[Several [Desert Kings: Lv100 (S Rank)] have spotted your arrival to their domain!]

[Their magical powers have activated a large Gravitational Domain, if you step into their domain, you will be in great disadvantage!]


Desert Kings emerged one after the other. These giant centipede-like insects that were all S Rank and terrorized the desert. They were the ones behind our group's separation as well.

It could be said I've got quite the ugly grudge against these damn bastards. One of their strongest tools, however, is the power of manipulating gravity fields around them.

This is also the reason why they can easily travel across the desert so fast and easily, and how they catch prey, they patiently wait somewhere until something show sup and they use their gravitational powers to send it to their jaws.

Sometimes, they do the opposite and use them to generate sandstorms, throwing everyone away from their territory.

And there were dozens of these bastards all swimming around the dunes surrounding the tombstone. To most people, this would be like a deadly landmine.

Quite possibly, it would be futile to step as we could get eaten instantly while being flung around the air by their gravitational domains.

Of course, that would only apply to normal people.

Most normal ways of fighting would be futile, bringing my army of monsters now would be useless, so I told Silva to save her strength for now.

Instead, I brought out my swarm of monsters within my shadows, and quickly fused them into my body to prepare.

"[Swarm Fusion]: [Gluttony's Armor]"


And while we are at it, I might as well get something that could come in handy for both utility and adaptability in battle.


[You exchanged 150 Skill Points!]

[You've learned the [Demonic Swarm Queen's Arts: Lv1] Skill!]

[You've acquired the [Queen of Swarms: Lv1] Title Skill!]

[Demonic Swarm Queen's Arts: Lv1]

A Special Unique Divine Skill that combines the power of the Dao of Swarms with the Dao of Authority with the Grand Supreme Dao of Gluttony, together with many other powers, only granted to the Demonic Swarm Queen, an entity that governs over all critters and swarms of monstrous creatures.

This Skill enhances All Stats of the Swarms the user builds and raises, alongside enhancing the chances of recruiting more critters to her Swarm by +250%, with an additional +25% with each Skill Level.

Additionally, it is possible for the swarm to fuse with one another to create stronger monstrous entities, or fuse with their very Queen into a variety of forms.

Available Arts:

Level 1: [Swarm Fusion: Armor Form] [Swarm Expansion]

[Queen of Swarms: Lv1]

A Unique Title Skill given to the great queen of swarms that is capable of controlling thousands, if not millions of monstrous entities. Enhances all Swarm's Stats and Control by +150% with an additional +15% with each Skill Level.

Additionally, it is possible to summon a single [Swarm Queen] by merging thousands of powerful swarm monsters together, which will inherit 50% of the user's stats and skills.

Not bad at all.

"[Summon Swarm Queen]" I smiled.


Thousands of insects and monsters I had already added to my swarm, mostly members of the hordes of dinosaurs the Jungle Kings controlled, fused into a single mass of limbs, eyes, and jaws until they took the slight shape of the Swarm Queen we once fought in the Giant's Mountain.

However, she was purple colored, and had butterfly-like wings instead. However, her power was overwhelming, this was technically a slightly weaker clone of myself, while I don't get weakened at all either by having her, unlike the clones I was able to create before.


[You've summoned the [Swarm Queen] to battle.]

[She has inherited 50% of all your stats, and all of your Skills but at half their original levels.]

[Certain unique skills cannot be inherited.]

[She can also control the swarms for you and increase them in size.]

"…" She stared at me in silence.

"Good." I smiled, looking at the hordes of Desert Kings. "[Ouroboros]! [Shadrach]!"

I called Ouroboros and Shadrach, as the path jewel fused into my forehead glowed brightly in response, imbuing its powers into my body. At the same time, Shadrach nodded, stepping in.

"Frank, you come as well. If you can travel through space I imagine you can deal with this easily." I said with a smile. "Amiphossia and Ryo too."

"What plan do you have? This Gravitational Force could send us flying in a second if we get there…" Frank said.

"Huh? You're underestimating mom, Frank." Amiphossia laughed.

"Yeah, it's clear you've not known her for long yet." Ryo laughed too.

"What we'll do?" I asked Frank, my eyes began glowing bright red. "Well, we're just going to destroy their gravitational forces, we'll shatter space around them."

"Shatter space…?" Frank asked. "Ah! I never… thought about it, but the requirement for that would be-"


I flew into the battlefield without hesitating. With Black and White in my two hands, and Shadrach flying by my side, while Aquamarine had merged with my Swarm Armor to enhance it even further, I quickly gathered all the power I had and combined several skills together, some even belonging to Shadrach's newest evolution.

"[Dimensional Slice] + [Heaven-Tearing Chaotic Slash] + [Void Devouring Black Hole] + [Space Severing Void Jaws] = [Spatial Severing Chaotic Blades]!"


I flew across the skies of the gravitational domains, the Desert Kings incapable of even hurting me as I started cutting space itself with all my weapons at once, several blue and black colored slashes of energy impacted the empty air, cracking it and shattering it apart.

Crack… crack… CRACK!


Countless cracks started emerging everywhere all at once. The gravitational domains immediately distorted as they were unable to keep themselves afloat, the Desert Kings panicked, screaming in shock, and attempting to catch me, chasing me down as I destroyed and nullified their trump cards completely!


[You've completely shattered the space within the Gravitational Domains, the gravity within them has distorted and the domains are being destroyed, one by one!]

"Now, everyone, attack!" I laughed.