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"Y-You've stolen my Unique Skill…! How?! No… you've not merely stolen a piece of it, you've copied it?!" He roared furiously, as I constantly battled his tentacles and then countless Vampiric Beasts Projections that started popping out one after the other.

"It was certainly not something easy, but it wasn't impossible to do it, I have the power to do it. I was born… to fucking kill you." I smiled back, swinging my claws as they suddenly grew black in color, my scales red, I slashed through his soul, leaving enormous wounds!


"AAGGGGH…! T-That power… that authority! That aura…! My power…! You've stolen it from me!"

"I haven't stolen anything yet." I laughed. "I merely took a bit of it and made it my own… So tell me, was your true wish to stomp over others?" I asked.

"Y-You dare peek on my very memories now?!" He angrily shouted. "You parasite! You filthy parasite! [Blood Judgement]! [Blood Judgement]! [Blood Judgement]!!!"

The Vampire Venerable was already going nuts over my own existence, unleashing countless blades made of something named [Primordial Blood] one of the highest-grade bloods that could only be refined by his very soul!


I felt as if my soul was pierced by thousands of blood blades and then each blade exploded. My soul was torn to shreds as he caught me once and for all.

He celebrated as he laughed.

"Hahahah… At the end, you cannot take on all my full power! I shall now devour your soul, and take what you've stolen from me!"

His blood claws extended towards my soul fragments, but they struggled and fought back.

In fact, my soul quickly reassembled together.



"So this is how you use this, right?"

I quickly waved my draconic hands, Primordial Blood Divine Magic was quickly conjured, as countless of blades made of Primordial Blood emerged one after the other.

"I-Impossible… This is…!"

His faces twisted in utter horror.

"[Blood Judgement]!"


The projectiles flew at lightning speed towards the Venerable's Blood Tentacles and all his Soul Blood Beast Projections, decimating them all and exploding on the spot.




"This can't be…!"


"You damn…!"



The Venerable's Soul Projection quickly gathered all his might, his enormous body simply turning into an endless mass of blood with countless eyes, limbs, and jaws, as he confronted me with all his fury.

Primordial Blood quickly began gathering in large quantities within his very soul, as he mustered it all into an even more advanced form of [Blood Judgement].

"[Blood Catastrophe]!"

The enormous concentration of blood quickly gathered into a single place this time, unleashing an all-devastating and all-consuming beam of pure Primordial Blood.


His rage was rather obvious, but I didn't had the time to care about this.

I extended my claws towards the attack, as I quickly utilized my powers to analyze through the entire composition.

One of the advantages of this place not being the outside world was that techniques and magic were not truly the real deal, but a part of the whole illusion of this Soul Projection.

Combining Dreams and Nightmares with the power of Primordial Blood allowed me to read through these powers as this space was very much like a Dream Realm, and then copy its powers so I could imitate them.

"[Blood Catastrophe]"


Primordial Blood gathered in front of me into a gigantic, devastating beam of blood that clashed against the Venerable's one.


"Nnnggh…! NNNNGGGHHH…!"

He gritted his various jaws, trying to resist my power.

This wasn't just power.

This was my Will!

"Remember how you laughed at how "weak" I was?"


"Now what do you think?"

"You cannot… possible fathom to surpass me in my own game!"

"Oh yeah? Well, I just improved on your Ability just now."


"I'll call it… [Blood Apocalypse]."

His eyes opened wide in surprise and fury.

"B-Blood Apocalypse…?!"

Primordial Blood quickly gathered more and more, merging with my Blood Calamity, and making the whole Spell evolve.

Even more devastating, all-encompassing maddening destruction.

A red cloud of all consuming blood quickly took over his entire Soul Projection.


Like an ocean of blood.

It was rather… beautiful.

"Hm, I might get used to being a Vampire and all…" I laughed. "There's no need for a second Vampire Progenitor, isn't it?"

"Y-You bastard…! Y-YOUUU…! YOUUUUU!"

The Vampire Venerable's soul began to distort, all around me, it gained countless cracks everywhere, [Blood Apocalypse] was tremendously strong, not because it was merely just Blood, but it merged the power of Nightmares and Dreams, an element the Venerable never held within him.

"This is… unacceptable…!"


"I cannot possibly lose to you…!"

Crack, crack…!



The cracks within his soul began showing rays of light coming from outside, as if I was breaking into the outside world once more.

"Move aside, old man, this is not over yet…"


I broke through his shattered soul, as I quickly went not to the outside world, but to the inside world of his very soul.

He had taken over Red's Soul and made it his vessel.

It meant only one thing; Ruby was inside his Divine Realm!

I quickly flew inside, as my physical body quickly materialized in an instant.

The entire Divine Realm resembled an eerie and vampiric garden covered in red, black, and purple flowers, beautiful red forests, a black night sky with stars on top, and a shiny red moon.


However, the very moment I stepped forward, the entire Divine Realm began to tremble. countless cracks began to spread further and further across the skies as if they were glass.

If I destroy the soul, the Divine Realm will naturally destroy itself, and everything within it.


Analyzing my surroundings, I inspected everything I could see with my eyes. Quickly after, I sensed the presence of someone, someone that I knew very well, someone very dear to Rakasha and everyone else!


I have to find her and get out of here as quick as possible!