The largest of all Desert Kings stopped me, Frank wasn't at my side as he was supporting everyone else. The giant Desert King seemed to emanate a stronger aura.

His exoskeleton was bright red, and his size at least five times as big as the other Desert Kings. When I checked this beast's status, it said it was a [Desert Empress: Lv130 (S++ Rank)]!

It was even stronger than the Jungle Kings in power and bulk alone, of course, without including their invincibility barrier, which was the primary problem with them.


[The [Desert Empress: Lv130 (S++ Rank)] gazes at you furiously, fully knowing you're the culprit behind her children perishing so easily!]

[She roars furiously, challenging you to a 1v1 duel!]

[Do you accept?]

"Huh? So this thing can talk?" I wondered while smiling. "Fine! Let's duel, but if I defeat you, become part of my Swarm, and all the children you'll hatch in the future as well will be part of it."


The giantess roared, and then… seemed to nod with fury and also pride.


[The [Desert Empress: Lv130 (S++ Rank)] accepts your bet!]

[However, if she wins, she says she will devour you and tear you apart piece by piece, and lay her eggs inside of your still living body.]

Oof, she's harsh.

"Alright!" I laughed. "This is interesting…"



The Desert Empress suddenly summoned a gigantic gravitational domain in the shape of a massive bubble, trapping the two of us within.


[The [Desert Empress: Lv130 (S++ Rank)] has summoned a Gravity World!]

[Within this world, you and your opponent cannot escape until one is recognized to have been defeated on its totality.]

[All of your Stats have decreased by -25%, and the Desert Empress Stats have increased by +25%!]

"Hey, what with this debuff?! You're cheating!"



Her giant and sharp tail hit me with incredible force, her massive, over three-hundred-meter body so heavy and strong that I ended being thrown down into the floor of the dunes.


The power of her attack was to such a level of intensity that my body hit the ground and generated enough friction for flames to emerge, turning the sand into glass everywhere around my body.

"Ouch, ouch, you're a tough girl, aren't you?" I laughed.


He giant scorpion-like pincers reached me, attacking with countless slicing blows and attempting to cut me into tiny bits.

However, I merely swung both of my spears against her, concentrating the same amount of skills and abilities than before into several attacks.

"[Spatial Severing Chaotic Blades]"


Each strike from my two spears generated powerful attacks made of energy in the shape of giant blades that pierced the Desert Empress exoskeleton, quickly beginning to shatter it apart.


She quickly attempted to eat me afterwards, using her gigantic mandibles and her gravitational traction force to send me straight into her teeth several times.


"However, you're a bit too slow." I laughed, easily evading her utterly tremendous mandibles several times by a hair while dancing in the air. "Now's my turn, Empress~ [Endless Swarm of Gluttony]!"


My body and shadows fused with my aura and soul powers, as they resonated with my Path Jewel of Ouroboros in my forehead, a giant swarm of countless jaws reached her entire body, beginning to slowly tear her apart bite after bite.

"You're about to know what's truly a good bite!"



The Desert Empress struggled to keep herself alive, evading some of the hits but then taking several more. Her entire body was covered on wounds and bleeding all over.

"Admit your defeat." I said. "You can't fight much longer."

Even an S++ Rank Monster is not much against the combined powers I've harbored and grown through this entire journey, the power of Ouroboros is truly incredible, and I have yet to use its maximum potential yet.


She wasn't going to give up either, roaring back at me or then moving rapidly, she summoned her gravity magic once more, unleashing countless silver-colored rays at me.


These rays were made out of concentrated void within pockets of gravity, strong enough they could completely delete a piece of space from an area…

However, with my own powers, that was not something lethal.

"[Space Severing Void Spear]! [Chaos Devouring Dark Spear]!"

Black and White glowed with their divine powers at full throttle, several piercing strikes using them were enough to completely destroy the Desert Empress' deadly Void Gravity Beams.


"And here comes a big hit!"

I rushed forward as I caught her off guard, emerging right in front of her, Aquamarine suddenly transformed into a mass of water that fused with my powers, forming and solidifying into a giant black frost-made fist that hit the Desert Empress head with all out combined might.




She hit the ground with a tremendous, explosive tremor. Her head almost cracked apart into two if it wasn't because we were extra careful. A few of her many legs started moving around, but she was incapable of standing up anymore.

What's worse, the chaos frost spreading around her wounds would ultimately kill her in a few more minutes. Her giant red eyes glared at me with fury as I descended in front of her.

"So? Follow the bet, you're now part of my swarm." I said.

"GRRRHHHHH…" She groaned furiously.

It seemed she didn't wanted to become part of it even as I defeated her.

Oh well, she will just turn into experience points-


[The [Desert Empress: Lv130 (S++ Rank)] has recognized your tremendous strength.]

[She has surrendered and become part of your [Demonic Swarm]!]

[All her smaller, younger children that have yet to become independent have joined your [Demonic Swarm] as well.]

Suddenly, around the dunes, several smaller Desert Kings the size of small buildings appeared around her dying mother, groaning sorrowfully.

"Don't worry about that, I'll heal her." I said with a smile, as healing lights covered her through White's powers.


"SHAAAH!" The Desert Empress was surprised as she found herself completely healed.

"Surprised? Well I was planning to heal you already." I sighed.

"SHYAAAH!" She suddenly started licking me with her absolutely gigantic tongue… "Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!"

Her tiny critters also licked me…

"Hah, for now, just merge with my Swarm, we can cuddle later." I sighed.


My Swarm Aura spread around, as she was quickly added with all her tiny kids. The Demonic Swarm had suddenly gained even more power…

"Now let's go for the second aperitive before our main dish." I said with a smile clear in my lips.

The other Desert Kings were already taken care of, their corpses all over the dunes as my daughter Amiphossia managed to assimilate their souls into her phantom legion, several Desert King phantoms of enormous strength were now following her.

"Giants?" Brunhild wondered. "So it wasn't just me, huh? Why… why are there giants being part of the Genie's forces?!"

"That's not a normal giant though." Luminous pointed out. "That guy's aura is clearly that of a Demon Lord… He has a Sin within his soul, and a powerful one at that."

"I guess the warm-up is over, huh?" The Giant laughed, slowly stepping forwards.