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Greenwood looked at what happened with his eyes popping out of their sockets. He couldn't believe what he was seeing as he absolute might of Drake and his allies completely overpowered the mechanized Chaos! It seemed that victory was theirs… or not.

"Heh… I guess you're filled with surprises! Good thing I am too!"

Desperately, the Soul Fragment of Oberon quickly tapped some buttons in front of his desk as he began activating several things within Chaos four remains, imbuing divine power directly towards the fragments through a new system he had designed within the nanomachines that merged with this fragment of Ragnarök.

"Much like Gluttony, you're up against an undefeatable, undying foe, Ice Dragon!" Laughed the arrogant elf. "Let's see how far you can go before you exhaust yourselves and die…"




(Drake's POV)


The moment I swung my sword, the fusion between Belle and the two Divine Weapons was undone, the three quickly separated and floated in midair, exhausted. They had been fighting from the beginning of the day and they were clearly a bit at their limit- well, more like Belle in specific. Uller and Skadi are weapons, so they can keep going. However, the Spirit Fusion, unlike with me, probably tired their souls.


The four pieces of Chaos quickly fell into the ground, shattering into even more smaller pieces. It seemed as if it was frozen and destroyed into pieces. This… probably should be the end.

But seeing how Greenwood's monsters are always strangely resilient, I had the thought this might not be the end. We have to quickly destroy every piece of it before it is too late.


"Got it!"

Benladann quickly summoned her Shiro, the Moonlight Dragon Spirit and jumped over it, flying down into the ground. The three Chaos Spirits she had contracted with emerged as well, as all of them quickly helped her at absorbing the fragments of chaos.

"What is she doing?!" Asked Root.

"Benladann's special, her soul was born with something unique, she can devour chaos, something not even I can do." I said. "Let's go assist her. As long as she can eat it all, it won't revive again!"

"Oh, so that's a thing!" Said Root in surprise. "Perhaps this is why Oberon wants her so much…"

Root quickly flew towards Benladann with the rest of the team behind us. However, as Benladann was had devoured a quarter of Chaos little fragments shaped as black ice crystals. The rest of the crystals suddenly broke their ice and became oozes of slimy miasma.

"Ah, shit!"


Suddenly, an enormous shockwave of Divine Power emerged from every small ooze, as Benladann and Miranda alongside Shiro were blown away by this power.


"Don't worry, I got you."

I quickly caught them with my large dragon arms, as I protected them from the enormous divine shockwave. Not even ten seconds passed since it was defeated and it quickly got a second air. But this was different, it felt as if it was dragging divine power out of somewhere very far away, perhaps Greenwood's hideout.


Another shockwave of enormous divine power was unleashed. We saw hopelessly as in just half a second, the fragments gathered together into a lump of black liquid metal, with miasma oozing out of it constantly, converging all together.





Four enormous lizard-like legs emerged out of the mass of liquid black metal, as it suddenly began to walk. The rest of its body shaped into a snake-like figure, with two heads this time. Wait, where's the third? If it regenerates enough- and it is smaller too! Wait, does this means that the damage we dealt was still meaningful?

This thing is probably around the same Rank of Leviathan, but due to all these special abilities it has, it is as hardy as Gluttony, but less dangerous as it lacks the power to parasitize, devour, and copy genes and other things. Nonetheless, it combines the worst of both worlds.

But even then, we managed to deal damage to it.


The two headed miasmic metallic dragon roared, red lines began to spread across its serpentine body as its two enormous heads grew only a single eye each, glowing bright red. An enormous beam of red light was suddenly fired from both of them, clashing against us!


I quickly covered my body with my wings, as erecting several barriers was utterly futile, they were easily pierced as my wings began to melt by the enormous heat of these red beams! However, abusing Immortality by infusing Divine Power into it, I continued regenerating more and more wings as I tanked the hits by sheer amount of endless Health Points as long as I had Divine Power to go along with it!

"Benladann! How are you feeling?"

"I am alright…!"

"Alright… we need to smack that thing a second time and then you try to absorb it again. Do you think you can do this?"

"I can! Of course."

Benladann nodded back at me, but I felt doubtful. She was faking it, but she seemed exhausted. I can't blame her; we have been fighting too much. Benladann doesn't have endless stamina like I do. And probably overusing her Chaos Energies and her Mana also exhaust her. Even with all the buffs I've given to her… I don't want to push her anymore.

"You stay here with Miranda." I said, leaving the two there.

"Benladann, let me merge with you, you're too tired." Said Miranda. "You need my help!"

"But… I don't want to always depend on you, I don't want to bother you." Benladann suddenly said.

"What are you talking about dummy?! I am part of you! It is okay!" Miranda felt slightly surprised.

"But… You're you!" Benladann cried.

"Girls this is NOT the time!" I said. "Benladann, just let her do it! Why are you acting like this in the middle of a battle?"

"Sorry, I was just… I just didn't wanted to be a burden."

A burden…?