new Skills.

And amongst those skills the one that can really affect the Ants is... [Frost Embodiment].

F L A A A S H!

Aquamarine's Armor Form quickly changed, becoming sharp and crystal-like, my entire body was covered in the frost embodiment. Not only was this just a change in appearance, but by combining it with other Skills such as [Frost Shell] and [Freezing Fangs], it becomes obviously overpowered.


The Ants immediately detected us, rushing towards us. Not one or two, not even a dozen, but over forty of them rushed forward, each one was so big that they covered the dunes quite easily and continued coming almost endlessly.

They charged their fiery power, combining it with miasma and cosmic energy. Their flames were not even red, but black and blue, unleashing blazing power that began spreading across the desert. Some ants charged forward, while others remained behind, and started firing gigantic Miasmic Fireballs and Cosmic Fireballs without stopping.


Our surroundings were quickly covered on flames, as we charged forward. Luminous unleashed shockwaves of Primordial Light, easily blocking several of the fireballs, but they were hundreds and fired at an enormous speed. Thanks to Frank who was in the frontlines flying atop the sky, he singlehandedly generated a barrier of his own cosmic energy, blocking half the Fireballs as well.


Aquamarine roared, jumping straight towards our first victim, a group of five Fiery Red Ants the size of a bus each one. They were gigantic, the moment we closed in, their bodies erupted with flames, trying to burn us to a crisp. The little shits were not even thinking about fighting us head on...

But that's fine by me as well!

Gathering Aquamarine's power within the Armor he used to over my body, and then fusing it with my other skills, I quickly counter attacked by fusing our power together.

"[Abyssal Demon Fragment: Chaotic Claws of Demise] + [Freezing Fangs] = [Chaotic Freezing Claws of Demise]!"

F L A A A S H!

Two enormous claws were summoned, made out of pure Divine Ice emerging from my very hands combined with Aquamarine's armor. The moment I conjured this power, I simply swung the gigantic claws, blocking the flames reaching us in a mere instant and then waving them, slashing through the Ants!

S L A A A A A S H!

B O O O O O O M M M!!!

The flames were completely dissipated and a gigantic amount of ice covered the ants, beginning to freeze them alive. The critters desperately tried to free themselves using their flames. But you are merely mobs here, you can't have second chances.

"[Abyssal Demon Fragment: Chaotic Claws of Demise] + [Freezing Fangs] + [Oceanic Claws] = [Devastating Frozen Ocean Claws of Demise]!"


An enormous quantity of oceanic water emerged endless and merged into my claws. I swung them rapidly once more alongside Aquamarine's own claws, slashing the frozen ants hundreds of times, until they were sliced to shreds!



The Ants were completely pulverized.


[You defeated [Giant Fiery Red Ant Soldier (B+++ Rank)] x5!]

[You earned 125000 EXP!]


More were coming. I quickly gathered more of Aquamarine's powers, channeling them, and fusing them with my own. Their Miasma-fueled bodies were not immune to Chaos after all, even less when I gave it a little boost using the power of my Path Jewel of the Monarch of Gluttony!

"[Frozen Maws of Niflheim]!"

By combining the power of Monarch of Gluttony and then Aquamarine's various skills, from my own hands and body, a massive wolf-like head emerged, opening its deadly jaws and biting through the dozens of Ants before me.



They were instantly frozen. Even when they tried to break from the ice, the jaws themselves torn them apart into pieces, killing them on the spot. And as if things couldn't get any worse for our little ants, an enormous quantity of icicle spears I conjured before using my [Ice Spike: Lv10] Skill began falling from the skies. Level 10 Skills cannot be underestimated in this new Soul Book System, their power is... to say the least, completely different than at level 1.

The Icicle Spears I can summon by merely using the skill alone were tens of times bigger than the small ones at level 1, in fact, it was a difference of over a hundred times in size alone! And because they're such an easy to conjure skill, I can just button smash this as much as I want!