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I immediately began by wielding my two Divine Weapons at once, unleashing a powerful combined attack by unleashing a hundred weapon techniques in a single, overpowering blow against the Mechanized Chaos!


The enormous sound of metal clashing echoed across the skies like thunder, as the incredibly tough metallic exterior of the monstrous mech started to gain cracks. Imbuing my divine power into it, I continued attacking consecutively.

"Divine Ice Blade Arts: [Ice Dragon Slash]! Divine Spear Arts: [Ice Dragon's Pierce]!"



The first attack slashed through the monster's first had, while the second blow pierced through its cracked exterior, finally opening to its fleshy and miasma-filled interior.

Crack… crack… CRASH!


The Mechanized menace roared, as its various limbs began unleashing several attacks, which Root, Benladann, and Miranda tanked with the aid of my monsters Frost, Kuro, and Kumo, all while Huginn and Muninn offered aerial support.


"You damn piece of junk!"

I gathered my Divine Power into my weapon, as I quickly decided to unleash the power of the Light Element I had inherited from Light Dragons, the same Asgard I had saved before, and the same one I was now confronting, a corrupted piece of her flesh and her soul.

However, Light alone cannot do much even against Chaos which is weak against Light. I quickly added the Divine Primordial Ice Element and then the Divine Dream Element as Belle used Spirit Fusion with my body, changing the color of my scales to purple and black as several red jewels grew over my body.

"Divine Fusion Magic: [Primordial Dream Piercing Holy Light Ice Spear]!"


Suddenly, the convergence of Divine Elements was successful, as I created an overly long yet powerful Divine Spell, summoning a gigantic, three-hundred-meter-big spear made of ice as white and pristine as snow, emanating a gigantic aura of holy light, and then launched it directly at the dragon's first head wound that I had caused seconds ago!



The heads reacted furiously, opening their jaws as they unleashed powerful Chaos Breath Attacks against me. So strong they easily overpowered everyone except Benladann and Miranda who resisted its might.


The combined breath attack clashed against my powerful Holy Light Primordial Ice Spear. However, it wasn't just ice and light, I added the dream element!

"Divine Dream Magic: [Dream Tunnel]!"


Suddenly, the spear, as it traveled towards its target, suddenly disappeared, traveling across a tunnel made of dreams! As the spell was already primarily combined with dream magic, such a tactic was more than possible.

"Divine Dream Magic: [Dream Portal]!"


Suddenly, an enormous purple portal in the air emerged right above the mechanized chaos, as the spear emerged from within, clashing over its head at an incredible speed!


Not only the spear pierced through the head but it also went through its neck all the way to the rest of its body, leaving an enormous wound, which then exploded!

"Primordial Ice Magic: [Ice Detonation]!"


The enormous explosion quickly took over the entire mechanical aberration. As it spread white ice across its entire body. Half of the monster's body was blown up to pieces, while the rest was frozen!

"What? That was so fast!" Alma said.

"This is not done! Far from it! Prepare yourself!" Hermes said, quickly conjuring an enormous wall of wind.

Yeah, they knew this wasn't going to be enough.

Crack… Crack…!


The dragon freed itself from the ice, as its enormous heads began waving around, opening, and desperately firing beams of chaos everywhere. Its enormous wound was slowly regenerating, every little mechanical tendril and miasmic slime innards started to sew itself together while the beast desperately attacked to buy time.



The enormous beams reached the ocean below, destroying the ice sheets I had created in the fight against the sea monsters, and another reached the Heaven Port, however, it clashed against a barrier I had set up previously, which began shattering as it received several blows.

"Don't let it regenerate!" Benladann roared. The monsters at our side attacked with every little magic spell they had, bombarding the chaos dragon's wounds, and slowly chipping away what it was regenerating.

Meanwhile, Miranda roared angrily as she shapeshifted once more, suddenly turning into the same shape as Ragnarök from back then in the Frost Queen's Tower, and then rushing forward, grabbing the chaos dragon's body, and using her slimy tendrils to keep it on check.

"You're not going anywhere!" She said furiously, biting through the monster's flesh, as countless serrated blades emerged out of the chaos dragon's scales, slicing through Miranda's body.

Meanwhile, Benladann combined both Battle Axe Blade Pieces and created the full Battle Axe Hel, as she flew forwards, fusing it with her Chaotic Ice and then unleashing a devastating vertical attack.

"Divine Chaotic Axe Arts: [Absolute Demise]!"



Her powerful blow unleashed an enormous, chaotic explosion that pierced through the mechanized dragon's body, slicing through half of its body, and tearing it apart! Not only that, but the blow was also so strong it cracked space for a few seconds! The enormous attack didn't come alone, as ice quickly covered both halves, while Miranda unleashed several blows that attacked the monster's soul directly using her claws and tail.


"Now…! Belle!"


Belle quickly emerged from within my body, using Spirit Fusion with both Skadi and Uller as the two powerful Divine Weapons converged together into one enormous sword glowing with bright light, as through the fusion, I had imbued the power of the Light Element and Divine Power!


"Divine Weapon Arts: [Heavenly Blade]!"


I quickly swung my enormous Divine Weapon vertically, unleashing a devastating slash of light that spread across the entire oceans, temporarily slicing them in halves as the slash easily sliced through the two halves of the Chaos dragon, dividing them into four halves, which quickly were covered on deadly holy light that started to damage them constantly!


And then, all four of them exploded!