Crack… crack… CRACK!


Countless cracks started emerging everywhere all at once. The gravitational domains immediately distorted as they were unable to keep themselves afloat, the Desert Kings panicked, screaming in shock, and attempting to catch me, chasing me down as I destroyed and nullified their trump cards completely!


[You've completely shattered the space within the Gravitational Domains, the gravity within them has distorted and the domains are being destroyed, one by one!]

"Now, everyone, attack!" I laughed.

With the gravitational domains completely destroyed, everyone stepped in boldly. Frank and my kids had helped me have the Desert Kings in check as I completed this utterly ridiculously easy task all by myself.

"Your efforts shall not be wasted!" Laughed Luminous, as he quickly bathed the Desert Kings with his deadly Dragon Breath, and a rain of hundreds of Holy Light Blades.


"That was incredible Miss Kireina!" Brunhild celebrated, stepped in on her giantess form completely, and beginning to use her magic combined with her fists to 1v1 a Desert King.

She summoned countless spikes of ice and blades made of light for damage, while also conjuring phantasmal chains that drained the Desert King's life, quickly defeating it in just a few seconds.

That girl had really grown a lot.

"You damn bastards were the ones that separated me for so long from Lady Elfina!!!" Fiere roared.

"I'll burn you all to a crisp!" Sol roared.

"Y-You two are really mad!" Elfina said.

All three of them unleashed their strongest attacks. Fiere conjured a newest technique that included firing thousands of fire arrows from her magic bow which then would hit the ground and generate a domain of flames, erupting countless blazing explosions in a chain reaction.


Meanwhile, Sol went the easy way out, enhancing his strength and beginning to slice through the Desert King's legs with his blazing blade, so strong and powerful that it felt like a hot knife going through butter, at the same time as he let out several Overpowering Novas to finish them off.


"So these are the famous Desert Kings!"

Meanwhile, Elfina fired several arrows of light and used her buffs to enhance all of our stats greatly, especially her summons, Sol and I. This buff even extended to my own summons, making my Maxima Summons, who were all fighting relentlessly, much more stronger.

And of course, Tahat-litu was with her at her side, utilizing her newest spear to pierce through the giant Desert Kings eyes and making them bleed and become blind, becoming easier targets for my Maxima Summons in specific.


Tahat-litu swung her spear multiple times, the power of the Jungle Kings that had massacred her tribe now becoming her own power as their auras surged from their armor and weapons, mixing with her own powers and magic to generate giant jaws made of purple and black divine energy with each strike of her spear, devouring and tearing apart the Desert Kings in front of her.


It also helped I made that spear of hers an Ego, just for the extra power.


It was a strange Ego, though. It acted like a dinosaur, roared, and groaned a lot. It seemed to have inherited the personality of the Jungle Kings a bit…

Meanwhile, the twins combined their powers, using their brand-new armor and magic scimitars I had reinforced and enhanced, turning them into special Egos capable of calling the power of spirits.

And of course, Yggdra joined them as a pseudo spirit herself, reinforcing their spirit magic even more.

"[Myriad Divine Spirit Magic]: [Desert Spirit's Divine Wrath]!"


Their power combined together as one, as thousands of colorful spirits all flew everywhere, converging together into the sands below as a titan made of sand started emerging- no, several titans!

Giant arms and legs started kicking and punching the Desert Kings, which were more than a dozen, but at least fifty! Was all the desert population here?!

The summons of the twins shoot rays of light, fireballs, summoned blizzards, and even poisonous acid everywhere, it was a culmination of their spirit magic, allowing them to summon special spirits that combined all smaller spirits powers temporarily.





The Desert Kings started becoming afraid, perhaps for the first time in their entire lives they began stepping back and some stared swimming down into the dunes, attempting to escape our tyrannical onslaught.

However, Bubu and Colora were positioned in that area, and immediately caught them off-guard. Colora summoned countless paintings that conjured lightning, fire, ice, and even blizzards and storms, all while she swung her colorful sword and sliced apart her foes while absorbing their color to enhance her power further.

Bubu in the other case, was much more savage, the once small, tiny caterpillar transformed into his true dragon form, roaring furiously while slashing his claws that distorted space and his void breath that generated devastating spatial distortions everywhere.

Both of these Maxima Summons were tremendously powerful now, having grown perhaps too much through my journey in this world.


Countless explosions continued to spread cross the dunes as my kids, Amiphossia and Ryo overwhelmed many of the Desert Kings at once using their strongest magics and techniques.

Legions of phantoms obeyed my daughter as Amiphossia asphyxiated the Desert Kings' souls with them, sucking their energy like parasites before she covered them on countless slashes using her phantasmal divine swords.

Her giantess form was also enough to knock them down with punches and the swing of her whip-like snake tail, she was as lethal as I remember her, and her phantasmal aura spread into countless snake heads, biting, and tearing apart her foes mercilessly.

Ryo, in the other case, summoned an army of himself, which he merged into gigantic fists and kicks, crushing the Desert Kings with tremendous physical prowess.

Frank and I led the charge, destroying more and more of these oversized bugs, none of the bastards wanting to join my swarm at all, perhaps too prideful as Kings of the Desert, so they instead turned into Experience Points… Well, that's their choice at the end.

Of course, the giant army protecting the tombstone gates was left flabbergasted as they saw this scene.